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  1. Well no paint but certainly some progress. Plan b with the “double chevrons” swings into motion. I had a friend over and explained the to tall masks. He looked at me, looked at the decals, looked back at me and said, “It’s two parallel arrow heads and you have the decals as a template. Well within your skill set methinks.” Lightbulb moment. Stand by Kenny, there may be a Santa Clause play. The masks have been placed and the areas for the white ‘weeded’ out. I think I still need to adjust the port underside on a little as it is skied. The rest I am happy with but will check using the photos for fidelity : Regards
  2. Various AK washes on the wheel wells, MLG and wheels: Maketar masks in either kabuki or vinyl for the markings. Unfortunately the “double chevron” is too tall to use so it will be back to decals. I have picked out the masks to be used and marked them with a dot: Fuselage masks in place and awaiting the upper/lower wings and swastikas: I hope to get paint on over the weekend. Regards,
  3. Thanks mate, Yes the spinner did come out quite well. I have always been a traditionalist, except when I rebel. Regards,
  4. Many thanks for the support, First decals. Some decals such as the power jack and oxygen fill points will need to go under the painted double chevron markings. So they need to go on and have a clear coat to protect them from the masking: Whilst I was here, I added some decals to the MLG , wheel hubs, flap angle indicators, drop tank and rudder which won’t be affected by masking. I also added the JG 3 badges to the cowling: While I await these to properly dry and the protective coat to set before I add the masked markings, I will busy myself with work on the peripheries such as weathering of the exhaust, wheels etc. Regards,
  5. Great progress and those included details like the bulbs just seal the deal. Well done and thanks for sharing, Regards,
  6. Lacquer gloss coat production line. Some initial wear and tear on the spinner with a fine lead pencil: Next up some stencils and then markings and weathering. Regards,
  7. Thanks matey, Slowly but surely moving forward. Welcome back, I have not been idle whilst absent from the board and have forged ahead. Firstly the wheels have been finished, the tyres painted RLM 66 and awaiting a gloss coat, as has the overall base colour of RLM 76 and the RLM 70 for the propeller blades: I reworked the masking on the spinner to tidy up the swirl using strips of Tamiya curved tape cut to 1mm. The spinner backplate was first painted white and then had a third masked and the remaining two thirds done in RLM 70. The cannon opening had a touch of Tamiya Gun Metal: A couple of days elapsed to allow the RLM 76 to properly dry and I masked the areas for the black on the fuselage and wing seams. The air intake on the port side was left off to make painting easier: Once removed I had the result I wanted: I then could not resist a quick look with the spinner and rudder temporarily attached: Regards,
  8. Great progress matey, Your deft touch with a brush is better than a lot of airbrush finishes I have seen. The weathering on the exhausts and rear damage are top notch. Regards,
  9. Well, well, I may just see your MTO GB and raise you the 1/48 Tamiya Fi 156C-3 from their 100th release kit. A couple of things to clear but my late father always asked me to build it for him. I may even stick a motor in it. Now might be that time!
  10. Kahunaminor

    1/32 Revell Arado 196-A

    Noice.....real noice matey. Regards,
  11. Kahunaminor

    Leading edges of HS123 wings

    Great photo, thanks.
  12. Kahunaminor

    Leading edges of HS123 wings

    I have the Hs123 from Gaspatch in the stash and looks like it will be next up. I intend to build Galland’s aircraft in the RLM 61/62/63 over 65 scheme. Looking at the colour call outs, I cannot discern the colour of the upper and lower wing and support leading edges? I thought RLM 70? TIA and regards,
  13. Kahunaminor

    1:48 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I

    I had the same issue during my build. Your IP looks to be sitting a bit high and I think that was my issue as well. I solved it by cutting a notch into the fuselage sidewalls. Here is my build from 2016, the IP fix is on The bottom of the page: http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11703&hilit=Airfix+defiant&start=20 Regards
  14. Kahunaminor

    1:48 Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I

    Great start! The cockpit looks excellent and a very good decision to with the Master barrels! Regards,
  15. I have just read it from the beginning. Stix, you are a master painter and modeller. Thanks so much for sharing. regards,