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  1. Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

    Still nothing
  2. Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

    I have gone there time and again for all kinds of information and yet it never occured to me to go to the forum
  3. Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

    I thought I might try here for an expert on German WWII subs. I have scoured the internet and have several German books with construction drawings BUT I just can't figure out U-99's sail configuration. U-99 was a type viib and I have read ( and in fact my blueprints bear this out) that type viib's had the ugly external air intakes on the tower as compared to the more hidden ones inside the tower of viic's. So I started building these ducts but then found several pictures purporting to be U-99 ( at least two of which came from someone who knew and extensivly interviewed Otto Kretschmer) and they do not show this feature. The boats in the pictures all have the horseshoe on the tower but there were of course others using this symbol. Does anyone know for sure (yeah I kmow it's not possible) if U-99 had the external ductwork or some other configuration? Thank you in advance Thomas
  4. I have used Facebook to post my pictures to! SO much easier than pb!
  5. As someone on the RPF board put it, "due to eye problems, I won't be buying this kit!" I just "can't see" spending this kind of money for a kit
  6. I'll pass on this one too! just can't justify spending 500CAD on a model kit!
  7. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    THAT explains it! Real aircraft door photographed next to a modelled giant pin to give the impression that the door is 18th scale! VERY clever! The aircraft was real all along BUT all the "to show scale props" were the actual models
  8. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    LMAO! "a nice little diversion" for you,.........a holy grail for me! FANTASTIC work! Thank you for sharing!
  9. I can't see the pics either! and get too many pop ups and redirects on photobucket
  10. That's it! That's the can-do spirit!
  11. I have the 24th scale one too and no space to put it either! My solution? I will be doing it up in RCAF markings of a local pilot and donating it to the local legion.( my Father volunteers there) That way I get the satisfaction of building it and others can enjoy it!
  12. West German F-104G x 2

    Very nice work! it looks great! I especially like your use of self made pastels! This kind of imagination, ingenuity, and creativity, is in my mind what seperates real talent from the rest!
  13. it's those stripes and my potential to ruin it that makes me worry for my 24th scale Typhoon! Good job!