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  1. Thank you so much everyone ^^, Im working on both the 48 and 32 scale of the Zero too
  2. 1/72 A6M5 Zero Fighter 652nd Air Group - IJN Aircraft Carrier Junyo 1944 I forgot the gun on the wing after editing photos and video lol. But glue it on last night Thank you for watching, I have a painting tutorial of this model, link is in my signature. You guys can check it out. Thank you and best regard.
  4. 1/350 TAMIYA IJN YAMATO BATTLESHIP Old Yamato from Tamiya. I intended to have used all of the aftermarket P.E and Wooden deck sticker. But I have lost the deck sticker and I need to transport this beast around to my customer so no railing and rigging was added. Too bad. And I only have 8 days to finished this so everything was kind in a hurry. But next Yamato will be a different story. Enjoy guys. You guys can check out my painting video at my Youtube channel. Link is in my signature. Thank you
  5. Thank you so much guys. Tempting for another Su rightnow haha. maybe in 48th scale too.
  6. Well I have this kits long ago, the nose was broken due to transport, and i have to fix it. I have P.E antenna and railing and wooden deck BUT i lose the the deck somewhere, and I don't have time for the antenna , I will try for the railing thought. Need to finish this before 1st of August. This kit meant to be mine but i decided to gift it to my father in law (future , i hope) haha. So need to speed it up. Next Yamato i will but time to it. I will update soon. Just finished painting shading and high light. I will record a painting video about this kit too, you guys can check it
  7. Thank you so much my friend, yeah the instruction tell me to do so, but I heard that Red tips is Live arm weapons i guess. I just build oob , not much research though
  8. You don't need to have CV to have Navy forces my friend. This Su is part of the Navy corps and have base inland , island. Each corps have different camouflage and color scheme, Su of the Navy and Airforce have different color too. Thank you so much my friend :D Every Su exhaust is a charm, but next one i will try matt metal finishes
  9. Thank you so much , the 1/72 scale is smaller but still details
  10. thank you so much my friend. Im love the SU for the shape of it and its exhaust :))
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