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  1. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6) ** FINISHED **

    Dave, absolutely outstanding modelling and a fantastic result on the Tempest. As you said, you brought to fruition something that had been put aside as possibly too difficult - inspiration for me for my next build...Well done and thanks for sharing all your techniques along the way. Hope you enjoy a well earned (and short) break. All the best. Mike.
  2. Matchbox GB II - Build List ** now with interactive LINKS **

    Ditto, outstanding work by Dave (aka Rabbit Leader) on running the list and stats - I think every GB should have one!. Many thanks and well done Dave. This list will remain as a very useful reference for revisiting all the exemplary work done by the BM modellers during this GB - I'm starting to read it all from the beginning...
  3. Matchbox Gallery

    Matchbox kit PK-31, Curtiss P-40N Warhawk, re-issued by Revell in the Matchbox boxing, Fantastically enjoyable build and a very interesting subject, a Burma Banshee of 80th Fighter Squadron, AAF 10th Airforce CBI in Assam, India 1944, provided. Build thread is here All a bit rushed and it looks like I have still a piece of canopy masking to remove but the time is up so here are the photos. Thanks again for all the 'community spirit' from the BM modellers, looking forward to the next time...
  4. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Transfers are printed by Revell rather than by Matchbox but went on pretty well. Unfortunately, some of the stars'n'bars had white lines on one side i.e. were printed a bit off centre. The skulls came out well -they are one piece which fits over the grooves for the exhaust stubs. Once the transfers were dry, I slit through to the grooves and pushed in the exhaust stacks - a good fit, thank goodness. Undercarriage, tailwheel and bomb is on as is the pitot tube. The landing light is in - pre-painted in 'chrome'. Matt Cote drying. Aerial wire is on - green cotton thread this time as the fishing line was proving to be difficult. If I had more time, I may have added in some detailing on the machine gun undercover pans (I think) from the mini paint plan and the wing walkways in black. Next time.. The P-40 'Burma Banshee' is finished and a very enjoyable build it was too. The whole Matchbox GB experience has been fantastic and thanks to all you BM modellers out there who were there too - I'm going to take the time next week to read through all the builds again...
  5. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Thanks, well, it was another fraught lunchtime session today and the transfers went on OK, although it looks like they are A Revell print. Unfortunately, some of the stars'n'bars had white lines on one side I.e. were printed a bit off centre. The skulls came out OK though and that is the main thing. All the bits are on now and touch ups and Matt Cote drying so need to get some pics at the weekend and update to the Gallery before time up. Congratulations on getting your B-25 build completed on time and the final colour looked to be the same but more drab, if that makes sense. Boy, I'll need a beer and a rubdown with a wet National Geographic after this (don't ask!!). All the best. Mike
  6. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Second coat of Olive is on and painted the canopy frames. This colour is looking right to me. I took the opportunity to do general touch-ups around the pieces still on the sprue and the pilot did briefly get a visit under the canopy to replace his 'faded' flying helmet with a new leather one. That's when I noticed that the canopy is not really fitting well and I think it is the height of the seat underneath - needs a slight adjustment. The spinner also got a new coat of red. Two coats of gloss are on (but not on the upper starboard wing) in preparation for the transfers. The decal sheet doesn't look in very good condition - will it be a Revell one rather than a Matchbox original? Keeping my fingers crossed.....
  7. Once more into the breech! #FINISHED#

    She flies! Fantastic result Greg and a lovely model. Good result on the weathering and I see that the Matchbox adjustable stand has also been put to good use. The P-40 will be along any time soon for 'top cover'. All the best and enjoy a well-earned rest. Mike
  8. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    First coat of Olive H66 is on - no masking and I did manage to get a nice curve on the front fuselage. The colour is definitely greenish and dark....Pilot is in and I tried a different brown on his flying helmet to distinguish between it and the brown of the flying suit - next time, I'll reverse the colours, I think... Yellow tips now on the prop blades and a bit of touch up required. Canopy is on and I'll catch the framework on the second coat of Olive. Thinking about the timing for the pitot tube to go on - I know that I'll knock it off again at least once!
  9. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Yes, Greg, it does look OK. Apparently, Revell colour 46 'Nato Olive' translated to Humbrol H108 which was discontinued. I found a reference that said use H155 or H66, H66 being the darker/greener of the two. I have a tin of both and the tin lid of the H66 looks darker and more 'drab'. I was going to try that as a first hit. If it doesn't look the part then I'll put on a layer of H155. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to your B25 taking to the air. Cheers. Mike
  10. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Some more progress on the P-40 Warhawk - pulled off the 'squint' tailwheel doors assembly and cut a slightly deeper recess in the rear fuselage to accommodate - it looks to me not to be sitting deep enough within the rear fuselage to allow the tailwheel to retract and the doors to close. I still think that I may have put it in upside down but the piece doesn't seem to fit the other way - that way, it would mean the tailwheel doors would be a snug fit to the tailwheel itself rather than being swung up out of the way. I'll do a bit of research but meantime, the assembly is back on (straight this time) with a bit of filler to smooth out the profile and painted. Painting of exhaust stubs, wheels, legs, tailwheel, pilot and bomb on the sprues is complete - for some reason, I've left the pitot tube to last. The carpet monster and I have a bad record with pitot tubes. The two shackles for the bomb have been glued on - no particular locating slots or anything so made a best guess. The canopy looked a bit grubby so got a wash with detergent and a couple of coats of 'Future' equivalent. Masking of canopy frames has been completed (during yesterday's lunch break, no pressure!). First coat of Light Grey H64 is on! A landing light (I think) is provided to put in that hole in the lower port wing but it is a piece of grey rather than clear plastic. I'm wondering if I might reduce the thickness of the plastic piece and put a CA blob on top as a clear lens... Second coat of Light Grey is on - managed to do that before leaving for work this morning! Feeling the pressure! Also, thinking ahead, I'm going to try to put on the upper surface colour without masking the line where it meets the lower colour - try to avoid a 'ridge' and go for the 'soft boundary' look. Taking on board the input from Greg and John above with regards to the top surface 'Olive' colour and had a read up on the 'Burma Banshees' as noted by Greg. I'm sure I have a fairly recent edition of 'Aeroplane' or 'Flypast' which did an article on them - must find it.
  11. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    More progress on the P-40. Wing halves together and undercarriage doors assembled to the underside. There are separate pieces provided for the wheels up and wheels down options and some pieces look very similar so you really need to check the numbers of the bits as you remove them from the sprues and check where they go on the Instructions. It took me a bit of time to get the orientation right as the pieces forming the inside doors actually attach to the underside of the top wing piece - they don't really seem to come up to the level of the underside of the wing root. The Instructions also say that a piece of the underside of the wing top needs removed if wheels are to be 'up', to let the wheels go fully into the wheel wells. When putting the wings on, I noticed that there appeared to be raised portions on the wing root mating surface - did these make sure the right dihedral was reached? Not sure but when slotting in the wings to the fuselage, these raised portions didn't let the wing tabs slot fully home and it looked to me like a gap was left. I ended up sanding these raised portions off and the fit of wings to fuselage seemed a lot better. Sat the fuselage down with wing dihedral set with bluetac and painted Liquid Poly across the joints just to make sure they stayed tight.Stabilisers were a bit of a loose fit too so kept an eye on them as they dried. Front of fuselage and prop on. The paint plan shows 'Iron Colour' on the prop boss area so I am assuming that this is to represent the prop blade pitch mechanism? Interior of cockpit and wheel wells done with H86 for 'Light Olive' - a bit of research told me that it was canvas liners in the wheel wells, zipped and fastened in, so would they also have been coloured olive or maybe just remained as cream/brown? Put on the piece for the rear wheel 'down' option - again, the fit of the piece to the fuselage wasn't particularly good and I did a bit of trimming to get it in - been left at an angle so I think I'll pull it off and have another go. (Bit of an out of focus picture but you get the idea). Coming together but need to get on with the light grey undersides and will use H64 for that.
  12. Of course, welcome aboard! Sometime before June we can get our decisions made and choices posted up. Look forward to it.
  13. Once more into the breech! #FINISHED#

    Looking great - this is a favourite of mine since it has more machine guns to the foot than any other aircraft. Good luck!
  14. PK-46 BAe Hawk 200

    That's a lot of decals....but best of luck anyway!
  15. Now I know better, and all about the CA aircraft manufacturing company...Always learning!