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  1. Love the grime effect on the doped wings. It looks really convincing!
  2. Really nice work. Watching this in awe.
  3. Gotta be a Hurricane!
  4. Ooh one of my favourite subjects. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update!
  5. You're most welcome.
  6. Lightning fast build! I'm excited to see the paint go on! Ausgeseichnet!
  7. Blimey. That's enough to keep us entertained for months. Love a big build!
  8. Once you've finished casting those pilots, you'll have half of the Battle of Britain's worth of guys won't you? Nice work Ced, Jake
  9. Lovely engine. Looking rather smart!
  10. Very smart bird you've built. Top marks.
  11. Great build so far. Looking forward to seeing the transfers on her. Also looking forward to watching you tackle the Academy bird!
  12. Beautiful work. I've just finished airfix's 1/72 version and I now think it looks better in your 1/48 scale. Keep up the good work!
  13. That has made my day! 😂
  14. Who knew a pair of marigolds could be made into seat cushions? Lovely work, Wonko!