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  1. Hi Ced, I hope you are still well under these difficult times. I look forward to hearing from you. Nearly 60,000 likes, that's bonkers.




  2. Hi Tom, I hope you are keeping well. It's a shame SMW has been cancelled this year and we don't have a chance for a catch up.





    1. Tomoshenko


      Hi Nigel. Yes it is a shame. I was looking forward to meeting up with you guys. Am in the process of moving home, hence I have not been active on Britmodeller. But I finally move into my new home tomorrow so will be back on the forum with a vengeance!

  3. That is an exceptional looking model. Pretty much as we have come to expect from Igor. I love the cockpit and U/C detailing, very nice. Best regards from the .
  4. Thank you for your kind comments gents. I have not been very active on Britmodeller in recent months due to a fractured spine and the Corvid19 working from home thing but I really would like to add some figures to this diorama at some point as supplied to me by @perdu.
  5. Please let me elucidate you, here is a link to the start of my Sevans Dalek build, please enjoy responsibly:
  6. That's a little smasher, lovely work. Glad that my mesh idea helped. Nigel
  7. Well, you got my vote, a lovely model to be sure.
  8. Looks very tasty and my heart is filled with warmth, I do like the cheeky inclusion of a pretty full glass of red wine there, I think we need to meet up soon and I would like to cook another recipe for you (maybe steak based this time, your call). And yes @Tomoshenko is an extraordinarily fine modeller and nice chap to boot. Great company along with @Billydick and @CedB Best Regards, Nigel
  9. Thanks guys, @modelling minion I am also gutted - any chance of pulling a few strings?? I will of course finish her off but with the pressure off maybe not until next weekend. I have enjoyed this build and the GB in general with its good banter and excellent exchange of information but I didn't like the self imposed pressure to get it finished at a deadline - and I do fully appreciate the extension given so any fault / blame is laid firmly at my feet only. Modelling should be a pleasure and not a stick to beat yourself with. Ho hum, I do look forward to getting her finished and post some propp
  10. How frustrating that I just missed the deadline. Today I got the legs and wheels added, I like to use a glass surface to make sure the tyre flats are in the correct place: Having sprayed all the remaining parts I started to assemble, the rotor drive shafts were quite a tight fit so elected to use Gator Grip on them: More work on the lower side door, gingerly sanded to reveal the Bare Metal foil on the edges of the treads and a wash added: After a coat of Galeria matt varnish I removed all the remaining masking apart fr
  11. Those pictures are a real help and although I had started down a route I basically scrapped that and took a different trajectory. Based on the mirrors on @modelling minion's model this is the sketch I came up with to work on|: Oh and here is the model with panel line wash cleaned off: As I suspected most of the panel lines were too faint to take a wash, I had thought of rescribing more but it's not my favourite job and with the GB deadline looming let it pass. For my dinner I made a puff pastry, Reblochon and mushroom tart:
  12. I don't think its bubbles, more likely a knit line where two material flow came together but didn't fuse properly, maybe. Last night I unmasked the inside of the lower side door and applied a coat of matt black to the treads: I had thought of using black decal strip for that but I think paint was the best option. I also started work on the wipers. There is still a ghost of the moulded wipers on the front glazing and I wanted to have a look at it so I partially unmasked the main front windows, first carefully running a curved scalpel blade around
  13. Before I paint the central rotor drive shafts it is a sensible point in the build to complete all the other things which need fabrication and then paint, the list I have in mind is as follows: Pitot tubes Wipers Front T aerials Rear view mirrors I picked up where I had left off on the pitot tubes, here's how the first one looked after soldering and cutting off the tubes: When fully trimmed up here's how it compares to the kit parts: This was the main reference picture used: I did put some
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