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  1. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    not a shipbuilder, but I understand there is a lot of 3D printed stuff available on shapeways.
  2. Yes THAT red triplane.

    somebody should hold a referencecard next to the samples and then take a picture. the picture and monitor should then be adjusted to match the reference card, only then would I dare to say what colour it was close to..... Otherwise there are just too many variables in photo reproduction to make even an educated guess...
  3. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    I know bugger all about Sea Furies...but like the look of them.....and really like what Airfix is doing kitwise. Must buy methinks...
  4. Thunder Valley F1

    Standard problem with TVM....good products lousy service... and he used to whine about how busy he was on his page....very unprofessional.
  5. Best way to paint propeller nose? (see link)

    dip it?
  6. It looks wrong to me in the built up shots and the colour profiles, not enough curvature to it....
  7. QF-4E

    so with the exeption of the outer wing panels, the rest would still be EURO1?
  8. QF-4E

    Hi Mike, thanks for your kind offer, you were really lucky to be able to visit Holloman! I'm still mulling over how to do this finish, do you have any reccolectiion of what the underside looked like? I'll pm you with my details. regards, Sudesh
  9. VW Caddy Mk1

    sorry 'bout that.....me and my big mouth......
  10. 1/18 Ferrari 333SP, Daytona 24hrs 1998

    amazing build! Some real ingenuity here! just a though, you could raid a Tamiya 1/20 F1 Ferrari for some of the engine details possibly. of and you must go here: http://www.rbmotion.com/
  11. VW Caddy Mk1

    Wow what a cool build, never knew anybody did a transkit of something so mundane as a caddy. One point of critcism, the exhaust and turbo plumbing look a bit weedy, for a turbo that size the piping would be in 2.5 to 3.0 in range.
  12. Bending PE

    The round jawed pliers is wat I do....but annealing it wil make it bend an keep its shape better
  13. Buck Rogers - 1980s Stylee

    Ooooohhhhh...I loved that show...Wilma Deering.....loved Wilma Deering.... had the kits as a kid....I thing there were my first foray into weathering aswell.
  14. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    guessing it depend..(ofcourse it does...lol) Phantoms'look ace with a basic load, as do F-16's. Mirages look best nekkid Tomcat's look best nekkid aswell Typhoon(jet)looks best full fat Rafale....difficult one...so elegant F-15...nekkid Lightning...nekkid and so on and so on but I prefer to build them oprationally, so put some hardware on always....
  15. QF-4E

    thanks, I've alreadey seen some stuff i hadn't seen on the ground pics! wonder what the underside of 464 looks like now......