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  1. Another review...
  2. So, after splurging out last week, I lost the plot this week... Kitty Hawk gets a lot of bad press, but this looks great in the box and (as far as I know) their helicopters tend to build up nicely. I just couldn't resist the Polish markings!
  3. Kittyhawk

    Are you suggesting essentially building the two halves of the fuselage before joining them? I think that's what you mean.
  4. That's for the Kitty Hawk kit.
  5. When you say it's good if you are used to preparing parts, what do you mean by that? Do you mean carrying out surgery, or just carefully fitting together and being aware of tolerances?
  6. Why would Ford get involved? They have a healthy WEC and IMSA programme racing the GT. That does a lot more to sell the Ford brand than a failing F1 team. It's road relevant technology racing in a package which can be driven on the road, people can aspire to own a Ford GT (as unlikely as it is). And then there is NASCAR and V8 Supercars that help sell Ford road cars in the US and Australia. I would be amazed if Ford ever appeared in F1. Jaguar is much more likely to make a return to GT racing, there are rumours of a F-Type GT3 programme which would see them eligible to race in Europe and the US. Again, it's road relevant technology in the form of cars that people can see on the forecourt. F1's biggest problem is it's total irrelevancy. It holds on by claiming to be the pinnacle of motorsport, and it's still where all feeder series racers aspire to end up. However, it's far from the pinnacle of racing in terms of either technology or entertainment. What F1 needs urgently is the kind of rules that brought about the resurgence of the WEC, i.e. simply set the limits (in terms of horsepower, emissions, fuel usage, down force etc.) and let the engineers come up with whatever solution they like. The Toyota, Porsche and Audi LMP1 cars that have been racing the past few seasons followed radically different design ethos, but produced fantastic racing. Think of Silverstone in 2014, or Spa for that matter. The 2013-16 seasons in WEC contained some of the best racing, with some of the most technologically advanced cars. Admittedly WEC is entering an interesting phase, not helped with VW AG having two of its brand competing against each other leading to the withdraw of Audi but generally a single WEC race has a higher quality of racing than an entire F1 season. Sadly, none of that will happen. F1's structure means that Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren control what happens to the sport and none of them are going to give away an advantage by totally shaking up the rules. Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren let that happen in 2009. They've learnt their lesson.
  7. This is now popping up in stock in the UK: My understanding is that Kitty Hawk's helicopters are usually pretty on the money, in which case it looks like I'll be adding the Polish Navy version to the build queue ASAP.
  8. Really need to hold off on this until the Hobbyboss kit drops. I know I said I would get this no matter what Kitty Hawk produced, but the HB coming so soon afterwards makes it little more complicated! I'm a little put off by the multi-part fuselage. The rest of the kit I can deal with and, for the most part, aside for the fuselage is all seems to go together rather well. Alas...let's see what HB pull out of the bag.
  9. I would be keen for this, the RAF Fortress is right up my street!
  10. Love it, really looking forward to building mine now!
  11. I've been quite bad of late, although I justified it to SWMBO by selling off some unwanted kits. So with the proceeds I picked up... Zoukei Mura F-4J HobbyBoss A-6E Airfix Javelin The F-4 and A-6 complete the collection of my favourite US Navy jets, so chuffed with that The Intruder and the Javelin were both pretty good deals off of eBay too.
  12. Aye, spot on Duncan. The next Hobbyboss MiG-31 is the BM, so the upgraded version. Most recent AMK boxing is the B version, so halfway between the original AMK and Hobbyboss releases.
  13. Kit arrived this morning Duncan, great service! The business card in the box was a nice touch I've only had a brief look through the contents of the box, but it looks fantastic. Will look great alongside the Tamiya F-14!
  14. Should be able to get parking near Wonderland is fairly easy. 10mins further up Lothian Road it is all residential with very few parking restrictions on the weekend. The National Museum on Chambers St is worth a looking, there are some recently renovated areas with new exhibits and it's an all round good day out. If you are into your Whisky, the Whisky experience at the top of the Royal Mile, just shy of the Castle, is also worth a look. Would also second's Dave's comment about HMY Britannia, might be a wee afternoon adventure after stocking up at Wonderland. Holyrood Palace is also worth a visit, and the gallery next to it, can check out Dynamic Earth down that neck of the woods too.