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  1. I don't have complaints about Eduard kits, they have nice detail, PE, mask and very good decals, all in one package. And I like their rivets, very subtle. Usually the Profipack cost me about 20-25 euro from LHS (I preordered the Mustang for 25). If you buy separate masks, decals, PE etc. will cost more, not counting the model itself And their customer service is excellent!
  2. Hi Nikolay, I'm considering buying this kit, never built any Zvezda model, so I will follow with interest Cheers!
  3. Hi, Next guy from the group is ready, camo is Multicam for the trousers and hydration pack, and Woodland for the vest with ammo pouches. Mask glass I did from acetate sheet for aircraft gunsights Cheers!
  4. Actually, Eduard added a 3rd spinner option with the angled cut-outs, on the sprue with the propellers
  5. Thanks! I put the Hetzer on hold because I have to replace the drive sprockets for the metal tracks, the plastic ones don't fit
  6. Figure painting is another universe, yes I'm still improving in the process, but it's very fun. I will share more of my work on my Youtube channel
  7. Maybe the pigment settle on the bottom of the bottle, you need to shake them very well. I also added stainless balls inside to help mixing. This happens with Vallejo also, if they sit for long time on the shelf.
  8. Hi, I used the flesh set from their range, they need some learning curve but are very nice paints. What do you mean impossible to mix-with their paints or with other brands? I like them, because of the really flat finish and are harder to remove than Vallejo. Cheers!
  9. Thanks! There are other three figures from SF in fight serie, all are very dinamic poses and with great detail
  10. Thank you and yes, tattoo is painted with fine brush Cheers!
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