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  1. WEM PE for 1/700 Illustrious.. Which one?

    Hi Darby, I have progressed as far as chopping the bottom of the hull off to make a waterline model and I have sanded down the flightdeck. I am currently working on the superstructure and applying my usual "enhancements" but I have not got as far as painting yet. I have never used Colourcoats before so I can't say, but I do know what you mean about brush painting the Humbrol 127, it needs a least an undercoat. I can put my build up on the WIP if you want.
  2. WEM PE for 1/700 Illustrious.. Which one?

    Hi Mario, I am currently building the HMS Invincible 1982 kit at the moment and I am using the White Ensign Invincible Class Support Carrier (PE 716) which is OK. However the WEM 1/700 Invincible Class Superset (PE 742) is a better and I would recommend that you use that. As for colours the Royal Navy topside grey is British Standard 381C 676 which you can get through Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats Range (M01 - RN Light Weatherwork Grey). Alternately I use Humbrol 127 which is very near match. Decks are dark grey and I use Humbrol 27 which is also a close match. I hope this helps. Paul
  3. They sink to the bottom of the tank don't move and generally look miserable.
  4. I served on the Type 22 back in 1991 and I don't remember ever hearing the ship being referred to as Shiny and I don't recall much in the way of shiny items on-board either. What I do remember is the fish tank in the PO's mess (by the way fish get sea sick!) and the 1:96 model of the Type 42 outside the NAFFI on 2 deck.
  5. Displaying your Subs and Ships.

    I have one sub model in my collection and I have displayed my model on 'slipway' blocks, it is 1:700 scale though. I attached my model to the blocks using Araldite epoxy glue. I hope this helps.
  6. French Navy departing Portsmouth.

    I quite agree with your assessment, I crossed polled onto a sister ship of this one on my first Gulf deployment way back in 1991.
  7. I see what you mean about the position of the forward superstructure with relation to B turret. And although your correction looks better I get the feeling that the space between the forward and aft superstructure is now not right. Do you have a copy of the Jecobin plans for the County Class? I get the feeling that the dimensions of the original Airfix kit superstructures are not correct which would not be surprising. Your model looks good though and you have done a good job with an old and rudimentary kit.
  8. Looking good so far and I am looking forward to see how your Brinton turns out. Thank you for the mention of my builds, I hope you don't mind I have included a link to my build log to help anyone with differences between the ships in the class: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001978-ton-class-mine-hunter-hms-brereton-and-minesweeper-hms-wotton-1350-scale-atlantic-models-kit/ Seeing your build makes me want to get another one of Peter's kits but I must discipline myself and clear my stash of 1:700 kits first.
  9. That's a nice start, I am looking forward to see how this comes out.
  10. 1/35th HMS X-Craft submarine (X24)

    That's a very nice model. I like very much
  11. Wow, you are a quick worker. It would take me an absolute age to get that far. It looks really good though. You must be really pleased with how she is coming out.
  12. Thank you for the kind comments, they are very much appreciated. This is my Dad's Christmas present so he hasn't seen it yet. But I am sure he will be pleased. My Mum on the hand will be relieved because it also has a Perspex dust cover.
  13. Endurance, Ernest Shackleton's ship any kits?

    Hi David, I am not aware of any plastic kits available but there is a 3D printed kit on Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/CSVECWYA8/barquentine-quot-endurance-quot?optionId=62004138&li=marketplace The story of Shackleton and the escape of the crew of Endurance from the ice is truly inspirational. I was lucky enough to be able to visit Shackleton's grave when I served in the Royal Navy and when you experience the Southern Ocean at first hand and see the mountains in South Georgia you realise the enormity of the feat that he and his crew performed.
  14. Pictures of the completes model are now in the Ready for Inspection part of the forum. Thank you for looking. Paul
  15. Here is my model at 1:700 scale of HMS Hardy, a Type 14 Anti-Submarine Frigate. I built this model for my father who served on HMS Hardy when he did National Service with the Royal Navy in the late 1950s. The model portrays HMS Hardy as she appeared at that time with 3 guns. The Bofors gun on the quarter deck was removed in the 1960s because of its exposed position and most pictures of the Type 14 frigates show the gun having been removed. The model is basically a rework of the MT miniatures 1:700 kit which is very basic to say the least. There is a build log showing the extent of the conversion I undertook here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235025645-1700-scale-type-14-frigate-hms-hardy/ Apart from the MT Miniatures kit I used: The Pitroad NATO weapons set for the Limbo Anti-Submarine Mortars. White Ensign 1:700 Photo Etch - General Post War Royal Navy fittings. White Ensign 1:700 Photo Etch – RN Doors and Hatches. White Ensign 1:700 Photo Etch – Ladders and Walkways. Starling Models 1:700 Photo Etch – RN WWII Boat Davits. Lion Roar 1:700 Photo Etch – USN WWII Fairleads Flyhawk 1:700 – Modern RN liferafts And Niko 1:700 – 40mm single mount Bofors Guns. This may seem an awful lot to buy to improve one model but the transformation from the original MT Miniatures kit speaks for itself. There are some things I think I could have done better but on the whole I think the model has turned out quite nicely and definitely an improvement on the original. Enjoy and thanks for looking.