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  1. They also hiked the price up by £10 too
  2. Oh I do like that! Every time I see a WNW I get a little more tempted.
  3. Just a wee update, started work on the cockpit using the Hataka paints. Coverage at first didn't look so good but it built up really nicely and I'm quite pleased with it. I also completed the air intakes, well sort of, the fit is a little less than perfect so I'll need to do some fettling. I'll post a more complete log of the build thus far after I've completed the cockpit. Unfortunately, that may be for a while, using what little time I have at the moment for the small tasks. I'll keep you guys updated. Hopefully sneak in some time today to work on the cockpit!
  4. Built this as my quick Christmas build, really enjoyable kit. Looking forward to seeing what it is like with the aftermarket additions.
  5. Finally got around to starting my first group build here at Brit Modeller. Thought I would have a go at Trumpeter's new MiG-31, using this as a bit of a dummy run before I build the AMK Foxhound. Going to be using Hataka paints for this build and, hopefully, this will be my last hairy stick build too. Really looking forward to getting stuck in. I've made a bit of a start, and I've primed the cockpit and painted the intakes. Anyway, here are some photos to start us off... More photos to follow! Enjoy
  6. Monday is kick off for my MiG, just got to push my Spitfire a little further first!
  7. Guess that's why we are getting seperate weapon sets, unfortunately.
  8. When I saw this group build coming up I couldn't resist...
  9. Whoops, something turned up today...
  10. Looking forward to this. I built this kit at the tail end of last year, fun little kit!
  11. Cockpit is looking spot on! Nice work with the detailing.
  12. Looks fabulous on that base. Great work.
  13. Have to admit that my stash is predominantly USN jets and Cold War Russian and British jets. The Russian delegation is slowly but surely outgrowing the special relationship
  14. Oh yes! Looking forward to this
  15. Looks interesting, will keep an eye on this. Loving the slightly retro box art.