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  1. Thank you for all your replies guys, as usual, lots of great info, pity about the double Sidewinder, I fancied beefing up the jet with a couple on each wing, maybe next time!!!
  2. Am about halfway through my build of the above Kinetic 1/48 kit, and have decided to build it as part of a small diorama. I have a couple of questions which I hope someone can help me with? When the jet is on the ground, are the engine nozzles pointing downwards towards the deck? As before, when on the deck, are the flaps fully extended and do the undercarriage doors stay open? And finally, is there anything else that I have overlooked to build a jet on the ground? Did the Falkland jets carry double Sidewinders on each wing, or was it just a single missile on each side? Many thanks in advance for any help given Steve
  3. Am in the middle of building mine mate, and will be using the Revell spray cans, namely NATO olive, it's one of those aircraft that looks a different shade in different light!
  4. Thanks guys, that's one of the photos that got me asking the question, think I will go for the no helmet look on this one!
  5. Thanks Sundowner, I thought as much, thanks for the response! Steve
  6. As my ongoing 1/48 build of the mighty Herc continues, I have decided to do an in flight model due to sheer size of it, my question is, do the pilots wear Flight helmets or just the over the head type head phones TIA Steve
  7. Having just purchased the 1/48 version of above, looking to finish her in the green coloured version, but not sure which?? I usually use spray cans, Tamiya, Revell and Humbrol, but not sure which brand/green to use! Anyone built and painted theirs, and if so, which green did you use? TIA Steve
  8. Think it was 2005 they changed over mate!
  9. I used the Halfords range mate, I think it was Ford Polar Grey for the top, fuselage and Racking grey for the undersides. Steve
  10. Halfords do a Khaki in their camouflage range which I have read is a very good likeness to Hemp, together with their racking grey for the LAG, haven't tried it myself yet, future project in the making!!!!! Steve
  11. Thanks for your reply Dennis, fortunately, I have completed the Lynx now, I was a little frustrated that there was no response, a lot of ex Royal Navy on here too! Kind regards and and thanks for replying Steve
  12. Having now just about built the above, I am at the painting stage, on looking at the decals, it would appear that Revell aren't quite sure about the shade of black to use on the tail boom, as the decals seem to be a very dark blue grey, when they should be black! Has anyone built this kit, in this scheme, using the kit decals, and if so, what colour/ shade of black did you use? tia Steve
  13. Recently bought a 800NAS squadron patch for a Harrier display I have nearly completed, my question is, does anyone have any ideas how to attach the patch, what glue should I use????? TIA Steve
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