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  1. Admit it, you've invented a shrink ray and aimed it at the real thing, haven't you?! Superlative work.
  2. Kittyhawk

    And the paint scheme options.
  3. I think Mister Craft kits get handed out to review if you ruffle Mike...
  4. It's still available, although as with many smaller kit manufacturers the kits are not always readily available as I'd imagine the kits are produced in runs several times a year.
  5. Boeing

    It's kept them quiet for almost four years!
  6. Well, it'll be a while before I make a start on mine too! Likewise, finishing up a couple of builds and having moved last year, not yet having had the opportunity to set up a modelling spot in the new house means that I'm currently confined to smaller builds. Plus I'd like to see what aftermarket becomes available before I make a start. Nose is a cert, although I have a set of Armory wheels for the Cooperitiva kit that I may be able to use (bought by accident, but one that might work in my favour).
  7. Well, one arrived at a couch near me by way of BerndM Modellbau. Excellent service, bought on the 23rd, in my hands on the 29th. The box is huge, even compared to Hobby Boss's recent MiG-31 offering its large. Whilst the Su-34's dimensions are similar to those of Hobby Boss's recent Su-27, the reason for the size of the box becomes apparent when you start looking at the sprues. Seriously, it seems that every Russian weapon possible that this thing can carry is accounted for. I'm going to hold fire getting stuck in as I'd like to see what aftermarket becomes available (the nose is being worked in by Red Star as noted above), various grills, access panels and engines strike me as areas of interest, no doubt Eduard will have something on the market soon. Will also be interesting to compare with the Kitty Hawk offering to see which looks most like a real Su-34... Despite noted issues, it's a nice model, does it warrant the cost? IMHO no, I paid less than market rate and no doubt when they become more readily available then the usual outlets will be offering some good deals. If you want to add one to your stash just make sure there is room on the shelf. It'll need it...
  8. Mistercraft

    Got to be honest, with some judicious use of a rescriber and a blow torch it could be made to look quite good...
  9. Out of interest, which Mr. Color shades are you using? Totally agree, love the Mr. Color paints. Really like the way you've brought this together, nice work!
  10. I have one arriving, ummm, well technically as of 7 minutes ago... I'll be following this one. Merry Christmas Gabor.
  11. Hobby Boss

    F1 is very likely to be the different windscreen for the M.
  12. AMK still plan to release the Foxbat, I believe that that are concentrating their efforts on delivering F-14's first. I'm sure Martin can provide an accurate update.
  13. Hobby Boss

    I'm of similar opinion (I have both the AMK kits and the Hobby Boss kit). I've already got the Begemot decal set and am eyeing 374... Just hope that I can get my modelling kit set up soon as I've done very little this year, real life has intervened big time.