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  1. Hi everyone This is my most recent build, which I finished Sunday afternoon. I love Spitfires, and I think this might be one the only spitfire I have kept for myself. The Eduard spitfire is possibly my favourite model to build, its one of those where you can choose to speed through it and still get a nice result or to detail it till your hearts content. I decided to settle for a middle ground, and finally decided to build a model methodically rather than jumping into it and fixing mistakes I could have avoided. Although its worth mentioning, I thought I could get away with my old bottles of Hataka paint... this turned out to be a horrible decision, in my opinion these paints are worth staying away from. Instead I switched them out for the Vallejo tropical pack, I've been really enjoying using Vallejo paints at the moment and think in future I'll continue to use them where I can. The only one real mistake I made building this was with the Vallejo paints, being that my usual method of two tone RAF schemes where I cut pieces of Frog tape out to mask off the first layer left a step in the paint, thinking I had sanded it down enough I continued and was left with a small step between the two camouflage schemes. Nevermind, its not too obvious. I also found out through an error that these Eduard decals have a carrier film over them, I was trying to mask off a small section on the model and pulled a bit of it off which I feel makes the decals look really realistic. Not too much to say about the build other than that, I kept the weathering minimal in contrast to my previous build. I wanted this Spit to look nimble which I hope is reflected in it being cleaner. I have also just noticed that I forgot to paint the fabric over the machine guns, im not too fussed about fixing this though. Thanks, Ryan
  2. Hi everyone Its been a while since I last posted a finished model, even though I finished this one about a month ago now, I hadn't got around to posting any photos. I picked this model up for a really good price and decided that due to price I paid for it, it would become a bit of an experiment with dirtying up my aircraft a bit; seeing that this warbird server in Papa New Guinea I thought it only fair I turned it into a 'jungle weathered machine' which is where I dedicated most my time to throughout this build through pre and post shading panels, mixing paints to get various shades of drab and also venturing into highlighting with oils which was actually quite a good bit of fun (even though it's not a technique I am that great with). The cockpit was detailed quite a bit through scratchbuilding, even though its difficult to notice unless you're close, this is something I was filming with the idea of posting to Youtube for a bit of fun, its safe to say unless people want to watch a 20 minute video of my hands, it'll stay off Youtube . I have always loved Eduard's weekend editions, sometimes I find the Profipack's a bit too much effort for a result im only kind of pleased with and so the weekend edition is usually my go to. This one was no exception, it went together really nicely, all but having to crack a piece of the finished fuselage to get some more weight in a pretty tight space which isn't exactly Eduard's fault but more the fact I rush into things too often. It was a really nice change to try something 'dirty'. I learned a lot from that that I can apply in the future, such as, it's very easy to over chip leading edges and giving off an out of scale look as well as refraining from putting sooooo much mud effects on the wheels. Other than that, I like the result, even though im sure it wont be to everybody's taste. Hope you enjoy guys. All the best, Ryan
  3. I've just come across this thread after noticing this on my 1/48th Spitfire. I wish I knew this sooner, I looked at the Eduard instructions and there is no mention of this but I managed to find the edge of the transfer and off it peeled. The results are really something else, its given the model a look as though I've painted them on. Hopefully the other Eduard kits I've got are like this aswell, its a pretty nice addition.
  4. My girlfriends great uncle 'Charlie' was part of the Long range desert group, sadly I never had the chance to meet him but from what I've heard he had a crazy time of it. The exact reason is unclear but he was the only survivor in his group after an explosion losing a leg during the ordeal
  5. Your representation really captures the look of these jets, and the colour scheme looks great
  6. I've been lucky enough to see one of these up close, and this is really reminiscent of the real thing. Great work
  7. Beautiful work, I totally agree they do look really sleek without the fuel tanks
  8. The level of detail is amazing, especially how you detailed the underside colours and the topside colours. This would probably have been something I would have forgot to add.
  9. Great metal finish, especially with the contasts in the panels
  10. Your work is amazing, I'd love to do a scheme like this in the future. Cricut machines are a proper handy piece of kit!
  11. Incredible work, cant wait to see the final result!
  12. Thanks mate, perhaps when I decide to come back to it I'll use the kit stencils too, as these were what I had an issue with. I've actually just been looking at mine though and there are a number of rough patches so im guessing I was being a bit lazy before applying decals
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