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  1. ICM

    I have the 1/48 Eduard kit, and old Revell 1/72, So will be looking forward to this kit. Always liked Revell decals and the instructions are miles better now, not keen on the boxes, flimsy. ICM, issuing some great subjects, long may it continue 😊
  2. I'm a big fan of Airfix, least a 100, in the stash, last two kits made, Airfix. I might have posted some worried thoughts, most have come from information read or on modelling sites such as this one, and from talking to Airfix reps themselves, at Telford last year, I personally think Airfix is extremely important to the hobby, my first kit, was Airfix kit, back in 1965. We haven't had as many new kits this year, as we had in the past few years, or the variety, I do believe there was some sort of a take over early on in the week, buy out of sorts, so some change will happen, good or bad.
  3. very well made model, great little diorama 😊
  4. very nice 😊
  5. Brilliant made model, that a lot will think was the model kit of this decade, I've got one, and looking forward to the journey 😊
  6. ICM

    when Revell issue this kit, nice decals, good instructions and maybe good price, we all be Tempted, bit of Advice, use that fantastic box art from your 60s, 1/72kit, Revell.
  7. Airfix haven't issued any of their 2017, not sure we will be getting any,, things are not great at Airfix HQ, I think we will be lucky 🍀 if we see walrus and sea fury, and these will probably be part of 2018 issues, might see a changed Airfix.
  8. I've made the Airfix Merlin 1/48, made for someone else, well detailed, good fit, and unusual subject, But, not a very interesting subject, 4 colour schemes if I remember right, and very expensive when first issued,£50+😞. think this knocked Airfix and wasn't one their best choices, 2010, if I recall, that could have been something every one wanted, anything from any modellers list, Merlin was a shot in the dark, 1/48 challenger might have been better. crew and load might have helped. Airfix, put a modeller on your panel and swop him every 3 years, listen to what they say.
  9. very nice 😊
  10. Great job , 😊
  11. Very nice spitfire 😊
  12. Very nice 😊 model, quickly made as well, classic Tamiya, have one in the stash😊
  13. Brilliant made model, have made this kit myself, back in the 90s, Roy Cross box art was a gem, about time new tool in all the scale, good subject for Eduard 😊