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  1. Thank you mate, ill make sure to keep an eye out once I get to the roundels then!
  2. Really great work mate, its beautiful! I have this in my stash that i'd like to get on to soon; how did you go about the roundels on the top section of the wing? To me the first thing I noticed was how to go about getting the roundel decal to fit over the vortex generators?
  3. Good morning everyone, hope you are all doing well! Rather than waffling on too much about what went well and what didn't with this model I will just post a few photos and a rundown of the build. So, this is another one of those kits that i've had for a few years now. Im pretty sure alongside Eduard's 1/48th Spitfire Mk.IX this was one of the first kits I build and used an airbrush on when I was around 16; I actually had this model built somewhat broken in a box so dug it out to compare as im 21 now so its been 5 years. I have to say, even though this kit can be a bit tricky
  4. Good evening everyone. Its been a little while since I finished a model or at least posted one onto here. But here it is. I've had this kit for over three years now sat waiting for me to build it but its always been left for another model as generally i'd never been a huge fan of olive drab models. I loved the box art, which was my main reason for buying it initially and after watching the Mini Series Catch 22 I knew I wanted to build it before the end of the year. My other reason was that I thought it would give me a good chance to use the chipping medium I had just bought.
  5. I'll try and double check soon, but i think it was 0.4, I got mine singularly, I didnt notice an option for .5 or .7 when I was looking, but saying that I just hopped on amazon and got the first one by the brand I had watched the video about. Im sure either will work though. I kind of know what you mean, obviously not as hard work as a toddler but we just got a new puppy and she's pretty hard work so finding time to do models is tought. I did mine over a weekend, from friday to sunday so from my experience, it should be all fine. All I did after using it was to wipe the nib with t
  6. sorry for the late reply mate, the only real tips I can give are to not press the pen on the model surface to get the paint flowing again, but to press it on a piece of cardboard of something similar as it'll leave you with a blob of paint; the same goes for after pressing the nib down on the cardboard, make sure you havent got a blob of paint on the end of the nib or it'll pool up on your model. I'd say in terms of thinning the paint, if you got the 0.4mm nib, its actually quite forgiving, i was thinking about getting a smaller version but I reckon I would have had a lot of issue
  7. Good evening guys, I hope everyone is well! I decided to share the photos of the build I finished today, which as the title suggests is Tamiya's Bf-109 E-4/7 Tropical, 8 / JG 27 in 1/48th scale. I attempted to do a work in progress section for this build, however forgot to upload the photos until I had just finished painting the model and so it was a bit of a short lived work in progress with only one update before completion. However as mentioned in the work in progress update, I chose to build this after watching a youtuber by the name of Keeto who was using fillable acryl
  8. Good evening guys This is a bit late for the work in progress, i've been fiddling about with the kit in between making my Eurofighter Typhoon for over a week now but forgot that I had taken a couple of photos to start otherwise I would have thought about starting this back then. Better late than never though! So as mentioned this is Tamiya's Bf109- E7 in 1/48th scale which I picked up on Amazon along with the Acrylic pens you can see in the photos. I wanted to test the pens out after watching a smaller youtube channel using them; he has some really interest
  9. Cheers guys, so I had some Tamiya polishing compound lying around, only the fine stuff I seem to have misplaced my other one, its the red tube (which ever that is) so I went with sanding it down with the buffing sanding stick as you mentioned followed by a bit of the polish and sealed it in with a gloss coat after. It worked a treat so I really appriciate both your comments! Decals are up next Thanks, Ryan
  10. Good afternoon guys. I've managed to find a bit of time to work on a couple of my builds today since getting my new puppy, she's a bit of a handful So today, I fixed the colour of my Battle of Britain Eurofighter Typhoon as the colour set I bought was really bad in my opinion, for reference if interested it is: Ammo's RAF early colours, I felt the green was way too vibrant and the medium brown was more like a chocolate brown rather than a earth brown. I then came back to my Bf109 e-7 tropical which is where my question comes in. I have finished the mottlin
  11. Good afternoon guys So this is the kit finally finished and im pretty glad its done. I started it around the beginning of July as it was given to me for my birthday and slowly worked on it until realising I'll be away from home starting on Monday till the end of the week and wanted it done before then. The kit was fairly straighforward in most places and went together pretty easily which was pretty suprising to me; i've been used to building Italeri kits and reboxes of their kits and had a lot of fit issues. This isn't to say the kit doesn't have these kinds of issues b
  12. Thanks, off the top of my head I think it was masking fluid
  13. Good evening, I hope everyone is doing well! I thought i'd upload a few photos of a build I completed a couple of months ago which is the 1/48 Academy La- 7. I really have nothing bad to say about this kit; I picked it up for about £10 including postage back last year and had it sat around whilst I built a few other kits but decided to give it a go. Before I bought it, I didn't bother looking at any reviews or buy any aftermarket parts as all I really wanted was a nice little kit to build over a weekend and knowing the cockpit would be closed, its pretty difficult to see any if I h
  14. Thanks, Its going well which I was really suprised with it being an Italeri rebox. The decals have been the main issue, they are really good in some aspects, nice and thin and look good when they're set however as mentioned the wing tip art is underscale and the latest problem I have faced has been the decals for the vertical stabilizer which are a mess to fit. So much so I decided to opt out of fully putting them on to sacrifice accuracy in the representation of the real plane for an 'artistic approach' if im allowed to call it that at this stage haha. The green callout is al
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