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  1. Tiger I x 4

    now convert these to B&W with different addition of filters, yellow, orange and red maybe? And I should read the rest of the thread before replying.....
  2. 1/48 Supermarine S6B

    never knew this kit existed!!!...nice!
  3. lots of other differences in fuselages, riveting, extra fuselage support etc
  4. Car issue,

    Two new doors and she'd rite as rain
  5. 1/35 BOWMAN aerials

    not an armour modeller, and google is inconclusive. if it is a whip antenna, and you have a cat you could use a whisker (only found, leave the cat alone!)
  6. Rye Field TigerI

    Hi, I want to built a kit as a prezzie for a tank mad friend, and my eye has fallen on this kit because of the full interior. There seems to be quite a discrepancy in the prices of the different versions, and as I'm always after a bargain, are the extra parts included in some of the other kits? I.e., can an early production Tiger I (kit 5003) be built from the others? (whichever one is cheaper?)
  7. Phantom XT597 Decal sheet scans required

  8. Search function fun

    trnx!...lol at having to use google though.....
  9. Search function fun

    Same problem here...can't seem to find anything on Tiger I tanks, unlees I search in 'all content' which makes the results nex to useless! Simplifying the search to Tiger in just the armour subsection 'topics' yield 0 results.....very frustrating....
  10. Yamaha Niken

    no knowing a lot about motorbike handling.... what question does it answer / problem does it solve?
  11. Electronics Question

    other way around...too thin.....waaaaaayyyyyy to thin might increase resistance. nothing to worry about
  12. Tiger I x 4

    that second picture looks colorized.....wouldn't use that as a reference. loving all the Tigers though....
  13. Strengthening Thin Rod

    to straighten metal coiled wire: snip off a length put one end in a vise hold other end tightly in a pair of pliers pull the pliers agressively away from vise sharply wire might break, but will be straight
  14. never did see the problem with the SWS phantom rear end, until I saw that profile shot of the kit, google gave me this..... to me there is a difference......
  15. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Not sure if I helped or sent you to the dark side...😉