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  1. Just stumbled onto this build, looking great man!
  2. crushkill

    1/48 A-37B Dragonfly (Trumpeter)

    Excited to see this build play out
  3. crushkill

    1/48 Italeri V22 Osprey

    We have them flying over the house pretty often and it’s like alien spacecraft with 2 GIANT and LOUD green circles shooting over the rooftop.
  4. crushkill

    Bradley M2A3

    Look excellent!!
  5. crushkill

    AFV Club 1/35 M113A1

    Just stumbled onto this and I’m loving it man
  6. Glad to see this one is back in action, I’ve missed it
  7. crushkill

    Bradley M2A3

    Looks awesome!!!
  8. crushkill

    Bradley M2A3

    Just do some flat silver dry brushing on the 240 and it’ll look perfect. Also, we normally paint our tools entirely tan, which obviously wear off into black on the edges. As far as tracks go, we run 80 on one side, 82 on the other. They’re always offset. When they’re brand new it’s 84, but after a little bit of use we “short-track” them and take off a few. Feel free to disregard my input, but it’s rare to see guys build the Brad so I love to throw in insight when I can.
  9. crushkill

    Bradley M2A3

    She’s looking great!! Really capturing the look. One thing (take it for what it’s worth), our 240’s get ABUSED in those turrets, so they’re almost more silver than black. They’re also probably getting close to 30 years old at this point
  10. crushkill


    Man this bird is gonna be amazing when it’s done!
  11. crushkill

    RyeField 1/35 Abrams M1A2 TUSK II

    I was part of some wild names... my personal favorite was Operation Angry Penguin. We thought it was a joke at first... turns out that was the actual name.
  12. crushkill

    RyeField 1/35 Abrams M1A2 TUSK II

    They come to us black. We just paint them so we can identify ours (after someone has stolen it). Yellow is the armor color so they do everything yellow. Us Cavalrymen paint everything red and white.