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  1. It is my understanding that Hannants will not be handling future AMK distribution. I've had a Ltd. Ed Mig-31 on back order with them for an age now, even though they were released about six months ago. All I am saying is that when it comes to AMK products, be weary of Hannants being able to supply.
  2. There is one from this very forum in the reviews section from a couple of months ago.
  3. As a fan of the late Craig Thomas and the film, may I say that I'm sure Mitchell Gant and Kenneth Aubrey would approve, as do I.
  4. I'm tempted to get it just for the superb box art!
  5. Got to be honest, it was his and some of his his acolytes attacks on a couple of other modellers for suggesting that it might also be worthwhile showing how to effect a fix on the intake that lead to me hitting the unfollow button on Facebook. The 'naked' build is an excellent idea, but as someone trying to build a brand in the modelling world his approach to people who disgree with him may need revising. But then again, he may not care.
  6. Trump comes to power, cancels F-35 and by means of repaying US debts owed to UK for the failed programme, supplies several hundred F-4J's in their place that have happened to be storage in a forgotten part of the desert boneyard for the last 30 years?!
  7. Admit it, you've invented a shrink ray and aimed it at the real thing, haven't you?! Superlative work.
  8. Kittyhawk

    And the paint scheme options.
  9. I think Mister Craft kits get handed out to review if you ruffle Mike...
  10. It's still available, although as with many smaller kit manufacturers the kits are not always readily available as I'd imagine the kits are produced in runs several times a year.