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  1. Aha, well I painted up a pilot for the kit but put it in a safe place and it must have been really safe because I dont actually know where its gone. I have left the canopy spot glued so I can come back once I either find the figure or paint another.
  2. Hi guys, After not posting much for a little while I thought i'd share my christmas project with you all. I had been building some pretty poor kits in my stash that either had major fit issues or I was not taking my time, making a mistake and losing interest. So I decided to re work my modelling room for a fresh start; switch out the kits I had lost interest in for Airfix new tooling or Tamiya kits and try and start from scratch with better fitting and more straight forward kits. I started with a Tamiya Bf109 e-3 in 1/48th and loved the build process so decided to set a small challenge for myself and build a kit for my dad for christmas. As you can see by the title, I chose the Airfix 1/48 P51- D5 'Louis IV' after spotting it in a Hornby store a week prior. I have always enjoyed building the natural metal style warbird as they can be a bit of a challenge to shade and weather but I always love the look of them at the end (currently have a B24J 'Dragon and his tail' half built so that will really test my metallic skills), but also wanted a kit that would stand out from your usual P51's as it will be on his desk at work. The kit is post D- Day and was stationed in the UK which led to its interesting design of RAF Dark green, olive drab invasion stripe cover up, a bright yellow cowling and nose with the usual metal and lower invasion stripes. The kit went together amazingly, I only used a small amount of acrylic putty to hide seam lines, other than that the kit fell together. The real time went into the painting, more specifically the Invasion stipes as I always seem to struggle with lining them up on the sides but am quite pleased with them overall. The base was made with a lot of colour mixing and a stand I picked up off Amazon which I beleive was actually a tea caddy and was chosen due to the industrial look of it. I added a few spent bullets to the base for a bit more variation, sadly these are not .50 cal as they're not that easy to get hold of and im not quite sure how much of the roundel would have been left by the end. The support to hold it up is temporary, I have not found a piece of clear acrylic the right size yet; but for now am happy with the support. Although not getting it done bang on christmas, it was finished on 27th and overall its a kit im quite pleased with, despite maybe overdoing it on the exhaust stains which I decided not to mess with anymore as it was making the result worse. I dont usually post photos of my finished builds as I still cant get my photos to come out anywhere near what the kit looks like and im a bit meticulous when it comes to things like that. I tried to find the best spot for lighting and change a few settings on my phone but they still never look right. Anyway, this kit has really got me back into the swing of things so I may try and tackle the B24J im stuck with. Hope you all enjoy! Ryan
  3. Hi everyone, I've been working through my stash and have finally got around to my Lib. I have just completed the interior and kept it pretty basic as I wont see much of it when its on my work in progress heavy bomber shelf and in any case have decided to focus more on the exterior finish now im happy with my progression regarding metal finish aircraft. Anyway... I am at the stage of filling gaps and decided to test fit my canopy and clear pieces and noticed that Revell have moulded the front and rear turrets in halves meaning there will be very obvious join marks on two quite noticeable areas of the model. Can anyone suggest a possible fix for this? After browsing the internet I have seen multiple 1/48 kits built up with turrets which look as though they are moulded as one. I am going to continue progression with the kit in the meantime but depending on the options I have, I may end up building the turrets as a cast and somehow attempt to recreate my own. (This is something I have not attempted before but if its the best option I might give it a go). Thanks in advance. Ryan
  4. Hi, I have just finished the cockpit of an Me262 1b, I was about to go ahead and paint the gun bay, fuselage and wheel bay in RLM 02 as this is what I have always believed these areas on Luftwaffe to be. However whilst looking around on other builds and references there seems to be a lot of gun bays and fuselages painted a metal colour. Can anyone give me an idea on if I should go ahead and paint it in a metal colour or to go ahead with the RLM02? I dont really show my models off (mainly cause I only have a phone camera and I can never get the photos to do the model justice) and they tend to just sit on my shelf but if I found out I had done it wrong after painting I would still be disappointed. Thanks guys! Ryan
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I might look at just getting decals for a J variant and build a D at a later date then.
  6. Hi guys, Just picked up an old Monogram B24J off ebay and got it a bit cheaper as it had no decals. The decals that are interesting me follow the B24D variant and was wondering what the main differences were between the two, whether I could attempt to replicate a D from a J and also generally anything to watch out for with this kit? Thanks, Ryan
  7. You can really tell a lot of time has gone into this, there are so many little details that make the build even better!
  8. Hi guys, I know this isnt the correct area to post this however I rarely post to here and only use the site to read post's rather than posting my own and therefore do not have the content count to use the wanted area for this. I am currently in the decal process of this kit and had been taking a long time to get things right, a lot of the time I rush builds resulting in issues or not being happy enough to display it so I am slowly working on kits now to get the right finish on them. The issue I have is, the kit bought is from 1998 and the decals have sadly crumbled when I dipped them in water; ive considered stencilling the decals but have already used them so this makes things more difficult and the kit has some japanese writing which I dont think I can replicate. If anyone has any spare decals going for any type of b6n2 Tenzan going I would be very interested and would appreciate it massively. P.s. I have tried to message Hasegawa as they have a spare parts enquiry but have not received a reply. Thanks
  9. Hasegawa Nakajima B6N2 Tenzan 'Jill' (1:48) Hi guys, so this will be my first work in progress build that I wanted to try and upload to the forum and felt this kit would be the best/ most interesting to do. The kit is relatively old but is amazingly detailed without an excessive part count which is what made me want to chose this from my stash; I have also never completed a Japanese World War Two aircraft, specifically an Imperial Japanese Navy one (I have a half built Zero which I need to finish at a later date) and so have a lot of ideas on how to weather it etc. I started this kit Friday evening and have just about finished the cockpit after a few more hours than intended over the weekend after deciding to take advantage of the busy cockpit which was conveniently moulded in three main parts. I wasnt too sure exactly what colour the cockpit was meant to be so tried to mix what I thought to be correct, however with all the kits I build I do not always go for 100% accuracy but more of an interpretation of the actual plane and feel this is the best balance when building a model for me. Here are a few photos of the cockpit just about finished, I'll be adding a few more photos at a checkpoint of the build: https://imgur.com/iS1IWuP https://imgur.com/DnNbVTe https://imgur.com/K3trXO7 https://imgur.com/URR0dm0
  10. Hi guys, Whilst scrolling through some websites I came across a description of a plane which had a purpose I had never seen before. If you are interested in the Zveno 'mothership' check it out here: http://www.aviation-history.com/zveno/zveno.htm I thought it was quite interesting so thought I would share it with you all Ryan
  11. sorry, didnt notice any replies, for some reason they did not come through. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, I am working on a Revell Ta 154 and was enjoying the build until I realised the paint scheme might be somewhat challenging if I dont take the right approach (this was supposed to be a quick little build whilst im off work). Can anyone suggest the best method of painting the RLM 75 overtop of the RLM 76. I have thought about blu tack and also liquid mask but have had mixed results with the mask before. Blu tack seems to be the best option at the moment but want to check if there are any other methods before I go ahead with it. Thanks, Ryan
  13. Hi, Quick question, I went to go onto the IPMScolour chart which I have saved http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_germany.htm and for some reason it is saying the site has been removed. Is anyone else able to access it, or has it actually been removed? Cheers
  14. Yeah, really easy no excess parts. Just where it was needed and used virtually no filler on it. The decals are quite thick though, so painted on what I could
  15. Hi, Here is my finished Accurate Miniatures MK1-A Mustang, a model produced back in 1991 but stills has a lot of detail. I would like to note that when I bought the kit, it came with an aftermarket Allison Engine which although having a lot of detail, was a nightmare to cut out as the plastic was so thin. This is the recognisance fighter and so a gun camera and armed with 20mm cannons finished in D-Day stripes and has been one of my more enjoyable builds only taking two weeks to complete. This is also the first kit in a while where I haven't mucked up the canopy due to silly mistakes and made sure to invest in Swann and Morton blades which made it 10x easier. Although I always note this when I do a ready for inspection, I take photos on my smart phone but for some reason the best part of the kit it picks up is the dust rather than focusing the camera properly; hence why I have been put a blank sheet behind it to try and focus the camera more. Hope you enjoy! Ryan
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