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  1. What a cracking looking 'Spit. The temptation to pick up this kit is rapidly growing.
  2. Not sure, I was just planning on picking up the Airfix RAF B-17 when it comes out.
  3. Yup, erm...sure. At the moment it's all over the shot, I really should get round to organising it into something useful, but's on the to do list! But! What I would like to do is organise by type; weapons, cockpits, gear, misc, etc...
  4. Not really surprised, at least he will have a chance of a result at Indy. Allegedly he has a contract with Porsche for 2018 to race in the WEC.
  5. Well, I bit the bullet and I'm happy I did. It may well turn out to be a challenging and problematic build, but I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Waiting on mine arriving, should be here tomorrow.
  7. Tyre strategy isn't new to F1 though, it's been around since the 1970s and was particularly significant in affecting races in the 1980s. The driver (along the chassis) is still the most important factor in looking after tyres and any attempt to force all drivers to stop at the same time, on the same tyre, would be contrived. Moreover, it would drastically lower the quality of the races. Different chassis wear tyres at different rates. Think back to 2012/13, the Renault could pound the tyres lap after lap and despite not being the out and out fastest, because of the nature of the wear rates, they were in contention for podiums. The Mercedes was a very fast car, but destroyed its rubber. If you forced all drivers to stop at the same time you would end up with whatever car was the best on its tyres scampering off into the distance. If the drivers knew they all had to pit on lap 15 on whack on the mediums you would still have tyre strategy since some cars wouldn't be able to make the tyres last as well within that period as others. Here's a great battle that played out, in part, due to tyre management.
  8. I think there are a couple of key points to take away from this race most of which made themselves apparent at Melbourne. Firstly, the cars are overly aero sensitive. I think everyone predicted this but the unfortunate consequence is that it has become even more challenging to follow closely behind another car because of the turbulence coming off the increasingly complicated aero. I still rue the decision by the teams to veto the move to ground effect proposed for the turbo era because Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull (and to a lesser extent McLaren were concerned about losing any advantage they had). The fear of a 2009 repeat robbed us of potentially much more interesting cars and racing. That being said, what I was really pleased to see was DRS playing a support role to overtaking rather than a push-to-pass nonsense where the pass was completed before the braking zone. What it did, in most cases, was allow the driver behind (Vettel is a good example) to keep the pressure on, close the gap up overtime and then pull of an overtake elsewhere on the lap, T6 in Vettel's case. Great! Finally overtakes that the fan can savour. It was far more enjoyable to watch with anticipation for that perfect overtake than to watch cars zip past one another. I really hope that F1's management doesn't take with DRS and leaves it as is. Unfortunately I imagine they will pander to the casual fan who just wants to see 'action'. But, overall, excellent to finally see good quality racing, hard overtaking and the drivers really pushing for those important, and decisive, overtakes. Lance Stroll continues to be a joke, I don't imagine he will last at Williams. Once his bank account has dried up I think we will see Lance leaving F1. It is a shame to see Bottas struggle but I suspect he will find his feet soon enough and once he comes on pace I think we could be on for some cracking races. Saying that, I'm not overly convinced that we are going to see other drivers creeping into the title race. I think at this point it's going to be a straight fight between Lewis and Vettel, and I think Vettel has the slight edge at the moment. Yes he came second, but he was aggressive in recovering from 6th and pulled off overtakes when he needed to. Lewis wasn't quite able to achieve the same thing at Australia. I'll admit it is a much harder track to pass on, but Lewis didn't seem to have the commitment that Vettel did this weekend when in traffic. With all that being said, I think we are on for a cracking race at Bahrain and if the temperature is high the tyre strategy could add something into the mix. Ferrari seem to have the edge on wear rates and that could see them hold the advantage until Monaco or Montreal. But, all of that is irrelevant...the WEC is back this weekend, time for some proper racing and strategy!
  9. Stunning build, that's one smart looking Phantom!
  10. Love it! I think the surface weathering really captures the essence of the Tomcat. The only thing that detracts from the overall affect, for me, are the RBF tags; they seem a little over-scale.
  11. Spotted a couple of these now available via eBay.
  12. I had a part missing from a sprue on my Shackleton kit, it was sent free of charge. I would only expect to pay if I had lost or damaged the part.
  13. I'm currently restricted to using the brush and find myself getting increasingly frustrated at the inability to achieve certain effects. As a consequence, I've got a burgeoning stash building up of kits awaiting an airbrush. That being said, I do find painting with a brush relaxing, and it is quite enjoyable but I think there is a subtlety that just can't be achieved like you might with an airbrush. For me, the major enjoyment is seeing what I've achieved, I've produce quite a few kits by brush that I've found highly enjoyable. Like I said, however, increasingly I find it a cause of frustration.
  14. Some more stuff from Spencer...