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  1. If they do they'll charge extra if the announcement (Brassin: no) is to be believed. Happy to se the re-issue, as I didn't buy back then. It is a typical early Eduard kit. Good surface details and moulding, but otherwise quite basic compared to their current releases.
  2. And the box content doesn't care. And back to the topic, good to see progress on AMK's F14. No need to rush it to the market now.
  3. Well well, the Kinetic Magister is not really related to the AMK one...
  4. 1/48 Italeri Jaguar GR-1

    That would almost be too good to be true...
  5. Hope the box really contains an A5, and not what the kit photos suggest...
  6. Like they did with the retooled Kfir. As much as I like to know things as soon as possible, design phase and production readiness is so full of uncertainties that I somehow totally can live with Tamiya's communication approach ;-)
  7. A perfect match for Revellograms Catalina 😎
  8. You might want to remove the 'Wal'. 'Wal' was the designation of the Do J, not the Do 24. But... Wow, Special Hobby is really on a good way currently imo. 😊
  9. Those would be the ones I'd buy from Eduard's 109! (isn't meant negatively, I just have 'enough' 109 in my stash...)
  10. Revell 2018

    Don't forget that the volumes have decreased quite a bit.
  11. ...disappointing?! And the engine cowling seems also to be a candidate for some modelling techniques. Nonetheless I'm still in for one 😊
  12. Niiiice! Something to look forward to for 2018
  13. Sad to see how many people do not accept that there are different approaches people have to their hobby, thus the same kit is differently viewed. Even more sad that this leads to active misunderstanding of arguments and invalidations of the opinion of others, only because of... I don't know. I don't feel compelled to be the defender of any company's businesses. And more directly on the subject at hand I also am slightly saddened to see Airfix currently having troubles to reach quality levels they already reached. Will certainly not prevent me from buying their Sea Fury, but for the Mustang there are better alternatives for me. Unfortunately!
  14. Does anyone know if this is the Accurate Miniatures one?
  15. Same here... I think I need to hold the sprues in my own hand before I can make a decision on buying. Photos can be misleading.