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  1. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Yeah, I have seen some good kits and bought a few via PM through here. I always go for kits that have extras in the box, to be honest though; one of my favourite parts about building the kits are the challenges and figuring out how to fix them rather than just gluing bits together as you get to put more of your own mark on them. I totally agree about the research, I had read about the flaws of the kit but one thing I didn't read was the poor fit of the fuselage;I also enjoy the pre build process, for most of my stash I have a pinterest board full of diagrams etc. of the plane. I will take a look at that page now
  2. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Thanks, I enjoy hearing ways to improve the kits and how I showcase them. Under most circumstances I will try and use natural light as it shows the kit off better however by the time I get home from work it is pitch black For my next build I will try and incorporate these tips, again I really appreciate the feedback Cheers
  3. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Thanks Ian, I found the fuselage halfs fit to be very poor, I would have either had either 5mm gap on the top side or 5mm gap on the underside of the kit depending on how I fixed it together. In the end, as you can kind of see in the bomb bay photo; I sanded down the sides which helped the topside fit with minimal filler and the underside having to be filled with putty to hide the 5mm gap. With a 1/48th kit, 5mm is quite substantial too! Thanks again
  4. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Yeah, there are a variety of issues with the kit, I would have much preferred to work on the Tamiya version but as always, I buy my kits cheap off ebay and not many tamiya kits come up too often for a good price. The engine nacelles are especially bad, I used a lot of putty and did a lot of sanding to get it even close to what it should look like. Thanks
  5. Revell Mosquito Mk. IV (1/48)

    Thanks, Its the old revell kit with eduard interior
  6. Revell Mosquito Mk IV. Finally got round to finishing my Revell Mosquito after a lot of time and issues and am quite happy with the result. Although the kit had major fit issues they are almost completely hidden with a lot of filler ( and mess in the process after one of my tubes exploded at the other end ), I still really enjoyed building the kit. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by the Mosquito and its roles in the Second World War and finally got a chance to build one so its fair to say this has been my favourite build in 1/48th scale. I am still learning methods etc. for building model kits and have been doing it less than a year so still have a lot more to learn, but I think I am getting to a stage where I am happy with the results of the builds enough to post them, my only issue is the fact I am using a phone camera which doesn't highlight parts you see in a more natural light so may have to borrow my sisters DSLR next time and get her to show me a tutorial on how to use it.... At a later date, I plan on buying a vacuform canopy and bomb sight as this is the main issue I had after building the kit, and delayed me finishing the kit. I also had to make my own window on the port side out of a plastic bottle as I managed to lose it but feel this didnt turn out too bad in the end. I also plan on building a base for this kit, such as a summer time airfield and paint up the ladder to make a mini diorama but that can be a post x-mas project. P.S. I still have no clue how to make the images smaller, but at least they are no longer links... Hope you all enjoy, Ryan
  7. Hi, I have a jar of Hobby Color Aqueous H304 'Olive Drab' in my stash bought when I bought a B25 Mitchell. I also have a A-20J Havoc and a Huey. My confusion is that on the jar of H304 it states A-10A etc. which is not a second world war aircraft and looks different to what the B-25 should be which is a more green mix of Olive Drab. The A20J is a D-Day one so later in the war and the Huey is post WW2; is there a specific 'Olive Drab' I should be going to for each kit or will they all be the same H304. To further confuse me, Tamiya have an XF 62 and an XF 74 version of olive drab which look a different shade. So... Shall I go ahead and use the H304 on my A 20J Havoc and Mitchell or will this be wrong? Thanks
  8. Both these are good ideas. I have emailed revell so will wait for a reply from them until i continue and buy a new canopy. Thanks
  9. Hi, I have put about two months of work into my Revell 1/48th Mosquito and am very happy with the result. As it stands the model is built, weathered and had a semi gloss coat testing out Klear or Future whichever you prefer to call it. I dipped my canopy in it, allowed it to dry, along with all the other clear parts but for some reason it has not taken very well. By this I mean my canopy is patchy with fog, my attempts to rectify this have made it 10x worse. Whats more is that I have lost a clear part also. Therefore if anyone has a Mosquito build that they got part way through and gave up on and have the clear sprue I would be interested in it. Again this is a long shot, im not sure how many people have pieces of a kit lying around but I would like to buy it off you. The only other option I can think of is to acquire it from Revell Germany which takes weeks to arrive. Anyway if you do, let me know. The canopy is passed fixing and would be useless without the small bomber nose window that I lost. It might be at the bottom of the bottle of future but that is more hassle than its worth. I guess I have learnt a lesson from this which is rushing a kit is never a good idea, I wanted to get it done for Sunday as I am starting a new job so wont have time to make models all that often but instead have majorly delayed the process. Ryan
  10. Tips on fixing RAF camo 'accident'

    Maybe I should have been keeping it haha, I never thought of Poundland selling it but might buy a pack or two and just re use it. Nevertheless, im going to have to buy some more as I dont have enough to cover the camo pattern. I also bought some 3mm Tamiya Curved tape so will give that a go as well. In the meantime I will start my Stuka!
  11. Hi, I am close to finishing my 1 48 Mosquito however after masking the first camo colour with blu tack and liquid mask, the liquid mask did not completely cover the camo. It left the model with the second camo colour over the grey camo; I attempted to clean it up by re spraying the areas affected with the grey I used however as I built the colour up with different shades to add more depth the finish looks patchy and uneven. My question is, what is the best way to re do the grey camo colour without changing the camo pattern already laid down? I have been trying blu tack as it worked well last time but I am running out of it fast and feel it is a waste to use a pack of it for one model which causes it to go hard and not being able to use it again. Thanks, Ryan
  12. Hi guys, So I have been really enjoying building the Mosquito but have had a few issues with it, the cockpit parts did not look moulded correctly which meant I had to scratchbuild underneath the pilot seat so stop it leaning to the right, I followed the instructions completely but have a 7mm gap from joining the cockpit which is down to the fuselage itself as test fitting showed a gap. After fixing all these issues, the left wheel bay/ engine bay's parts are completely wrong; to the point where the back of the bay looks like its hanging off. Again, I tried to fix it the best I could which has made it considerable better but it is still not workable. Is it possible for a kit to be a one off and completely wrong moulds? The right side bay is fine and fits perfectly and is clearly different to the left side, different size and shape and all the reviews of this kit are fairly positive without any indication of major fit issues. I have emailed Revell hoping they can help, I know they have a spare parts page but their website says up to four weeks for the part to arrive. I am really unsure what to do/ what has happened, I have never had a kit like this before where ( if it is the moulding) the moulding is this poor. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Hi, I built this a month or so ago but forgot to upload it; this was a cheaper kit and quite basic but I wanted to give scratchbuilding a go and also tried to test effects on it to see what worked and what didn't. Overall I am pretty happy with the result, the only thing I haven't got round to is adding the antenna wiring, I plan on buying something that will work better than simply burning a sprue. I also forgot to take a photo of the complete cockpit before I sealed it up so a lot of the scratch build pieces are not viewable, the cockpit photos I did take were before I build the seat belts or the radio area. Let me know what you think, I am trying to improve on my builds so criticism is helpful! http://imgur.com/a/ppESE (Still cannot enter photos directly to the post, I know this is something I am doing but not sure how to fix it) Ryan
  14. Thanks, I have had this problem with Eduard photo etch in the past, it described the PE as being suitable for F2 or F4's which might be why it is in the 02 colouration. I might go ahead and paint it 02 in any case as if I painted 66 it would cause the PE parts to lose all the detail.