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  1. Cheers Troy. I can't think of a single reason now to suspect it was anything other than a 12 gun IIB, so that's how I'll build it. Best, Jeff
  2. Cheers Graham. I had pretty much convinced myself that it was a IIB and that TallyHo got it wrong - you've confirmed it. 12 guns it is then. Best, Jeff
  3. I have a question regarding the Mk.IIB - did they all have 12 guns or did some only have 8? I ask in relation to TallyHo decal sheet 48005 which has decals for Z5159 'GV33' at Vaenga in 1941, and the sheet states the aeroplane is a Mk.IIA. The serial number however, defines Z5159 as a IIB. There is a very clear photograph online (Google 'Z5159 Vaenga') of Z5159 in its revetment but the angle doesn't reveal if the outboard gun panels were present. I fancy doing GV33 from the Hasegawa Mk.IIB kit but I'd like confirmation of the presence or lack of outboard guns and panels before I attack the plastic. Anyone have better photographic evidence one way or the other? Best, Jeff
  4. The B-25 has just arrived at the Airfix warehouse and they're preparing pre-orders for despatch - woohoo! Jeff
  5. You beat me to it by seconds. Two of Hawker's finest will be winging their way to my stash in a couple of days! Just the B25 to go now, from 2017's new tools. Jeff
  6. Nice job on the Blenheims and a good thread to follow - it's been very amusing. I've just finished the night fighter boxing myself and thoroughly enjoyed the build, albeit running into exactly the same fit problems as you and Procopius - it's a somewhat demanding kit, but rewarding. Are you sure they had the new Airfix B-25? I don't doubt your powers of observation (although it obviously sounds like I do!) but I have two on pre-order from Airfix and I've not heard diddly from them yet. They have an expected release date of February on the website. Enquiring minds and all that... Regards, Jeff
  7. Hi David, although your detailed post on BM is great for us, may I suggest that approaching Airfix directly might also be worthwhile? They have responded positively when advised of potential issues with the Whitley, Blenheim and other kits. Regards, Jeff
  8. Email from Airfix less than an hour ago - the Mustangs have arrived in their warehouse and my pre-order is being packed. Keep up the good work Airfix! Jeff
  9. Wow, tough man to please. I opened the box and was well impressed by the surface treatment of both wings and fuselage - it's one of Airfix's much better efforts. Jeff
  10. The painting diagram for the Korean War option also depicts a British 500lb GP bomb, just next to the colour callouts. Stranger things have happened, but I don't see why they'd show them on the painting diagram and not include them as an option in the box. Jeff
  11. Woo hoo! Just received an email from Airfix advising that my preordered Walruses (Walrusii?) have arrived at their warehouse. Should be a pair with me by the middle of the week with any luck. Happy days. Jeff
  12. And great to see that Airfix took the colour discussion on board and have provided the modeller with both red and blue crosses of Lorraine. Regards, Jeff
  13. I wasn't aware of a March release for the 262, only ever June/July, but I'll happily stand corrected. The 262 release appears to have slipped to August now but that still doesn't fill me with gloom regarding the health, or otherwise, of Airfix. The tool is cut, the artwork and decals are finalised and the kit will be released when it's ready. Interestingly, although the Swordfish and Spitfire XIX show release dates of August and July respectively on the Airfix website, I saw boxes full of both new kits at the recent Northern Model Show (no, I did not buy either of them but they were available). That leads me to believe that an initial run was released to some retailers/suppliers and Airfix are waiting on another run to fulfil orders. That is, of course, just speculation on my part. A company that has announced an intention to release more *new tool aircraft kits* this calendar year, than Tamiya, Hasegawa and Academy combined, and has shown tooling for most of them (if not all?) at various shows and online, must be doing something right. If a couple of those releases slip to 2018, so be it. Yes, I do agree regarding their poor QC, but only from what I've seen and read online, as I've never fallen foul of it myself and I have around 150 red boxes in the stash. Regards, Jeff
  14. Ah well, call it wishful thinking on my part then. I'd still like to see a Beaufort however. Regards, another Airfix fan
  15. Airfix set out their release dates at the beginning of the year and none of their new tools were due until July anyway (the 262) with the others towards late summer and into autumn. You've been forecasting the imminent demise of Airfix for the last few months on this board, yet they continue to disappoint you - perhaps it's time you got a new hobby? Jeff
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