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  1. Greetings from Russian colleagues. I present for your assessment, my model, which I did several years ago. Take care of yourself and do not get sick.
  2. Thanks friends. Take care of yourself .. and do not get sick.
  3. Thank. Yes, Lao Mig were BIS, but it doesn’t have many differences from MF, and there is no BIS model on 32 scale.
  4. If I were to make a model for myself, I would try to fix all the problems of Trumpeter, but for myself I make models on a 48m scale and there is a beautiful Eduard.
  5. The Trumpeter model has a lot of geometry problems, but, as I said, this is a gift, and there was no indication of a solution to these problems.
  6. Give thanks. To be honest, I did not make any changes to the kit, although I know that this is very wrong. Such a task was not set, and this is still a gift ... Geometric accuracy, this is not the main thing in the gift. I focused on painting and surroundings ..
  7. Something happened with the text, I can’t edit and remove the spaces between the words ..
  8. Greetings from Russia, friends. I hope everyone is alive and well, at this difficult time for everyone. This model was built as a gift to the Air Force commander of Laos, who flew on this wonderful Soviet aircraft.
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