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  1. Very nice build Dale.
  2. I am also not convinced by the propblur but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I motorised an Eduard Bf109 (follow the large font link in my signature block if tour want a look) and it was surprisingly easy. Micro motors are readily available and the Sea Fury kit would lend itself easily to installation methinks as there is plenty of room under the cockpit tub. Well worth investigating it. Regards,
  3. Many thanks, Decalling has commenced. I am using the Ronin Decals RDS-152 set and the scheme is “101”: The decals are really thin and conform well to a gloss surface, however, I had a disaster with one of the “101” fuselage markings and lost it. Operator error all the way (read the decal instructions and avoid setting solutions - water is fine) and my cry for help was answered so the main markings should be complete by the weekend. My only gripe is the opacity is such that the invasion stripes show through the wing upper decals. A lesson for young modellers there. The rocket markings are the kit decals. I will reapply MRP Sky to the mountings before a gloss coat seal: I fixed a small blemish just behind the canopy. Not sure if I have done enough: The more astute of you may have noticed the underwing lights should have had “Hawker Yellow” inners and not invasion stripe. Well done but it is on the underside so it stays. Regards
  4. Thanks guys, Here is the state of play: Many thanks,
  5. Here are a couple of in progress shots of my 1/48 Sea Fury for the 2019 Airfix Cup at the NSW Scale Model show on 18/19 May 2019 at the Illawarra Sports Stadium. It is posed in flight with an Aerocraft cowling and a set of Propblur blades: I used MRP paints (Sky and EDSG) for the first time and happy with the result. The pilot is from the spares box (Airfix Hurricane ?) and the gunsight from an Eduard Spitfire Mk. IX kit. Regards
  6. Noice....real noice. Well done Steve. Thanks for all your advisory work for those of us building this kit as well. It is appreciated. Regards,
  7. Great kit. I am currently building it. The colour call out for H74 is the closest for the colour used by Hawker on the interior of the aircraft. There are a number of on line references that show it, including a great thread here on BM The kit instrument panel is a mystery to me as is the lack of any gunsight by Airfix. No doubt others with more knowledge will chime in shortly. Regards,
  8. Great looking truck! Your attention to detail and skill set are to be admired. Thanks for sharing. Regards,
  9. Many thanks, I am looking at an inflight build so I can see there is leeway. Regards,
  10. Hello all, Being normally a WWII era builder, I am a bit adrift on a couple of Cold War era subjects. By the time frame of the Sea Fury/Korean War to mid 50’s era, would the RAN and FAA pilots have transitioned to the early bone dome type of helmet or still worn the WWII style of soft helmet? TIA and regards,
  11. Kahunaminor

    Ju 52 Medical

    I have this in the stash and will have a look at the sprues. From what is supplied here, the instructions indicate the “medical” version did not have the dustbin and different wheels. I cannot recall at the moment if there is anything else medical about the kit. Having had a look at the sprues, I can confirm the paratroops are included and there is nothing more ambulance specific apart from the decals. Regards,
  12. Hi Armando, The RAAF used slightly different shades of colour than their RAF, coincidentally found in the colourcoats range from Sovereign. I would also check Aussie Modeller here at http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/index.php?sid=098dc09c9d60c83b842fa95e25f22dce for further assistance. You can also check the build in my signature block . I got some great assistance and references during my build. Regards,
  13. This website may be of help. There seems to be quite a number of alternative M4 chassis and conversions. Regards,
  14. Sometimes it just pays to slow down and re read the instructions, you did it once for a reason, right? Marked some things that you need to pay attention to? Then just got all excited and ditched the instructions, becoming complacent in your knowledge of the build sequence: Enough said. Perfect Plastic Putty should resolve this easily enough, I hope. Regards,
  15. School holidays here at the moment so my time is spent refereeing my two children and generally ensuring each of them sees another day and doesn’t kill the other or cause actual bodily harm. I have managed some sporadic bench sessions for minimal gain. My beloved wife did get them some time with friends today so I kicked on. The stencils have been completed and the majority of the control surfaces have been added. It was time to give my creation legs! The tail wheel has been attached as has the MLG at that jaunty angle favoured by the Messerschmitt designers. The oleos have been coated in Bare Metal Foil chrome and then covered with Tamiya tape for preservation: The drop tank has some plumbing and a breather tube that needed to be added. Some lead wire and a couple of holes: That saw me up until this morning when it was time to attach the Brassin exhausts. Each was cut carefully from the moulding blocks, one side at a time as they are handed. Three hours and a lot of swearing later, both sides were installed with the PE shields hiding a lot of misadventures: In between sides, I made the upper and lower brake lines and added the uppers to the MLG covers: I also started prepping a little side project out of left over pieces from this build: Regards,
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