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  1. Airfix Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe 1/72 Released

    Airfix Me 262 is a good tool, but has to be made a bit like a cottage industry type, soft plastic and this shows on the smaller parts, detail around cannon could be better, engine fit not the best, same type of fit as their Vampire, and with fuel tanks included, and holes in the bottom part of wing, two seater expected. I got mine for Β£11, still a bit pricey , maybe Β£9, be about right, cockpit canopy is good, and fit of tail as well. nice to have more, kettenkrad towing would have been nice, and gun bay open, and slats'. Very open for Eduard to take the 1/72 262, crown .
  2. Brilliant and back story about the project, 😊
  3. Shiden family

    Brilliant model making, very interesting aircraft, strange, few real ones about, yet history is a bit hard to dig out, I've two Tamiya kits on the shelf of doom, waiting to be put back on the bench😊
  4. Superbly made 😊
  5. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    Just bought my Β£20+ of magazine's for this month, with what I've read on this site in mind. I treated myself to a Β£6β€’50, magazine Military illustrated Modeller, I've bought a few of these over the years, reason, lovely looking Fokker Dr1 1/32, looking very nice, and worth the price just for this article, But, the F35 on the front does look rushed, in the way some modern, airbrushed model can, something a airbrush sometimes makes a model look, in all honesty, the real F35 looks a bit toy like. the Tamiya magazine and its sister aircraft magazine, bit catalogue in presentation, and some models within, about my standard, and this is photos from a US show, I'm sure there was better to photograph and put in the magazine, Β£4β€’50, should means only the beat. Airfix magazine, is best again, full of very well made models, and a lovely poster of a Lancaster, really is good read as well. Sami, miles better and has a great article on the Wasp and drawings, and few good kits made up. In truth, price of five good pints 🍻 a good read, and interesting and informative, lots of additional advert's, some time's they are helpful. Think the model magazine is in rich health, I will even say there's room for a Β£10 Magazine, side view and decals. The old magazines, good in their day, but sometimes bit on the boring side, and catering for the few, not the many. So, not perfect, but we do have a much better magazine today 😊
  6. 1/48 SAAB J29

    interesting and great looking model 😊
  7. Revell He-219 (1973 issue)

    Brilliant and such a old loft find, makes it all the more interesting.😊 I've made Two, and started about Ten, so your score for the year is very impressive 😊
  8. The Parlous State of the UK Modelling Magazine market

    Enjoyed reading all the above, very interesting. I've bought thousands of magazine's since my first, Airfix, September 71, 15p, and became a hobby within a hobby, I truly believe, that model magazine's have helped the hobby a great deal, and gone from strength to strength. I would think over the next few years, a few will fold, and I don't think we will see any new published to replace them, I say this, as with the hobby, it reached its peak, and will level off, after all the hobby has grown for twenty years, so magazine out put will reflect this. Few years back, we had some magazines turn in to catalogues of kits, with some badly made kits within, we know the culprits, and said magazine's have improved, so this doesn't happen now, or, not so much. price wise, a magazine has been about the price of a packet of cigarettes, more or less, 15p in 71, got you a pack of twenty, £6.50, will do the same in 2017, so price is about the same. Best magazine now is Airfix, brilliant and so well put together, great everything, and has different and unusual projects within its pages. I buy to many, as I have said, and my collection, is worth nothing to anyone else, but a coffee and a good model magazine read is priceless, and a good chill out from a stressful day at work. Improvements, more Down to earth writing, maybe better detail about how the kit was made, and remember it's a fun hobby for relaxation 😊
  9. Whats on your want list?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have some nice tooled first generation jetliners, 1/72, small enough, and fun, tooled correctly make all the versions, and I'm a military aircraft modeller. Cars and Trucks from the 60s,70s and 80s 😎 be very nice, 1/24 scale, imagine, nice Cortina Mk 3😊.
  10. Fokker DR.I "Red Baron" 1/48, Eduard

    Best DR1, I've seen this year, superbly made😊
  11. Kittyhawk 1/32 Bell Airacobra

    Best P39 I've seen this year, really very well made😊
  12. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A VF32

    Very much kit of the year, yours is superbly made, and looking the part😊
  13. Silver Wings Fiat CR.32 Spain '37 1:32

    great set of kits😊 Documentary on tv, pointed out what a horrible war this was, as they all are, yet, the airpower that played its part, still very interesting 😊
  14. Airfix FW190D in 1/72

    brilliant looking old classic kit, and yours is a lovely model 😊
  15. Airfix F4F Wildcat

    Superbly made kit😊