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  1. Thank you for your advice , i will try to improve my skill in the future, your opinion will help me , thank you so much !
  2. Thank you and cant wait to see yours
  3. TranDuy

    1/35 Tamiya M113 ACAV

    Thank you so much
  4. I just finished the tamiya M113 . very easy kit and have decent interior details. Nice for beginner , i think this is an old kit . But after i took the photos i realize that the M113 was made of aluminum so there is no chipping. And after some research i find out that the M113 is hard to chip paint. So i have to paint the chip area with the main color and create some light scratch.. I paint the whole model with Ammo Mig Olive drab Modulation set and weathering with Mig weathering products. Here is a small video i made :( BTW i just got 100 subscriber , a big step for me , i made this channel just to share with people how i made models , i guess im not the only one but to help other get to know this hobby is my pressure ) And here is some photos : And here some photos : And here is when i fix the black chip : Too bad i have to cover the decal, i add some scratch but i guess the camera cant take it.. but its there Thank you for watching guys ! Hope you guy like it
  5. Thank you everyone ! Im very happy that you guys like it .
  6. Thank you so much my friend
  7. Thank you , the dark streak over the wing i think its alittle unreal too , but because the panel line is very shallow, i thought it would make the panel line look deeper , and the cooling grills streak is that i want to hide the broken decal , because that place i have to masking and painting yellow color because the decal was tear of. it have some different thickness to i think it will hide the error.And i did have to rush to model a little bit i will be more careful in the next build. thank you so much !
  8. Thank you everyone ! yeah it corrected thank you so much
  9. I built this kit long ago, after done build the mig 21 in 1/48 scale, i really like this aircraft so i decided to go for the bigger scale. Lucky for me Trumpeter have the 1/32 scale and this is huge. It have metal nose cone, metal landing gear, very nice but the metal is brittle if you dont treat it with care. A small tips for Trumpeter metal part is that you have to dip the part in super glue and let it dry for a day, so it wont be oxidized and break. And this kit come with and engine with lots of details. I decided to take the engine out to show off the engine. I paint with Ammo Mig Aluminum color. And masking the panel in the wings and paint with darker shade of Aluminum to break the mono-tone of the color. The marking is after market decal of the Vietnamese Airforce and the number 5121 is the aircraft of famous pilot Pham Tuan - who shot down the first B-52 in Vietnam war. Here is the video how i build the kit : YouTube link removed. Read the post in announcements And here is the photos of the model :
  10. I built this kit oob , the kit coming along very nice , minimal fitting. I have the problem when i masking to paint over the decal, when i take the masking tape out it rip the decal i have to masking again and the decal is brittle and very thin, the most time consuming part is the decal. I use Ammo Mig Aluminum color for the whole aircraft and masking panel on the wing and paint with different shade of metal to break the mono-tone of the color. Overall this kit is very nice and easy to build, beware of the thin and brittle decal . Here is the video how i build the model : Youtube link removed And here is some photos of the model :
  11. TranDuy

    1/48 Revell Tornado IDS

    Thank you everyone Starting new kit soon , i will show the kit soon
  12. Tornado IDS from Revell is done. After sometime stuck in the Revell-instruction-maze, i have done it. Very nice kit and beautiful decal ! There are some gap need to fill but overall the kit coming very well. I have made a video full build of the kit here link : Deleted - no links to YouTube channels Thank you for watching guys ! Here is some photos :