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  1. Hope you have a good Christmas mate look forward to seeing the next stage of your builci the new year
  2. Badders This is simply awesome mate every time I look at your build I notice something new well done
  3. Badder Just caught up with your build it looks amazing I've spent good money buying plaster buildings that are nowhere near as good. Well-done mate
  4. Its coming on quite nicely mate. Its something I've been wanting to try for a while but never had the bottle to attempt
  5. Nice build tempted to start on my tamiya 251 after seeing it Bladders bondite is a two part epoxy putty similar to miliputt Bondite Epoxy Putty | Craftiviti l Online DIY Crafts Supplies Malaysia
  6. Not sure if this will help mate but I watched a demo in a local craft shop where they built a frame slightly bigger and deeper than the piece they were using for a mould then they cut notches into the frame and inserted pins into the master and then they inserted pins into the notches and suspended the master and poured the latex around it ! Hope that makes sense
  7. hi guys Has anyone any advice on buying a compressor and airbrush. Ive finally bit the bullet and decided its time to invest in a decent set up I'm looking to spend between £100 -£200 on the full set up. Any advice would be gratefully received
  8. Nice build mate But If you decide to improve your can net it needs artificial leaves not scrim.
  9. Thanks guys The IPA is working a treat the varnish is coming off nicely and up to now I might only have to touch up the base coat.
  10. No it was humbrol 35 thinned with humbrol acrylic thinner. Applied through my airbrush. I normally use future or pledge thinned with water but I was too lazy to walk 200 yards to shop lesson learnt
  11. It was sprayed on its the first time and last time I'll use it. I usually use future but I've ran out . Cheers I'll try using some IPA to remove the varnih
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