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  1. Excellent effort,not a simple kit due to fit,I have one and will change wheels for scalextric minilight wheels.Airfix wheels are not the best.All about stance.Well done
  2. I'm trying to order on line some Sponcer decals from DMC in Denmark but get no reply to date. Maybe they are not supplying due to the virus.Anyhow any help would be appreciated . Dave.S
  3. Nice clean model,well executed,and I like to see a different subject.well done
  4. I have come by a brand new cooker hood can this be used as a filter for a spray booth?
  5. Does anyone out there use an led desk lamp ? if so,how good are they and what make could they recommend
  6. Hi folks,I have some spare 1.7mm (roughly) aluminium hollow tube I want to make into roll cages. How do I A)bend them and B)do not get any kinks on the bends.Thanks
  7. Hi folks,where can I purchase from a reputable source,a Heller 1/24 Renault 8 Gordini. I have tried E bay, but sadly had my fingers burnt. So please help .Thanks.
  8. What is the best panel scriber that does not leave peaks.Ive tried the back of a scaple blade between masking tape,not very satisfactory.
  9. I am having difficulty finding detail photos of the following race cars. Mercedes AMG gt3,and Porsche 911 Carrera RSR turbo that was at the 1974 Le Mans. Yes, I can find lots of exterior shots but some interior and engine ones would be nice. Thanks in anticipation of a snowball result.
  10. Ok teaser before the turkey,where can I find 1/72 USAF ground crew,and resin,well detailed Blenheim type undercarriage wheels,or similar type bomber wheels,I'm mainly looking for effect,and looks,for a diorama. Have a great Christmas to all you molders and I hope you receive all the goodies you ask for. Dave a rather fanatical modler of some years.
  11. Is this 1/24 model of the Mercedes gt3 by Tamiya number 24345 out soon,or am I dreaming. I have tried to locate via Hobby Search Japan,HLJ,and Tamiya site but no luck,any ideas?
  12. I can dig out the placement sheet and send you a copy,just mail me.Dave
  13. Why not try Jens scale racing,a German 1/24 slot parts site. Go to side menue ,choose Rader then Felgeneinsatze then 15Zoll and you will find said Lotus/McLaren wheel inserts at 7.90 euros.Or just use a translator too.Their stuff is of good quality and not a bad price,check out the gallery.Good luck
  14. Thanks for this,old age and behind the times as usual.
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