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  1. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    Dave, thanks for your excellent (as ever) input. I did wonder if the Tempest had been polished up as it is definitely looking pristine! Also, I was under the impression that the plastic had a kind of skin or surface on it which came from the moulding process - once you interfered with that then there would always be evidence of abrasion. A shame to then paint it but you'll have the pictures to remind you of the work put in. I have added 'wet'n'dry' glasspaper to my modelling tools so ready to go. Also, plenty toothpaste about. What I will do is continue to try to keep the first time quality of build up and then see how much polishing is required before the transfers go on. I did get it into my head that this He115 may float so the floats will required a seal along the seams - these would then need a polish. I'll be putting the canopies on with PVA to keep the joints 'clear' and to also give me the option to remove the front one and slide any balancing weights which may be required inside the fuselage. Great fun as always... Mike
  2. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    Many thanks, I shall try that although I did say that I wanted to keep 'repairs' to a minimum, i.e. do a good job on the gluing!
  3. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Is that next door to Vibrania?
  4. PK 74 Panzer III

    Is the animal skull provided by Matchbox? - well impressed if it is! Inspired use of the sand. Love it.
  5. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    Thanks - but define rapid! When I see everyone else banging out the builds and maintaining high quality, it really gives me something to aspire to.. and I love all everyone else's builds too. The props spin on this one but will it float??
  6. Also, I was ill one day and started off on the Airfix Fw190D - I really enjoyed that one but still hadn't mastered the silvering transfers at that stage.
  7. Yes, you are right and the Victor also seems to be priced right out the window when making an appearance on ebay. The FE Victor could act as a base for my old Ventora but I would really have to excel myself to do the 'conversion' via scratchbuilding. I think I may have more of a chance of buying a full-sized version! What would SWMBO say about that? - probably be harder on me than my Dad was when I pushed my original one up the driveway minus the gearbox! Happy days!
  8. You got me again - my heart strings are twanging wildly as these kits are all old friends to me - long gone now as given away when modelling went out and football and girls came in. Car customisation/maintenance also came in at some point...does any kit maker do a Vauxhall Viva HB, or even a Ventora 3300? Excellent build quality and something for me to aspire to this time around, - looking forward to the 'Airfix - the Golden Years' GB whilst struggling along on the Matchbox equivalent. In the meantime, the more recent Airfix 'Lizzie', which was 'a beezer'. All the best, Mike.
  9. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    At last, I’ve been able to start this – I was hoping to finish off another build recently started but they may just have to proceed in parallel. Firstly, I had to make the big decision on which 3-colour version of the kit would be best to build as ‘bare’ i.e. no paint. The kit produced in beige, green and blue appeared to be too garish so I plumped for the one in dark green, light green and light grey. Off I went and the first thing I noticed is the complete absence of ‘flash’ on this kit – full marks to Matchbox. The plastic seems softer/more flexible than I expected – I think the absence of excessive surface detail made me think the pieces were chunky and robust. The attachments to the sprues cut away quite easily and seats, cockpit floor and crew went together well. I’m using a tube of Humbrol cement. The engines and propellers and spinners went together really well – a bit of a looser fit than expected but still able to spin in a light breeze. However, the carpet monster got one of the propeller shaft retaining bushes at the second attempt – lost/found/lost – as fitting them was a bit fiddly. Cue a spare bush (in beige) from the ‘spare kit’ Then assembled the fuselage halves and this is where I got into trouble – the fuselage halves flexed a bit when squeezing together and the top seam opened up while I was holding together to dry. While I was fiddling with this, I didn’t notice I got a spot of glue on my index finger and… now have a lovely smudge on the starboard nose of an otherwise lovely shiny fuselage! In addition, the ‘flexing’ top seam got a bit messy and is not a good job. Aaaarggghhh and Ggrrrr At this point, I need to confess that I set out to attempt this build sitting in the rear seat of my car, during lunch break, using a large shoe box as a 'bench'! Never again. I must say, I was somewhat cast down by all this as I really wanted to retain the exceptional finish on this model – I tried some gentle rubbing with some ‘micromesh’ type material but I really need some hints on how to restore a polished finish. Get out the brasso? Returning to a more stable environment, the wings and stabilisers fitted together very well and aligned very accurately – more full marks to Matchbox. Leaving the lower elevator balances off until the stabilisers are on the fuselage – no more rushing and the quality of build is improving! Engine cowlings on to the wings and leave to dry. Floats and main legs went together well, however, I managed to slightly crack a float half (and indeed a wing half) when cutting them off the sprues – careless really as you just need to support them properly. Again, leave to dry. Seeing these three colours together, the final result should look good and fairly ‘realistic – pity about making a mess early on – perhaps I will end up using this as practice for the ‘garish’ version?
  10. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6)

    Looks absolutely pristine. Is it one of those glue in bushes for the prop shaft - will it spin?
  11. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Yes, you are right. I still say that that 'nostalgia' thread by AdeyM ( I think) some time ago really put Frog on the map, for me anyway. I am looking forward to Airfix but Matchbox has been a bit of a revelation for me as it has been unchartered waters. I will get my build up soon....
  12. Stringbag theory.

    Looking great and 'gluey fingerprint-free' -more than I can say for mine so I am with you on the 'leave to dry' learning. Regards, Mike
  13. Had a browse last night through the 'stashed' boxes of Airfix kits parked in the loft and just seeing those plastic bags and headers (red stripe packaging) of those boyhood kits makes me want to build them all! The P-40 Kittyhawk and P-47 Thunderbolt.....Wildcat...Hellcat.... I hope this Group Build really grabs everyone's enthusiasm and we get the votes in.
  14. Flight of the Phoenix

    Fantastic model and a great idea from what is still a great movie, with a great theme. The best line must be 'What sort of aircraft do I design? Why, model aircraft!' And who could stay in their seat when the final Coffman cartridge is used and the engine takes ages to rev up, spluttering along... Outstanding!
  15. Impressive multi-tasking - have you got the space for all this?