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  1. Only on single bottles though.
  2. Auch, the BTCC is a disaster zone when it comes to driving standards and it's just as contrived as F1. Better off watching V8SC for your touring car fix, and GT3 and WEC for proper racing! Meanwhile... Not that many hi-res photos out there yet, but I think what is noticeable is the step in the nose and the lack of detail in the front wing.
  3. I use both, Perfect Plastic Putty and Revell Plasto. Just depends on the job. Tend to use PPP when I need to fill a gap that will not require sanding, whereas I'll use Plasto if I'm dealing with major seam problems.
  4. If you are referring to the masters sets that come with a makeup style applicator, they don't have to be fixed down. Just seal them in at the end.
  5. Ferrari have workshops in Bracknell now? Spygate v2! I guess you mean Mercedes Should be an interesting listen at any rate.
  6. I'm intrigued by that strake on the backside of the front wing, under the nose. I imagine it must be to increase flow down the centre of the car to towards the underfloor and diffuser. Might be some nove groundeffect-esque stuff going on.
  7. Love it, great work. I think the weathering, especially on the underside is spot on. There's a subtle attention to detail here that really appeals to me.
  8. I've already started saving for this, can't wait!
  9. Sauber is looking pretty interesting, but not the wholesale change I was expecting from the regulations. Does look a little more like the 2006-8 era cars, particularly with the lower rear wing. Looking forward to testing and, of course, FP1 at Melbourne to see how things really shakedown.
  10. Interesting topic, and I kind of agree with the title, at least in my case! I mostly build aircraft, I've dabbled in armour and some submarines and enjoyed both but I've also got half finished tanks on the go and not much motivation to finish them. When I got back into modelling around about two years ago I was keen to build pretty much anything, the wealth of kits on the market really got me interested in building a huge variety of kits. Over the last six months though I've focused down on particular themes, nations or types. Consequently I'll be putting stuff on eBay soon! My preference is for Cold War aviation, particularly Soviet/Russian aircraft. I also have a soft spot for British Cold War designs as well as US Navy birds, particularly the Tomcat and Phantom. Fleet Air Arm stuff also appears on my radar, really looking forward to both the Phantom and the Fury with Airfix later this year. I'm also interested in the Vietnam War and the huge variety of aircraft, types and oddities that appeared during that conflict. But then you have anomalies that don't really fit into my interests, the RF-84 for example and the SuE Etendard. I'll also pick up kits that I just happen to like the look of, because they go together well or are just an interesting subject (a little like the TanModel RF-84). To come back to the title, I'm not a massive fan of building Spitfires, or any WWII era fighters, they don't really do much for me. That being said, I'm a big fan of 1/72 WWII bombers, Lancasters, B17s, B24s etc. I think the only WWII fighter I would really like to build in the future would be the 1/32 Tamiya Corsair. And then there is WW1, much as I love the look of the WingNutWings kits, they just don't do anything for me unfortunately.
  11. Thank you for the help buddy I've got the pics up now 👍🏻😀

    1. Sobby_23


      No worries! I've removed the pictures from my post :)

  12. Uploads/2017-02/CD047A13-6BA8-4949-A5DD-D8F2E9821491_zpsrehecoc0.jpg Uploads/2017-02/E1777D28-58EC-456A-8136-D4C057EE8B49_zpszsvbdijm.jpg Uploads/2017-02/DDBB339B-8376-4F60-A87B-130F5D800801_zpslhave0il.jpg Uploads/2017-02/08F07F51-6788-49A6-8E94-140BF6279B44_zpskay8rqqf.jpg Uploads/2017-02/E95C7308-4AEF-4A56-9393-D22393E097FF_zps9sqym1be.jpg Those links should work if you click on them, I've added the images below. I'll remove them once you get it all sorted in your original post, but at least people can see it now. Lovely build Shar, the distressed paint work is spot on, great stuff!
  13. Fabulous build! Little too clean for me, but the detail is superb. Can really see the effort that has gone into this build. Something to be really proud of!
  14. The CAD work looks fantastic!