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  1. Yes, my mistake, I was suffering from electrostatic charge dissipation, not lightning rods. Thanks.
  2. Yes, unfortunately this is a mistake from the manufacturer, which I have not corrected. When he was noticed, I already had everything painted and glued on the lightning rods. I decided that it will stay that way.
  3. Hello F-16A Fighter, scale 1:32 by Kangnam. I built the model for over a year. The elements were poorly folded, so I had to bend a little to make the model look something. Flags on both sides, I painted from masks. The antenna, lights and static charge scatterers are not set. Ventilation holes behind the plot and the ones on the opposite side, I cut out the laser in a 0.8mm plaque. Then profiled the plate and pasted into place. The wind deflector was ground and polished. Nice watch.
  4. Somewhere on the web I saw a photo of the Mini, which was old and the paint was polished and looked like new. I thought I could build a model after a genuinely refurbished and refurbished paint coat that is in gloss.
  5. Hello. The model's appearance is my imagination. Somewhere in the pictures I saw and decided to do so on the model. I have read that in the 1275S engines in the initial production of the valve cover, it was black with silver ribbing. I did it, too. I took part in the competition with the model and my work was entitled "Autumnal Rally of Vintage Vehicles 2017" I modeled the model on photos of several Mini from the years 1963. Thanks and I'm glad that you like the model.
  6. Hey. This is my last model stuck in 2017. The model is a Tamiya product. I made a few changes, how I moved the steering wheel to the left, I made some more elenents and changed a few things in the silik chamber. Model painted with Mr.Color GX inks. Nice watch.
  7. Hey. I'm sorry that I did not speak for so long. To make the glazing of lights on the wings, I used glue, light curing "Bondic". Something, however, I managed to work on the model. Today I've polished the lights on the second wing. I've stuck several details under the wing. I cleared the CA from the joints that flooded it. Antennas, I will sharpen and I will make my polystyrene. I do not like them. I did with engines. Winglet on the spot. In total, the wings are already finished, you can mask and paint. I made the g
  8. Almost the whole installation is ready. First attempt. Effect below. First test and first glazed in my plane. What shall I say to judge myself? Landing lights. Strobe and position lights Landing lights. Stroboscopic and anti-collision lightening Only lighted positioning.
  9. Witam. Thanks BluesModeller I took my wings. At the first fire went the position lights. Airbus has a different landing light shape than Revell did. It is necessary to make a change. Composite without glue The green diode glows dimly. We will see.
  10. Hello. For those interested in this model already stands on wheels.
  11. Hello. Let it become bright. The naked eye looks great, and in the macro some unevenness can be seen.
  12. Hello. The bottom deck lighting is over. In the photos the blue chairs look gray, I do not know why. The effect of self evaluation. In the upper deck week.
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