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  1. Overdue. March’s issue would have hit the shelves at the end of February.
  2. This is a further post from Andy Saunders, posting again last night. Clearly he’s had some unsavoury contact from MA Publications owner. 76697011-AACD-4FE0-A8E0-9D08C10AA08E by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  3. As a former MA contributor, who is still owed, I have enough email evidence of the outright lies, and false promises I was given, when chasing outstanding payments. They even implicated a major kit manufacturer, who supposedly bounced a cheque, as a reason for not paying me. Tell me how that’s speculating?
  4. There will be out of date product news, which will look bad, plus what about publicity for shows, which obviously dates the magazine? It’ll make them look even worse. My money is on January 2022’s issue being a reprint of July 2021’s. .
  5. Thanks John. I use a 0.4mm for the general work, and 0.2mm for the finer work.
  6. Apologies for the long gap between updates. My new job, and subsequent change in working hours, means I am maximising my bench time, rather than spending a loads of time on updates. So, after applying the black primer, I painted the white spine panel, and the pink tail. I mad my own pink mix, to match the pink in the decals. These were masked off, and the main metal colour airbrushed on. This is Vallejo Metal Colours acrylic Dark Aluminium. Then a lot of time masking, and spraying, random panels and hatches, with various shades of Metal Colours. Decals went on well. This was followed by a light, very thinned, Gunmetal Grey post shading carried out. Now I am up to starting a panel-line wash. DSC_4217 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4219 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4219 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4223 by ian gaskell, on Flickr EE9ABEC8-6FE3-45D7-936A-F2C53918AACF by ian gaskell, on Flickr E5C28A91-A517-4E1B-82F4-6970C41730FC by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_5179 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_5184 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  7. Cockpit successfully installed, into the fuselage. Just a bit of sanding to get a good fit, then a small amount of filler to finish off. Also started to add some rivet detail too. 730BA785-8382-4725-99D4-21838870A07F by ian gaskell, on Flickr EC297098-7CBE-4E6D-81B0-19EBFC6EE693 by ian gaskell, on Flickr 623E1789-9F94-4045-8C1C-AE6616954A32 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  8. Thank you Alan. The Hataka paints are very good. Best to use their own lacquer thinners. Mix to 50:50, and spray in light coats, building up the colour. Gives a good hard finish. They are not as smelly as some other lacquer/enamel paints.
  9. Thanks Unc. Yes, original request was to use the NeOmega pit. The chap I’m building for then contacted me, and asked if minded using the QMT one instead, which he then supplied. Have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the level of detail.
  10. Latest WIP update. Due to a new job, with different hours (made redundant from my last job), I've less time at the bench now. Cockpit and seats finished. This is QMT’s lovely resin set. Finished in Hataka Orange Line lacquer, and Blue Line acrylic paints. 063F2B54-C7B7-4D82-A745-6B93980FF23B by ian gaskell, on Flickr 13CA70D8-010F-4D27-A504-A29C2F7F41C1 by ian gaskell, on Flickr 97C5B4CB-564E-4AE5-9D98-205605316A2F by ian gaskell, on Flickr 45918B25-5CF4-4EA5-B815-7FCE5D016F4F by ian gaskell, on Flickr 5EA04440-47DD-4A3D-A537-1C8431CEBA33 by ian gaskell, on Flickr 1E120F40-2DB4-4C6D-A22C-257393828BC5 by ian gaskell, on Flickr 105CA8BF-8826-4FE9-B002-25DE55C939E9 by ian gaskell, on Flickr 8E9C29A2-93A5-4228-86ED-F5598839D2DD by ian gaskell, on Flickr E2CF526C-F846-4D67-9341-11AA1337BE93 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  11. 1/48 Sword EE/BAC Lightning T.5 A bit of scratch building inside the canopy. Then masking, and painting, including the canopy glass seals on the main canopy. Detail highlighted with some dry-brushing. Nosecone also done. Black based, with some pre-shading, then painted Olive green. Light green Aquarelle watercolour pencil used to add scratches. DSC_4155 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4156 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4157 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4160 by ian gaskell, on Flickr DSC_4161 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  12. There will definitely be some work needed. The resin set is really designed to fit in NeOmega’s resin T.5 conversion set, for the Airfix kit. A test fit shows that the inside of the fuselage halves, where the cockpit fits, will need the locating points removing. There are also bits for the conversion sets vac-form canopy, which are redundant for he kit.
  13. I am going to do this for my next build, Sword's 1/48 Lightning T.5. This is a commission build, and I have been asked to build XS452 "Pink Flamingo", based at RAF Akrotiri in 1975 The aftermarket supplied is as follows:- NeOmega resin cockpit set QMT canopy mask QMT resin FOD cover Master Models metal pitot Xtradecal set X48152 I'll also be using the Daco Publications Uncovering the Lightning book, for reference. F887D36B-E1FD-4014-9D03-2197EE6A09CD by ian gaskell, on Flickr 447D2224-91E9-43A7-8B7E-DD7C523FE28D by ian gaskell, on Flickr 2BF6BEEF-92EF-4AE4-8212-17452BA67745 by ian gaskell, on Flickr IMG_0415 by ian gaskell, on Flickr IMG_0416 by ian gaskell, on Flickr
  14. Believe it or not, it’s only just bigger than an Flanker.
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