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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a set of the above for my Zulu Cobra, can’t find them anywhere on tinterweb, everywhere out of stock, are they not produced anymore??? TIA Steve
  2. We always had two up front, so not sure!
  3. I have the same kit and will be doing the same as you mate!
  4. If I remember correctly from my days flying in them, the pilots wore standard flight suits with helmets, some with visors, some without, personal preference if I recall! Hope this helps?
  5. PJ productions do a pilot with two different styles of helmet which would do!
  6. Not 100% sure, but didn’t PJ Productions mould a RN Pilot from the 50/60s Era?
  7. Great model, super detailed for a 1/72 kit Steve
  8. Amazing photos of an even more amazing model! Well done on a fantastic job! regards Steve
  9. Lovely job mate, got the same one in the stash! Does it need any nose weight in it? Steve
  10. Really nice build, might have to get mine off the shelf of doom and get it finished!
  11. Am sure Masterbox do a set of insurgents, try Hannants or even EBay mate!
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