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  1. Good for you! You have gotten through points that would make most of us throw their habds up and give up! Great work! keep at it and thank you for posting!
  2. Completely amazing work!! it's funny! I always thought of building a Saturn v because "how hard could it be?...it's just a tube!" OMG was I ever wrong!! I am folowing this build with great interest and I thank you for posting!
  3. it looks to me like the "eyebrow arches" are too.....arched!? kinda manga style
  4. and as my Great Grandfather fought alongside these beasts, I'm in too!
  5. I followed your link and read the entire thread and I gotta say I AM SOLD!! I love the "old school" way you drilled out the barrels and the box! Just the way it used to be before we (me included) spent obscene amounts of money of add ons to accomplish this! I also LOVE the effect you get! the tank looks like a realistic representation of an actual tank not a blue and overly "modulated" piece nor does it look like a lot of kits I see that appear to have sat outside in a scrap yard for 75 years! VERY nice and inspirational! Thank you for sh
  6. Talented AND fast! I didin't build my snap together Bandai as quickly! Great work!
  7. I'm just wondering if I can "translate" this technique to Panzer grey! I'm working on a Panzer 3 and am thinking of trying this!
  8. Again, I LOVE the effect you get with your stippling of the green. Also what I gained for myself is those oil streaks on your wheels. After years of having it beaten into me to paint all streaks downwards only, I think that your technique looks very realistic as the staining would obviously remain and not be in an up/down orientation. I am definitly going to do this to my current build! Thank you again for posting
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