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  1. Nigel Heath

    CH-46 U.S. Marines-Vietnam (Academy 1:48)

    This is about the best I could find:
  2. Nigel Heath

    CH-46 U.S. Marines-Vietnam (Academy 1:48)

    There certainly seems to be some detail missing there. I'll see if I can find a relevant photo.
  3. Well, it's nearly tomorrow and I have actually got all the ribs finished. Rib number five was a bit different from the others as it didn't require the notches for the window stringers as I hadn't bothered to add those as we are starting to get into the hidden depths of the cabin and I'm sure not much will be visible: So here we have rib numbers one, four and five installed: From a rearward looking perspective: And here is how it looks with the floor in place: Hmm, not sure what to work on next, that escape door clearly needs some detailing adding (if only I could find a decent photo) and there are still the rudder pedals.... Bye for now peeps, Nigel
  4. Thanks Guys, After posting the above I realised I has missed off the bent bar from the door so rectified that using some 0.4mm rod: The best solution for dealing with the pip resulting from the handle installation was to grind it off with my motor tool taking care not to cause too much heating: The slight resulting crater could then simply be dealt with by an application of filler: Then it was back to rib manufacture, starting on number 4: Any scraps of card get saved of course, when they are big enough I like to mark them up with the thickness for ease of retrieval at some later date: Here is rib number four nearing completion with pretty much just the stringer notches to add: Tomorrow I should finish all the ribs and get them installed. With a bit of luck, paint may start to be applied before the end of the week. Bye for now, Nigel
  5. Today I have been mainly working more on the side door. Looking through my PE spares box I found a suitable candidate for the yellow release handle: This was my arrangement for getting it soldered to some 0.5mm brass rod: I think in these cases it is best to drill right through the door for the handle attachment, the blemish on the outside can be dealt with later: But before adding the handle I added a piece of random PE and lengths of 0.3mm rod to make up a representation of the handle mechanism: To make the cover for the mechanism I found another suitable candidate piece of surplus PE: Bent to shape and trimmed I had my cover: Added along with the handle, here's how it all looked: I think I'll call that complete for now - 19 parts added to detail that, back to making the last two fuselage ribs. Bye for now, Nigel
  6. Well, it is the morning now and I have got some more done. For the lower side door I profiled a section of 1 x 1mm Evergreen strip for the side reinforcement: I know the real thing is a section of hollow metal U section with loads of lightning holes but you also have to know when to stop. I then added a 1mm square strip for the other side, a tapered strip of 0.7mm card along the bottom and then looked out a length of ExtraTech brass etched strip from my PE spares box: It is slightly beaten up but still useable I think. That was then added along with some 0.5mm ribs: I know they look a bit asymmetrical but then so is the real thing, check out the photo references. I might call it a day for tonight but I think the next task is to find a suitable piece of PE for the door release handle. I'm sure I have something suitable somewhere.... Bye for now, (and don't have nightmares, I never do). Nigel
  7. Nigel Heath

    1/48 USMC Rescue

    That looks superb and what a lovely scheme, great work.
  8. Superb looking result on that camouflage. I award you with a Nigey Gold Star (the first ever awarded btw).
  9. Thanks Guys, they were good, here are the hoisin marinated ones from last night with an extra helping of hoisin sauce alongside: Continuing with the ribs theme, today I got rib number three finished and installed: The one marked with an M is the original master I am using to make the others. On a bit of a roll I started to install rib number two, here's how it looked part way through the operation: And here it is fully fitted: Having slightly lost the will to live on the rib making front, I looked for another diversion, settling on the side door steps. These are ripe for improvement with a bit of added detail, I started with the semi-triangular webs at the end of each step, making the first one from a scrap of 0.25mm card, marking that with a dot to represent the master, and then made a second. Here they are stacked one on top of the other: As a reminder, here is that they should look like in reality: Web adding in progress: Here are all four done: They can be finessed a little later once the glue has fully hardened. That was a lot of fun and I now feel back to being enthused enough to tackle more of the ribs (tomorrow). I am taking this week off work to hopefully crack on with this build so expect daily updates going forward. Until tomorrow, bye, Nigel
  10. When I started reading this I immediately thought you were referring to me and our meet up on Friday. I would have quite liked to be the light of your life + slave + desirable lap buddy but it turns but it's just your cat, princess though she may be....Oh well...
  11. Nigel Heath

    1/72 Fujimi USMC

    Nice progress, I am struck by the similarities with this kit and the Hobby Boss one I am building. They are not exactly the same but do have a lot in common.
  12. Hi Folks, A bit more progress today, first I notched out the master rib so it would fit over the stringers: I then used this arrangement to mark out for the next rib: Like the first rib, I left an excess of material on the inner side to provide support while I finessed the outer profile: Here is the second rib, almost finished, just the notches to add: So that's two down, three more to go. I'll now go off and have my dinner of Hoisin marinated pork spare ribs and udon noodles. Bye for now, Nigel
  13. Nigel Heath

    Arado E581.4

    Very nice work on the scribing and riveting, looks most effective. You are bashing this one into submission rather well.
  14. Nigel Heath

    Airfix CH-46-Swedish style.

    That is a stunning looking build and congratulations on being the first one in the gallery. I am still quite a way off.
  15. Nigel Heath

    USMC CH-46E "Bullfrog" 1/48

    Lovely looking models.