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  1. Great White Shark attack - Pegasus Hobbies 1/18

    I’m very interested to see how this turns out
  2. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    It’s not popular because we don’t even like it! That’s not entirely true, but Scouts operate heavy (on Brads) and light (on trucks or dismounted). I’ve spent almost my entire career light so the Brad just seems like a big target to me. That being said, sometimes that 25mm cannon is exactly what you need. And she’s fun to shoot!!
  3. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Hey guys there’s no pressure from me! I’ve just been living vicariously because my skill is so far off from what we’re all watching. I know it’ll be years before I’m able to build her, and I’ve enjoyed watching her come together.
  4. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Oh it definitely is! I can’t wait to see her all dirty!
  5. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Feel free to take some liberties! This is the best photo I could find of our CIV, grainy but you can see the mesh (and the frame around it). So the tracks come with all three antenna bases, the two long antennas are for radios and the short one is for a computer system that we didn’t use. We had the antenna, put it on sometimes (just so we wouldn’t lose it) but it wasn’t necessary. The long ones were a must though. Correct, Crazyhorse only goes on the left side behind the TOW.
  6. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    She’s looking goooooooooood. Couple things: the tarp looks awesome! We normally would lay it down and jump on it to squish it down in the rack. The cushions on the gunner and TC hatches are painted black (and lifesavers, can’t tell you how many times mine dropped on my head) Also, if it’s not included or you don’t have the parts, don’t worry, but the mesh protection in front of the IBAS is also in front of the CIV.
  7. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Those marital aids have a black rubber cover on them 👍 Also the caved in looking ones are still the rubber covers, they collapse occasionally for no real reason. Looking stellar as always!
  8. WIP: 1/48 Eduard 190A-4 "white 10"

    You did all that over the weekend?! I’m lucky to go through the parts in a week!
  9. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Great work as usual! The turret always looks so funny without the bustle rack on it
  10. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Looking amazing! Not a big issue since it’ll barely be visible, but the ammo feed chute to the 240 is painted black. Starting to look like home, amazing work as always
  11. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    This is a photo of me goofing around from inside one of our simulators so all of the metal is grey instead of green, but you can see the gunner’s sight in front of me. The radio and mount (pulled from Google) but both are OD green. With black buttons. The two boxes on the right side (TC side) of the turret are what holds the 7.62mm ammunition for our coax and are an unpolished metal, so a flat silver/grey mix would work well. Same with the gun control buttons in front of the gun. Silver metal, black buttons. Everything in the turret is severely chipped and worn, when we’re in the tracks we rarely leave them for weeks on end and it’s obvious, that being said if the track is closed up don’t worry too much about it. Unfortunately I don’t have any other photos from inside the turret, at least that I could find.
  12. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    IMPRESSIVE! The mudflaps look perfect! One small correction on the decals, Crush Kill is in all capitals (CRUSH KILL) we like to be loud about it 😂 I like to think I’m a pretty good instructor, my trainees seem to think so, and it’s been fun to yell and scream all day. Iraq and Afghanistan were definitely an experience, but I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat and I’ll probably be headed that way in the next little while (currently recovering from an injury, this nondeployable). I noticed you haven’t done much detail to the turret yet, I have some (not a ton unfortunately) photos of our turret, lemme dig them up and I’ll post them.