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  1. Based on RV kits I presume? Will you please fix the BN windscreen?
  2. Best Su-25 in 1/72nd Scale?

    I am slowly building an ART Model Su-28 (derivative of Su-25UB). While I have not finished with all details parts yet, I have all the main parts together and had no problems with it. I admit the engine pods need some work: - the kit includes intake trunks (the only 1/72 kit to do so) which don't seem to fit inside the pods without removing some material - I had to force the pods to sit flush against the fuselage The clear parts could be better as there is quite a bit of distortion. Despite these issues, I think the kit is miles ahead of competition. The fit elsewhere has been fine, and while detail is somewhat soft it is better than Zvezda and tons better than Kopro.
  3. I wonder if it would be easier to replace the intake bottoms by cutting the Italeri intakes. Guess I'll learn if I ever start my conversion. https://www.scribd.com/document/286617589/Sukhoi-Su-34 mentions that Su-33 main landing gear may have been used, but I don't see any evidence of that. I can't really tell from any of the Su-27IB pictures I have seen.
  4. Awesome! I have been planning Su-27IB for a while as well, but I was not quite sure how to deal with the main gear wells. I was planning to replace the intakes with spare Airfix Su-27 intakes but that is just the beginning of the solution. I also have an Airfix tail left over from P-42 conversion but it feels like a massive cut and putty job. Will be following your build with great interest.
  5. Su-34 - Trumpeter & Italeri 1/72nd kits compared

    Thanks Ken! I think that Trumpeter has better rear part of the canopy but the windscreen looks quite off, it is too round and wide. While neither Italeri and Trumpeter are really bad kits, it looks like the definitive Su-34 kit has yet to come.
  6. Su-34 - Trumpeter & Italeri 1/72nd kits compared

    Thanks Ken, great comparison! One thing I'd like to know: how's the Trumpeter canopy? Italeri canopy has a bit too large clear part. Fixable, yes, just an extra work step anyway.
  7. I am not so much into props but I might make an exception here and buy it. There is just something about those smooth lines of the Yak-18T.
  8. 1/72 Su-24 & Su-27/33

    I don't think the Su-15 is available. It was also reboxed by Gran but that is not available either. A rather labor intensive kit, I should say. EDIT: The kit is listed here: http://www.ritmonexx.ru/Samolet-Su15TM-p-35317.html Maybe you can contact them and ask if they can find one for you.
  9. Mig-25RBT colour profiles

    Lemme see my bookmarks... here is something which may help you: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/photo/viewcat.php?cid=62. I am not fluent on MiG-25 recon variants, but this one looks like RBF to me.
  10. Trumpeter's Tu-22M2 and M3

    No, not the same plastic. Lots of common parts but the M2 kit is missing at least the M3 intakes, blow-in doors and nose cone. I think the ejection seats are also different, though they are wrong in both M2 and M3 kits so that may not be an issue.
  11. Any modellers near Riga? Yak-28 questions

    I was there just last year and photographed this beauty. Can't help much with the blank areas - from the areas you are permitted to, the rear fuselage is hidden behind the engine pods and wing tanks. There was a nice platform to climb on close to the Yak - too bad I was more intrigued by the Mi-6 at the moment. Would these pictures be of any help? At least the rudder is clearly visible. Not so sure about the authenticity of the colors, though. This equipment has been rotting there for years under merciless Latvian sun (hehe) and is very, very dirty. But guessing is the fun part in modelling Soviet stuff, right? Here are couple bonus shots to get you crazy superdetailing the navigators office:
  12. 1/72 - B-1B Lancer - by Modelcollect

    Guys, if you think there are accuracy issues, please let Modelcollect know about them. This benefits everyone. Really, they do listen to feedback and they do fix issues. The B-2A already went through redesign because people commented on their FB page. And the T-90 was already released and it also went through redesign and new molds. They sent me the redesigned T-90A kit for free.
  13. Mig29 Fulcrum wheels measures

    Well not directly from behind but does this help? Actually this picture also shows the size markings much better. You could try the North Star wheels, they look awesome in pictures if a little fiddly to assemble.
  14. Mig29 Fulcrum wheels measures

    Or maybe I'll just post the pictures. This is actually a MiG-29UBS, not MiG-29AS. Front wheel: Main wheel: