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  1. My girlfriends great uncle 'Charlie' was part of the Long range desert group, sadly I never had the chance to meet him but from what I've heard he had a crazy time of it. The exact reason is unclear but he was the only survivor in his group after an explosion losing a leg during the ordeal
  2. Your representation really captures the look of these jets, and the colour scheme looks great
  3. I've been lucky enough to see one of these up close, and this is really reminiscent of the real thing. Great work
  4. Beautiful work, I totally agree they do look really sleek without the fuel tanks
  5. The level of detail is amazing, especially how you detailed the underside colours and the topside colours. This would probably have been something I would have forgot to add.
  6. Great metal finish, especially with the contasts in the panels
  7. Your work is amazing, I'd love to do a scheme like this in the future. Cricut machines are a proper handy piece of kit!
  8. Incredible work, cant wait to see the final result!
  9. Thanks mate, perhaps when I decide to come back to it I'll use the kit stencils too, as these were what I had an issue with. I've actually just been looking at mine though and there are a number of rough patches so im guessing I was being a bit lazy before applying decals
  10. Beautiful build, nice to see something a bit different to the usual finished models
  11. Your model is stunning, I've found this scheme fascinating since I saw it on the 1:72 Revell box. Did you have any issues with your decals? I started this kit early last year and had some major silvering on the decals which, alongside the fit issues of this kit, saw me abandoning it for another time. Cheers
  12. The intakes are a hassle, mine is now sat half built on a shelf because of this. Your finsihed model is faultless though and really impressive!
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