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  1. Blah, so this one still has the clear parts from the fighter version. The windscreen is too short. The new plastic parts look rather rough. Also I don't see the rear fuselage bomb racks included (RV kit had them in resin). Somewhat disappointing, but maybe the release of this kit by a major manufacturer brings us more aftermarket items.
  2. Apex

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    Umm, no I am not, way too few hobby shops out there!
  3. Apex

    BTR-50 in Braille scale - which one?

    It has been a while since you asked, are you still looking for info? I just received the PST kit and I have ACE in stash already. I am not planning to build either in the near future but I could at least post some comparison pictures if you are interested, earliest next weekend.
  4. Apex

    Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    So what are the inaccuracies in ACE T-62? I have a couple in stash and they sure look rough, though I do like ACE kits in general. But I would not mind a more buildable kit. So far, Trumpeter 1/72 armor has been very disappointing for me. Their BTR-80 bottom side, including wheels, is just awful, barely resembling the real BTR-80. 2K12 Kub is a bit too simplified with almost everything molded on to the hull, and has way too undersized ramjet engines for the missiles and missing inner track teeth. I hear their 1/35 armor is pretty good, but the same can't be said for 1/72. I definitely want to read some positive reviews of the T-62 before buying it.
  5. Apex

    Looking for opinions on 1/72 Mirage 2000 kits

    I have also read that the Italeri kit is inaccurate, more exactly it is stretched in length so the whole fuselage and wings are incorrect, pretty much impossible to correct. If you don't mind it is probably much nicer to build than Heller. I have a Heller Mirage 2000N started. It retains some parts from the 1979 vintage Mirage 2000C kit. These are typical for that era (less than stellar fit, raised panel lines, etc). It also has a new sprue for 2000N parts (fuselage, cruise missile and wing tanks, these are not bad actually). The fit of intakes is horrible, my kit had warped vertical fin, the detail level is very basic. Not Heller's best kit, but perfectly buildable.
  6. Apex

    Which frogfoot should I buy???

    Can't help with the pictures. Specifically for Art Model Su-25UB there is the Art Model photoetch sheet (also sold under HR Model label), and another PE sheet by NH Detail. I don't know if Pavla vac canopy would fit at all, it is for the Unda kit. I think there are UB(K) decals at least from Authentic Decals and Kopro. Of course, many aftermarket items for the single seater are usable for the UB as well.
  7. Just a thought, Zvezda PFM could be better starting point for a conversion? Off the top of my head, you will need at least F-style narrow chord vertical fin, different pitot, exhaust nozzle / engine and ventral fin. Don't fit the outer wing pylons. The wheel hubs would also be different, but Zvezda bis kit only includes the early style hubs appropriate for PF. There are probably tons of small differences in panels, AoA probes and antennas.
  8. Apex

    1/72 T-90s - accurate + easyish build?

    I have not built any 1/72 T-90s so I can't really say anything conclusive about the accuracy or ease of build. But I have some general observations on various kits in my stash: ACE: Short run, based on their T-72 kit. I've built one of their T-72s and while the kit is not at all bad the molding quality just can't compete with more recent offerings. ACE kit is the early T-90 with cast turret. The tracks are T-72 style RMSh with single track pin per link and poor detail. There are two sets of road wheel halves, the early T-72 type 8-spoke wheels and later 6-spoke wheels, 12 wheel halves each type. The idea is that you can do either early or late T-72 by using the correct wheel halves for outer side and incorrect for inner side. I find the turret shape and height a bit odd but that won't be very obvious as the turret will be covered with equipment boxes and ERA tiles. Modelcollect: As mentioned by @bad eddthe initial release was overscale. It also had incorrect torsion bar suspension. Modelcollect did a complete retooling few years ago. Many variants are covered in different boxings, the early T-90 with cast turret, later T-90A with welded turret and others. I'm not excited about the metal hull bottom as this means you can't use regular plastic glue. Early boxings had vinyl tracks which have been replaced with hard plastic tracks about two years ago. 3 different types of road wheels are provided, but inner road wheel halves have no spoke detail (just like Revell T-72M1, what is it with T-72/90 wheels?). Parts have no locating pins as usual for Modelcollect, but typically Modelcollect kits have good fit and sharp, flash free parts, with somewhat fiddly but not difficult build. Revell: Two variants, T-90 and T-90A. T-90 has cast turret and RMSh tracks, T-90A has welded turret and later tracks with 2 track pins per link. The tracks are in two pieces, you are to heat them and bend around drive and idler wheels which sounds a bit too exciting to me. Revell is the first one to get inner road wheels correct, bravo! Both kits have the same gun, while there are some subtle differences between the 2A46M and 2A46M-5. Unless you are really serious about it, in 1/72 scale I'd just forget about it. Zvezda: Only T-90A variant provided. Best detail of all kits, with some exquisitely molded small parts, even nicer than Modelcollect and Revell. Correct inner road wheels. Both tracks are single part, you bend them around the wheels (tracks have notches on inner sides to help you bend them). If I had to pick just one of them, any T-90 variant, I'd probably go for Zvezda. For early T-90 it is a coin toss between Modelcollect and Revell. All kits are loaded with parts.
  9. According to http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2018/Nuernberg_2018.html it is scheduled at September 2018. But don't hold your breath, Special Hobby releases may or may not come when advertised...
  10. Great info, Ken! This thread will be very useful for me. About the cockpit seating - the problem could also have been the other way around, i.e. tub being seated too low. I recall this happened to me with some old kit which left a huge gap between the cockpit tub and upper fuselage half. I am a bit surprised Modelsvit chose to attach the tub to the bottom fuselage half unlike pretty much every other Flanker kit.
  11. So what are the accuracy issues with S&M B.2? I'm quite interested in this kit but there are so many interesting subjects with good kits already I'll pass for anything major.
  12. I had the same dream about Tu-14: It is getting a bit unlikely we'll see that in 2017, though. But no worries, Modelsvit still produces new kits faster than I can build them.
  13. Based on RV kits I presume? Will you please fix the BN windscreen?
  14. Apex

    Best Su-25 in 1/72nd Scale?

    I am slowly building an ART Model Su-28 (derivative of Su-25UB). While I have not finished with all details parts yet, I have all the main parts together and had no problems with it. I admit the engine pods need some work: - the kit includes intake trunks (the only 1/72 kit to do so) which don't seem to fit inside the pods without removing some material - I had to force the pods to sit flush against the fuselage The clear parts could be better as there is quite a bit of distortion. Despite these issues, I think the kit is miles ahead of competition. The fit elsewhere has been fine, and while detail is somewhat soft it is better than Zvezda and tons better than Kopro.
  15. I wonder if it would be easier to replace the intake bottoms by cutting the Italeri intakes. Guess I'll learn if I ever start my conversion. https://www.scribd.com/document/286617589/Sukhoi-Su-34 mentions that Su-33 main landing gear may have been used, but I don't see any evidence of that. I can't really tell from any of the Su-27IB pictures I have seen.