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  1. A 1-11, Laker colours and a beautifully built model. What’s not to like? Superb. Richard
  2. Beautiful! Love the natural metal finish. Richard
  3. That brings back memories! Lovely build. Richard
  4. I like that a lot! A beautiful model of a beautiful aeroplane. Richard
  5. Excellent model(s). I can’t be the only one who sees a Gerry Anderson influence here . Or am I? Richard
  6. How about a Dogfight Triple with a Clarkson, a Hammond and a May? “We’re on our own, we’re playing for time and it’s running out!” Richard
  7. Having requested a Beaufort from Airfix at Telford every year for goodness knows how long (and been led to believe it could never happen), I shall be buying several. 1 to replicate the Frog one I built a long, long time ago, 1 as Campbell’s 22 Sqdn aircraft, 1 as a 39 Sqdn aircraft in Malta, 1 to convert to an RAAF Mk.VIII, and ........... I’m sure I’ll think of other reasons! Richard
  8. Lovely! That brings back memories of watching the Daks and, occasionally, Argonauts flying into Derby airfield (Burnaston) a long time ago. I’ve got an Airfix C-47 and the AIM decals in the stash - I really must get it built. Thank you, Richard
  9. That’s right, airlines that are waiting for deliveries of 737MAX aircraft are hanging on to most of the -800s that would have been available. Jet2 have only been able to source 2 (G-DRTM and G-DRTR) so the move to obtain A321s was a logical step, with type-rated crews and trainers also being recruited from the exTC pool. As to which aircraft have been obtained, Jethro’s has G-TCVC and G-TCVD (ex MON) as the first two but there has been no confirmation yet from Leeds. Richard
  10. Jet2 have obtained 7 ex TC A321s. No details yet on which ones, but they’ll be operating from MAN (4) and BHX (3) for 2020. Richard
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