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  1. Test build shots. Have to say, it does look rather nice. Source:
  2. Some early Christmas presents from me to my good self... 20161221_163733 Must have been good this year, because my girlfriend added the Tamiya 1/48 F-14A to the stash!
  3. Ha, maybe I should have stuck with them! In the end I've picked up one from Jadlam for £35 after applying some Nectar vouchers, whoop!
  4. Looked to have gone out of stock not long after I posted the link here! We shall see, ultimately if they honour the price they asked for I'll be happy even if it takes a while.
  5. Out of interest, has yours been shipped? Unfortunately my Victor is not yet on its way.
  6. I have more faith in Royal Mail than Hermes
  7. If anyone is after a bargain....£41.23 with free postage. I know Gameseek has a bit of a reputation, not least here on BM, but...couldn't say no at that price and I paid via Paypal just in case.
  8. Oh dear, don't tempt me!
  9. I was eyeing it up all day, and most of the evening before SWMBO intervened and decreed that it would not be a Merry Christmas if another kit turned up.
  10. She's becoming increasingly hard to resist!
  11. Hi Tony, could you elaborate on this a little? What do you mean by dry brushing in this case? I also brush paint and I've had great success with some kits (and some paint brands) and altogether less satisfying results in other cases. White, generally, is my nemesis but I've found Hataka's white very workable whereas Vallejo's white was a misery to work with. Like you said, its a case of finding the preferred brand as much as technique.
  12. Well, this is going to kick silly season into overdrive.
  13. Not usually a fan of what-if builds, but this is fantastic. The paint finish is superb, particularly the exhausts and the gun vents. Really like the way you've done the weathering and the panel lines. Although they are a little uniform for my liking, the fading really makes the model come to life for me! This kit is going to be my Christmas build, if I can come anywhere close to this I will be more than happy.
  14. Really looking forward to this. Would have preferred 1/48 but happy enough with 1/72. This time next year is shaping up nicely with the Sea Fury and now the Phantom.
  15. That looks fantastic, I'll be chuffed if my Flanker turns out half as good! Vibrancy of the colours is especially eye catching.