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  1. Unfortunately, no much progress over the weekend... I faced two major problems: 1 - one of the cockpit frames was significantly bent. I tried to correct it with the boiling water, but the result is not very convincing 2 - there is one photoetched part (top cockpit frame - see photo in the previous post) which is pre-painted in quite dark green. Spent lot of time trying to find the most appropriate colour for the rest of the cockpit... and again not satisfied with the result. Will check once again in the daylight. (The colour on the picture is much lighter than in reality)
  2. This promise to be an interesting build. I've finished Revell/Special Hobby 1/32 Air-A-Cutie recently, so will follow with interest if you don't mind mate.
  3. Thank you all very much for your kind words! I got this today, so I can start with the Swordfish cockpit this weekend:
  4. It's brilliant Sasha. I was following the build and it's outstanding!
  5. Hi Vadim


    Don't where in West Sussex,  but  perhaps you are close enough to check out the IPMS Mid Sussex, which meets  in Southwick,

    meets every 4th Thursday

    next is 9th Feb


    It's friendly,and a few BM members come along, some great models on show.


    PM or email  me (see my profile) if you want more info,  or just come along,  I try to go.


    this thread maybe of interest as well




  6. Well... As this is a 'stress relief build' - I consider this one is done! It was a good weathering exercise again... And apart from some minor defects (like clean tyres and awful spinner) I think the result is quite good (excuse my overconfidence): Now I got a small collection of 1/72 Red Noses: Now, before I get to some 1/48 in my stack, I have to finish the second one from the Sparks of Liberation box - Fairey Swordfish: For those who are interested here are all the sprues: This promise to be another interesting build as I never did biplane and rigging before...
  7. It's a real pain to paint this crazy canopy without precutted mask... Finally here is the last step
  8. @Val, @The Spadgent, @Squibby Thank you for your kind words. Here are some pictures of "unrealistically" hard weathered Hurricanes These are not pictures of a Sea Hurricane I build. However these give an idea of a way weathering could happen and of those most weathering prone areas...
  9. That's a clever solution for a wood texture. The result is really impressive. I'll take a note if you don't mind
  10. Hi all Today a three additional oil coloures have arrived (blue, yellow, and earth) and finally I can start a weathering... Random oil drops... are blended with a slightly moistured (white spirit) brush: A good colour variation is expected It's still a new technique for me but I like this artistic process. It delivers an element of unpredictability and randomnicity in a final colour appearance.
  11. Hi everyone, I tried to find an answer through the FAQ and other forum areas and didn't find it... Did anyone come across a pinned topic (from old version)?.. I still got some of those pinned topics and can't un-pin them. Are there any solutions? They always come first on top with a green pin symbol... Help me please
  12. Chipping is nearly done. Thanks to a good reference photo the final result should be good. I hope
  13. Phew! Decals are done! Now the most interesting part begins... - weathering :-D
  14. Hi All Here are some photos of sausaging :))) This is all the masking when removed: Now Hurricane is ready for decals. Also I found some good reading about hurri (while reviewing old stock magazines):