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  1. Fantastic final result! Amazing work! Well done!
  2. This is a lovely build John. Can't wait to see the final result. I have a bit of nostalgy - as I built this one 5 years ago when I came back to this hobby since my childhood. And my stencils sheet looked quite similar to yours...
  3. Amazing level of details in the wheel bays! Love it!
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments! ( @TonyTiger66, @CedB, @The Spadgent, @Jaffajake, @AdrianMF, @limeypilot) I have never done any biplane before and never did rigging as well. So I've decided to do it using this method as it looks really nice (hope I can finish it as it should be) The material I used for those lugs is a beading wire I picked once at Hobby Craft. Also Swordfish rigging (according to the various walkaround pictures) does not look made of a one material. Some rigging lines look wider, and some are narrower. Probably those are made with different materials. I was thinking to make some of them using the albion alloys tubes/rods (0.4mm) and then some with rigging line from AMMO (which is 0.2 mm). But finally I probably will do all of them with 0.2 mm. Otherwise I have to purchase another pack of albion alloys... Here is a picture of beading wire I use (34 Gauge - 0.16 mm):
  5. Now she can stay on her legs. Also I've installed lugs/rings for rigging on the stab and upper wing:
  6. Now the upper wing is assembled. The fit is perfect! I also started to install lugs for rigging. I decided to go for a rigging method used by Tom Grigat in his famous step motion model building videos.
  7. Agrhhh!.. I hate these bent parts!.. Look at this: May be it was just my box which included all the possible defects... Anyway, finally I glued these struts after bending them in an oposite directions with tweezers: I left it and started to assemble the wing. No problems so far...
  8. Thanks mate for disclose your secret ;-) Definitely will give a try next time
  9. Hey! You made me want to build this one! Amazing work, well done! by the way - what is the mixture you used for canopy airbrush?
  10. Hey Philip, you're doing really great! This will come into a brilliant model!
  11. Right... The time has come to learn of how this bird was weathered, how stains patterns looked like, where paint was chipping etc. Here are a few excellent examples: This one is my favorite! It shows a piece of canvas replaced from another aircraft with different color scheme:
  12. I'm sure there will be a day when I do Phantom... Will follow your build Antti with great interest! Your attention to details is just killing me... (take it as another compliment)
  13. Stunning model! The weathering is great!