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  1. Fantastic paint job! Bookmarked this thread, will come handy whenever I start my kit. I can't say if the gloss blue shows through at all, but the aluminium looks absolutely gorgeous. Not sure why some people dislike the rivets on this kit; your picture of the real Mirage shows they are clearly visible, and in my opinion look just great on the model. To each their own I guess.
  2. My understanding (based on Eduard kit instructions and threads I have read here at Britmodeller) is that the "fighter bomber" is the Moscow built variant. The Moscow plant started building MiG-23s in 1975 and the production of MiG-21MFs was moved to Gorky (the "interceptor" variant). The Gorky plant was also building MiG-21bis and some changes were incorporated from bis to MF. I am not sure where the names "fighter bomber" and "interceptor" come from, I thought their capabilities were the same. Perhaps Eduard named them based on their roles in the Czechoslovak air force. The Armycast exhausts are for Eduard kits, I've got one of each and it definitely says "for Eduard" in the package. I would not expect any major hassle in substituting these for the plastic parts.
  3. Have you seen these pictures from Eduard?
  4. According to the Aerofax book, Bulgarian 211 is MLD type 23-22A. That is, no dog tooth, no vortex generators, no top of fuselage dispensers. Based on this, I'd say your ML kit is as good as it gets for that purpose, whatever the actual type designation is. You may be interested in this: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/244486-trumpeter-mig-23-ml-132-scale/
  5. These are clearly MLDs: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/6130787 - I presume the ex-Soviet aircraft mentioned by @Linden Hill. I'd add the nose pitot tube also has additional vortex generators which the ML variant does not have, not very well seen in that picture. FYI, Aerofax book on MiG-23/27 says Bulgaria received both non-export (23-18) and export (23-22A) MLDs, plus MLs and MLAs to confuse us more. Maybe so, I really can't tell these apart...
  6. The colorful GDR red 604 Last Flight scheme, and united Germany 29+14 can be found on Hi-Decal sheet 72005. Revell decals are pretty good, but I think Hi-Decal are superior. IMO Trumpeter makes the best 9-12 variant in 1/72 scale. However... I have to add that the 604 bort number looks strangely distorted to me:
  7. Apex

    MiG-25P/PD differences

    Hello Antti, I don't know - there is confusing, there is totally confusing, and then there is Russian technology . I don't really know much of this stuff, but I guess that is part of the fun in building Russian planes. Admittedly it would be strange to remove ILS antennas from the MiG-25PD, however turbulence generating fins could have been removed if deemed unnecessary. I mentioned ILS as several cutaway diagrams indicate these blades are ILS antennas. For example (see item 101, инструментальной системы посадки): So how about a Su-22M4? Looks like there are two pitot tubes, attached to two "masts" of different length, one of which has AoA/yaw vanes plus the antenna/fins.
  8. Apex

    MiG-25P/PD differences

    Oh I know what you mean all too well. Discussing the shortcomings of various kits does not help at all. The Condor MiG-25PD is exactly the same plastic as their MiG-25P with one extra sprue for IR sensor, new wingtips, R-60s + rails, the giant fuel tank and chaff/flare dispensers. So still MiG-25P fuselage, though I would not consider this a major difference. As @Hook said the ICM kit is much nicer, but not exactly state of art either.
  9. Apex

    MiG-25P/PD differences

    I guess you mean the vanes like found on this MiG-21SMT: The ones on this MiG-25RBS look quite different; they are static, so I wonder how could they be used for AoA/yaw measurement: They are not really attached to the pitot itself, which is located further forward of these vanes. However these vanes look like they could be used for AoA/yaw measurement:
  10. Apex

    MiG-25P/PD differences

    I'm not saying you are wrong or I am right, but why can't one put antennas on a pitot tube?
  11. XB-70A AV-1 at airliners.net: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/North-American-XB-70A-Valkyrie/322713/L Looks like there is some sort of twist, but a bit different. Hard to tell from these pictures. Maybe you can try to photograph your build from a bit different angle? Nice work on that kit, by the way. I'm still collecting energy to continue with my Italeri kit.
  12. Apex

    MiG-25P/PD differences

    The pitot is also different. PD has a plain needle like pitot, but P has multiple vanes attached (ILS antennas were they?). PD would likely carry R-40RD/TD missiles instead of R-40R/T. RD has quite different radome compared to R. Not sure if there are visible differences between TD and T. Then there is the thing called PDS, which is an existing P airframe upgraded to PD standard. My understanding is that things like wingtips and drag chute containers were not changed during the upgrade. Are you planning to convert the Condor kit? It is a weird one: clearly MiG-25P panel lines, old style wingtips, late style chute container, R-40RD missiles (incompatible with MiG-25P, also missing rocket exhausts!). Very plain, almost crude plastic, but somehow I like it.
  13. Inbox here: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/mig-17-fresco-in-172-von-zvezda-7318/ Looks like a Fresco-A to me, based on the small airbrakes in the rear fuselage.
  14. Well, I am happy to get an accurate kit of the prototype. It is really the best we can have at the moment. But it has been 8 long years since Zvezda released their first kit of the T-50 so maybe I am just getting tired of waiting (as if I did not have enough unbuilt kits to work on meanwhile...) Did Zvezda announce the release date yet?
  15. According to Scalemates the Smer kit is same as Pantera: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sm-r-0856-su-17-22m4--1166005 I also think the Modelsvit kit is so much better than Italeri/Bilek that it is well worth the extra cost. I thought the Italeri/Bilek moulding was very crude, with excessively thick wing trailing edges, ill fitting pylons, wide panel lines and oversized details. Just note that Modelsvit has not released the 17M4 variant (yet), so a some conversion work from 17M3/17M3R is required. From top of my head I recall the 17M4 has an extra air intake in the vertical fin, and a large CRT display for the pilot. Not sure if there are other differences. Well, apart markings obviously.
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