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  1. So I thought I'd experiment with some black basing. Not used the technique before but I've seen some great results using it,. I used Ultimate black primer which went down well then started adding random colour spots and streaks. I had two aims in mind, the first was to introduce colour variation which I hoped would show up under the MRP paints I was going to use and provide that often suggested undertone of colour even on monotone schemes. The second aim was to introduce tonal variation so that even if the colour didn't work, the light/dark shading would! Some variations I kept
  2. In a rare moment of calm I accelerated the build quite rapidly (for me) and glued most of the major components together. I sprayed the inside of the canopy the same Turquoise colour as the cockpit and sealed it in place before adding the Eduard mask to the outside this time. The next set of pictures provide an overview of where the fit required a bit of filler. In general it goes together really well and certainly looks the part but occasionally the fit is beautifully engineered but just slightly out! The intake top covers sat a little too proud so they needed a bit of fine sanding
  3. Many thanks Alan, I’m really liking the kit and looking forward to getting some paint down at some point!
  4. Hi everybody, The build progresses with the intakes now assembled and the exhaust section added. The intake assembly looks quite complicated with several sections but they go together pleasing well. I'm not sure which is the best method/order of assembly as any slight mis-alignment will cost you in filling and repair work later. I decided to work front to back as I felt any errors were going to be less obvious at the back end. In the end I was still probably 1/2 mm out when I put the outside side wall on as it required a little filler on the inside of the right intake. There is some nice
  5. A bit of work on the back end for a change. The exhausts are from Metallic Details and very nice they are too. The kit parts are not that bad but these are another step up and avoid the very tricky task of joining the three exhaust parts up seamlessly. The inner exhausts were given a green hue as seen on many photos and a hole drilled in the back-end for the acrylic rods to pass through. This will need reinforcing as the weight of the model will rest on these parts eventually. The fit on the kit parts is very good so no issue in that regard. The resin is incredibly fine on th
  6. As this is in flight model I needed to add a pilot, so I used an Aerobonus figure as the kit does not have one and the Aerobonus also comes attached to a nice seat. This figure is wearing a soviet pressure suit which seemed appropriate for this aircraft. It was a bit (actually very!) fiddly to get the face mask correct as its acetate sandwiched between two layers of PE. However the effect looks quite good once attached. As I mentioned before the arms have been repositioned to fit but apart from that the seat went in without too much trouble. I added a placard on his knee
  7. Many thanks for the comments exdraken & Serkan, hopefully more updates soon! It's quite a nice kit, some fit issues but not unsurmountable, and very nice detail. Much better option than the KH effort I think.
  8. Progress, well some at least. Continuing with the traditional cockpit first methodology I've painted all the relevant bits with the interior Turquoise beloved of Russian aviation cockpits of that era. It seems to be not an easy colour to find in a single paint solution and many mix to get the right shade. I was no exception and used a rather green Turquoise from Mig Ammo mixed with one of their darker blue shades. Importantly, it wasn't a million miles off from the Eduard cockpit coloured PE which I thought I'd try. My original intent was to paint it all as I'm not a great fan of ver
  9. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've managed to find time in the festive period to move a few projects on. Well its been a while since the F-15E but next up is another twin-tailed, twin-engined fighter but this time from the other side of the Berlin wall. The chosen subject is the ICM 1/48 Mig-25 PD Foxbat, which looks a nice kit, much more accurate and with finer detail than the old Revell offering and a better prospect for an in-flight display than the flawed KittyHawk version. One of the main reasons for choosing this particular aircraft was that it is a monotone grey sc
  10. Many thanks for the very kind words, glad you like it! In answer to queries on the lighting, all the batteries, wires and LEDs are in the jet, you can remove the model from the acrylic rod any time. I use a micro switch to turn the battery on as you slide the model onto the rod. Winenut - I haven’t put any varnish over the Alclad but I subdued the shine with the weathering. kind regards,
  11. Hi everyone, This is a 1/48 F-104C Starfighter built as the rather colourful 'Really George' aircraft from the 479 TFW at George AFB. The kit is the nicely detailed Hasegawa version with 2 exquisite Aim-9Bs added from Eduard. This was my first attempt at a NMF finish so I went with Alclad paints which behaved very well over a gloss black finish. You do have to be very pedantic about the surface finish though as blemishes are difficult to hide. I toned down the rivet detail on the wings a bit and then decided to make things really easy by adding some internal lighting. This was quite a cha
  12. Many thanks chaps, much appreciated and yes, my friend is very happy with it. He just needs to collect without breaking it! Unfinished - No worries, I'm all for light-hearted Corsair - Great idea on the green - a much more usual lighting colour. Next time! Armoured76 - The batteries are hidden in the airbrake housing. The F-15 is great for that as its always difficult to find a sufficiently large gap to stuff them in.
  13. Full set of photos at the following link: Thanks for looking and all the comments!
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