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  1. Thank you so muchhh :"D
  2. im going to paint the Zoid in the German Dark Yellow color tomorrow So it will blend right in with the famo
  3. I just finish the Famo, very loooong kit and big, the Famo itself is as big as a Tiger 1 tank. The kit is very nice , have bolts and metal part to support the model itself. The camouflage is free-hand and i did some light weathering on the model , just some dust effect and small amount of chipping. And 12 figures but those figures im saving them for another day And just for fun i put a 1/35 scale Zoids model from Tommy on the model Thank you for watching guys!
  4. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Thank you my friend, glad you like it .!
  5. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Thank you so much guys
  6. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Thank you so much I used to wear gloves but i cant feel the model so i put them off Thank you my friend I really like it when it in fold position, very unique , im intent to build the next V22 in that position
  7. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Thank you so much :d Thank you , i have never see V22 in real life Thank you so much glad you like it
  8. Yours look unique ! i really like it !
  9. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    Thank you so much , i tried to make the color look more interesting , not boring one tone color
  10. TranDuy

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    thank you so much , yeah , the whole kit is 29cm in length ( not include the blade )
  11. 1/48 Italeri V-22 Osprey is done. This kit i build oob and trying some new painting technique. Very pleased with the result. And dont glue the 2 engine and tails before finish the model because it will make you control the model for painting very hard. I try to break the monotone color to make the model look more interesting. Here is photo of the finished model : Thank you for watching. P/s : I have upload a video full build of V22 in my channel ( link in my signature ) You guy can check it out. Thank you !
  12. TranDuy

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    Thank you so much
  13. TranDuy

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    Thank you everyone , glad you guy like my model yeah painting is always better than decal , cant wait to see your finished model !
  14. Amazing !
  15. TranDuy

    1/24 Revell Uh-1 Huey

    Yeah , i didnt add weight so the heli is lean to the back Thank you so much !