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  1. My first ever Wildcat, I know this aircraft for a long time but never got the chance to buy and build it. Since I'm more fond of the Japanese side But looking at those details and rivet line out of the box. Make me think again and want to build it. The kit went well event it was released in 1999 or 1990 something. The only downside was the decal was very thick, and leave a lot of silver around it when applying. Thank you for watching I made a painting video on my Youtube Channel, feel free to check it out. And thank you for enjoying my work https://i.postimg.cc/2yt3F4vk/IMG-0772.jpg
  2. Thank you my friend Side by side with the Wildcat to see how huge it is
  3. Thank you everyone for the tip to fix the gap on the canopy, I will try it right away I did upload more photo to the post, Thank you for enjoying my work everyone
  4. Thank you so much everyone, not a popular model but im very happy to see everyone enjoy it
  5. Yeah i did notice it during the final assembly. But the fit is poor and i didnt test fit this part earlier. If i press it too hard it will stress the clear part and it will not be great. If you are using the 1 piece closing canopy it fit just fine
  6. Thank you so much everyone. I havent seen anyone build this model. And the marking is quite cool. In the instructions there are two marking. The orange one is for training. And the orange with green over it for ready to war. So I go for that scheme
  7. 1/48 HASEGAWA B5N2 KATE MODEL 3 One of my favorite aircraft, with the Val and the Grace, those wing span shapes are just amazing. I bought this model 2 years ago and now its finally finished Enjoy my friend
  8. Oh right i forgot to weathering the landing gear :< thank you for pointing out i will fix it right away
  9. M6A1 K NANZAN - 1/72 Tamiya This is one of the most interesting build i have ever did. Well I remember there are only 2 of this was product, 1 was for training, and 1 was the other training and painting to put into action. And I'm building just that haha. And this is the prototype for the Seiran. Its like the Seiran without float Hope you guy enjoy my work I upload painting video on my Youtube Channel, feel free to check it out
  10. Thank you everyone for watching and enjoy my work I spent more time on this so took me awhile , mostly on the rigging and the deck process. And when Im finished the model it very good feeling. I'm looking foward for Takom 3rd turret of the Yamato, sadly its was in 1/35 scale, but it's huge too. Thank you everyone
  11. 1/72 Type 94 64cm Main Gun turret no.1 - Yamato turret The model is finished Took me awhile. The build is great, the only issue is the railing the kit include is not very good, so you can switch for metal chain or in my case - lead wire. I did a video painting this model, feel free to check out my channel in my signature. Thank you for watching guys
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