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  1. I'm finishing up my Airfix 1/24 scale Spit Mk 1 and need to paint the codes on the side of the aircraft. The Montex Mask illustration have LO Θ Q in that order on the starboard side. Is it the same sequence on the port side? Just to make sure they should be light grey is that correct? Thanks! David
  2. The box didn't have the original decals, so I used SuperScale marking which went on very well. Thanks.
  3. Thank you! That looks like a Revell of England edition. I've never seen it in the states. Thanks.
  4. This is the classic F-4B kit from Revell which came out in the early 1960s. It is a basic kit but with normal building and painting techniques builds into a nice model. Kit box shown for reference.
  5. Thank you Jim. At first I wasn't too happy with it, but after a couple of days it grew on me. It's a good kit and with some care can be built into nice model. Thanks again.
  6. It is built out of the box without any modification. It's an older kit but it builds up nicely. Painted with Testors and Tamiya paints. Weathered with pastels and Mig products. .
  7. I just finished my Hat tank riders atop the Airfix Stug III There are four more poses in the set but I don't have any room for them. I'm just posing them to see what they look like in a photo. I think the figures are fine; some reviews find them a bit thick. Painting 1/72 figure is an exercise in paint and repaint and touch-up, repeat as necessary.
  8. Here is the Tamiya Pak-40 with 2 of the three crew members. The kit still holds up well after all these years. It is highly detailed, more so than the Italeri version. Next step is a base for the gun and crew. Painting the figures was not fun with lots of redos. Practice, practice, practice seems to be the operating word with figures. I used tiny dry transfers for the helmet insignia. Anyway comments welcome.
  9. Thanks. I have some 2 part Loctite super glue on the way. That will fix the tracks.
  10. This is the nice Trumpeter kit of the T-34-76. It is easy to build, but the tracks needed staples to bind them. I uses Testors Acyrl paints and I weathered it with oils and washes. All the hand holds were replaced with wire. The tracks have beautiful detail. Simple base adds to the overall look.
  11. Preiser make an excellent USAAF ground crew set.
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