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  1. 1/18 Ferrari 333SP, Daytona 24hrs 1998

    amazing build! Some real ingenuity here! just a though, you could raid a Tamiya 1/20 F1 Ferrari for some of the engine details possibly. of and you must go here: http://www.rbmotion.com/
  2. VW Caddy Mk1

    Wow what a cool build, never knew anybody did a transkit of something so mundane as a caddy. One point of critcism, the exhaust and turbo plumbing look a bit weedy, for a turbo that size the piping would be in 2.5 to 3.0 in range.
  3. Bending PE

    The round jawed pliers is wat I do....but annealing it wil make it bend an keep its shape better
  4. Buck Rogers - 1980s Stylee

    Ooooohhhhh...I loved that show...Wilma Deering.....loved Wilma Deering.... had the kits as a kid....I thing there were my first foray into weathering aswell.
  5. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    guessing it depend..(ofcourse it does...lol) Phantoms'look ace with a basic load, as do F-16's. Mirages look best nekkid Tomcat's look best nekkid aswell Typhoon(jet)looks best full fat Rafale....difficult one...so elegant F-15...nekkid Lightning...nekkid and so on and so on but I prefer to build them oprationally, so put some hardware on always....
  6. QF-4E

    thanks, I've alreadey seen some stuff i hadn't seen on the ground pics! wonder what the underside of 464 looks like now......
  7. QF-4E

    Forgot to mention that....1/48 is my prefferred controlled substance. any good sites on what is modified to make an QF-4E? I can see some boxes and antennae and such.
  8. change member name

  9. Ritchie's F-4D

    to be fair they weren't for the C/D....but would there be that much difference between kits?
  10. QF-4E

    this would be usefull for making that finish: http://www.paascheairbrush.com/products/airbrushes-airbrush-parts-and-accessories/Airbrushes/etching-and-striping-tools/etching/aec-k-1 I was thinking along the lines of a hard paint for the SEA, and a softer paint on top and sanding/rubbing the top layer off. any other out of the box idea's?
  11. change member name

    Could I request the same.....mine is ozothenutter......should be bozothenutter... thought I'd leave it....but it annoys me....
  12. QF-4E

    Thanks for all the answers! So the grey could be from a very faded EURO 1 scheme then, and the visible SEA is just from the newer paint wearing off. I see that a different grey was added to put numbers and insignia on. My intention is to build the jet as in it's final days, so the faded version. Not even sure it was even flyable anymore as most of the pics I could find are from Phancon and it seems to be missing the rh engine. But the different stages idea is very nice....SEA nose, EURO 1 middle, faded tail? Hmmmmmm
  13. QF-4E

    just found two more pics one in SEA: and one that is from when she was taken out from AMARC: Could the jet have been scrubbed/blasted with something that exposed the SEA?
  14. QF-4E

    Hi, doing soem research for another phantom I fell in love with 68-464 has the most worn out look I have ever seen, she might not even be flyable! this is her in better days decal wise this seems an easy job, the paint will be the main challenge! I have pic's of her in SEA and EURO 1, looking at the first pic I can see the SEA coming through, what seems to be the EURO 1 scheme, but I 'm thrown a bit by the grey colour which is too light for EURO 1....unless it fades really really badly?
  15. Ritchie's F-4D

    been a while, catching up with life the universe and everything..... well, I sent my money off to Dmold, and recieved two exquisitly moulded intakes. as you can see, the fit is much better in some aspects....but the same in others! Oh and the gaps are after some serious clamping aswell...... Oh well, best to carry on regardless. i have the Werner's Wings decals for this aircraft now, and it is close to being ready for some paint......might actually finish something!