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  1. it looks to me like the "eyebrow arches" are too.....arched!? kinda manga style
  2. and as my Great Grandfather fought alongside these beasts, I'm in too!
  3. I followed your link and read the entire thread and I gotta say I AM SOLD!! I love the "old school" way you drilled out the barrels and the box! Just the way it used to be before we (me included) spent obscene amounts of money of add ons to accomplish this! I also LOVE the effect you get! the tank looks like a realistic representation of an actual tank not a blue and overly "modulated" piece nor does it look like a lot of kits I see that appear to have sat outside in a scrap yard for 75 years! VERY nice and inspirational! Thank you for sharing
  4. Talented AND fast! I didin't build my snap together Bandai as quickly! Great work!
  5. I'm just wondering if I can "translate" this technique to Panzer grey! I'm working on a Panzer 3 and am thinking of trying this!
  6. Again, I LOVE the effect you get with your stippling of the green. Also what I gained for myself is those oil streaks on your wheels. After years of having it beaten into me to paint all streaks downwards only, I think that your technique looks very realistic as the staining would obviously remain and not be in an up/down orientation. I am definitly going to do this to my current build! Thank you again for posting
  7. I have a suggestion! DON'T waste your money on an airbrush! EVER! I am drawing MUCH inspiration from this build especially given the fact that you achieve a finish better than using an airbrush! KUDOS Sir!!! How long did it take you to master this technique?
  8. Maybe Bandai just figured out that they can charge more for their stuff? I mean I picked up my first vehicles (72) while I still lived in the states for ridiculously low prices like 25 bucks or so US. After seeing the quality of their stuff, I would pay a little more! Like I said though, this spoiled me and I have complained about the price of the 1/72 MF (both PG and reg) as being WAY over priced and yet a LOT of people obviously disagree with me and are quite happy with their purchase of the MF. So if they know they can charge more it seems reasonable for them to do so.
  9. Thanks photobucket for ruining yet another thread!
  10. I LOVE your technique and the results you have gotten so far! The one tone paint has a "depth" ?, "tone"? I dunno how to describe it but I like it! BTW may I ask how you achieved the wear on the drive sprocket teeth and idler wheels? they are subtle and look fantastic!
  11. This is a VERY nice build! I decided to start scratchbuilding a 1/12th scale one figuring, "it's all straights and angles!....how hard could it be?" It is still to this day sitting in the closet of doom! Nice to see someone who has the taelnt to put these deceptively hard vehicles together! GREAT WORK!
  12. I think that because we all have such different tastes and cost of production, no one can ever make a stand that all, or even most people like. I myself mount mine on thin rods (tubes if they are lit) but I have to admit, when ya think about it Bandai did a great job on their solid, functional stands and their DS tiles are added gravy. one of my x-wings, y-wing, a-wing I scratched gear and display them that way the others (TIE etc) are on thin blsck rods. This one however is a conundrum for me! I think it would look better in flight on a thin rod, BUT on the other hand makng a believable landing gear and showing it that way would be quite interesting! DANGITT! I think I will HAVE to get two!
  13. With the 144 and 72 x wings it would be quite impressive if not a little too deep
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