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  1. Hello everyone. I came back to my Swordfish yesterday night to deal with this too shiny collector... I used some pigments and then blended with few oil drops... Have a look. Does it look better? Hey Chris, @dogsbody do you think now is better or it still requires some work?
  2. I've decided to bring in some 'life' into the model. I want stabilisers in a down position like on a parked aircraft. This small modification does not involve much time. The final result is not bad. The only thing I don't know what to do is - hinges... Do I really need to do something in this scale? Or shall I leave as it is?.. Don't know
  3. Thanks Mick. Now I wish all my kits to be Tamiya kits! Thanks Jon for your kind words. Yes these are Eduard etched belts. Spent some time with tweezers and cyanoacrylate to fix them as they are now
  4. Well, as I can see from your pictures, the original Special Hobby boxing has much better content than Revell. I didn't have all the PE and resin.
  5. Hey! It's a cracking build! Do you plan to post your diorama building process here as well? Thinking about to get in touch with dioramas - so it would be interesting to see how you do it...
  6. Hey, Steve. Having completed same SH (Revel rebox) recently - I'm in with huge interest!
  7. At last, I am on a stage where I can test fit the interior... I dry-brushed it with aluminium. It will get some pigments and wash before final installation: For those who never seen this kit - both fuselage halves are split into two sections - a short nose section and the rest. Both sections interconnect with a kind of clever lock which leaves no gap or step. Very clever: I test fitted the interior and looks really nice. But I hate those bomb bay doors actuators... You really need to be very careful to make them survive till bomb bay doors are fitted: Unfortunately some sink marks are visible on inside walls of the bomb bay and will need to be removed: And on another side as well: However the fit is great and it turns out that this will be the quickest build thanks to the lovely kit engineering by Tamiya: Finally, both bombs got some Greenish Grey 67 (Revell):
  8. Yey! It's going to be insteresting and fun! I'm in
  9. Lovely build and great final result. Very impressive. I really enjoyed to follow this build.
  10. I've made some more progres over the last week: All the bits for MLGs are ready: And they look really nice when assembled: Back to interior - fuel tanks got their brick colour and then masked for interior green application: In the cockpit - all the details are there now, assembled and painted: All the final bits for the bomb bay are ready for painting:
  11. Yes, mate. This is just a normal model air airbrushed. I've just added one or two drops of thinner.
  12. Here is a small update. Both landing lights were attached and masked. I've sprayed wheel wells (nacelles and wing) with aluminium (Model Air 71.062) and BS283/IDF green (Model Air 71.126). I've decided not to deal with sink marks as those should not be visible deep in the wells. I've drilled holes for drop tanks (decided to avoid bombs or rockets this time ). All glued together and fixed with masking tape: Also started to spray all the details for landing gears:
  13. You're welcome Johnny... btw, how is your HP 0/400? Yepp! I already see it. All fit perfectly. It has so many 'Poka-yoke' - you can't make mistake. Yes Mate! I enjoy it already Thank you very much for all the descriptions - very interesting. I didn't make any investigation - I just found those pictures interesting to understand Mosquito's weathering pattern. Now you made me want to read more about Dorothy
  14. Hello everyone. Here is my next build - Mosquito! I knew I have to build it one day and also this is my first Tamiya kit. All the reviews say it is a lovely kit - so hope I. I'm going to use Eduard PE Zoom set and painting mask. Also I've found in my library some inspiration reading about Mossy: And as usually here are some photos to think about future weathering. As you may see these are good references for colour variations, worn fuselage areas, unsimmetrical paint chipping (have a look at spinners on the last pocture) - will try to repeat some of these effects as my next weathering lesson.
  15. Ced, you probably was talking about this one. Hey Johnny ( @The Spadgent ) it may be helpful. Tom Grigat is famous for his stepmotion videos, and specifically rigging technique using eyelets. His YouTube channel includes many interesting stepmotion videos including rigging.