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  1. In some cases the type/issue of box and the condition it is in are a major factor on whether a collector is interested in the model at all.
  2. Surely, if you want to 3D print a model of anything you might as well design it direct from accurate plans and print the whole item in one piece rather than reproduce the sprues of a long obselete (and possibly inaccurate) kit? As much as anything, the latter option would cost a lot more to do as the printing would require considerably greater volume and time and, if done via a firm like Shapeways, would cost a lot more.
  3. After the Ever Given Suez canal incident perhaps part of the price rise is increased insurance costs?
  4. Have a look through here and decide which option best fits your armament details: https://historisches-marinearchiv.de/projekte/landungsfahrzeuge/artilleriefaehrprahm/beschreibung.php
  5. Fortunately I have never had this sort of problem so far but I always make a point of stating all the issues with an item in the description. Perhaps putting " Personal collection only" in the listing title is the best way to make the point from the start?
  6. I would suggest looking on the Fine Scale Modeller forum as this kit gets a lot of attention there. This thread seems a useful one: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/7/p/165396/1837128.aspx?page=2
  7. I can confirm that Sirmar is still operating as I exchanged emails with Barry Dudley yesterday to agree a bespoke order. He only does Sirmar work at the weekends so may still be working through a backlog of earlier enquiries. There is also a phone number 07791 440 641 at his website you could try.
  8. You could try the recent issue of the Revell Elco PT boat which has all the late war additions. You can look at the instructions via the download section. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/ships/military-ships/patrol-torpedo-boat-pt-588-pt-57.html
  9. Have you got hold of a copy of "Nile River Gunboats 1882-1918" by Angus Konstam and issued by Osprey? It is available as a pdf format e book from the Osprey website.. This has several artist's impression type drawings of Safia but no plans or photos. The best bet for any plans might be any archive which might still exist from the builders Samuda Brothers Shipyard, Poplar, London - perhaps at the Local Government Authority History section. Oherwise possibly the Royal Museums Group ship plans section but they have been unable to do much for a while thanks to Covid lockdown.
  10. I vaguely remember fairly early in my RN career while on a training course being shown an episode and then the class were each required to write a S206 Officer's Confidential Report on one of the characters in episode!
  11. FWIW I ordered 3 items from Shapeways on 17 Jan with total cost of just under 49 Euros and it was shipped 27 January with original forecast for delivery 2 February. The cost paid was the total of the individual items on the website and there is no mention of VAT at any stage. The box arrived this morning safely via UPS with no demands for further payment. I have checked the package label carefully and there is no declaration visible re any taxes paid or not paid. Was I lucky or what threshold did I keep below?
  12. I can't say I am familiar with the image you mention - most on-line coverage of Tigris or China Gunboats defaults to the larger Insect class. There are 6 photos of Sedgefly and Firefly in "British River Gunboats" by Paul J Kemp, ISO Publications (probably long out of print) but no plans - I can scan them for you and send by pm. I see they were built (in sections) by Yarrows so perhaps it might be worth seeing if there is any Yarrows archive on line or at the Scottish or London National Archives but I suspect the actual plans will have ended up at the Greenwich NMM collection. I searched all 16 Fly Class names there without a suitable result but that may just mean they haven't scanned any of the plans yet so the only way to be sure would be make a specific enquiry. It may be a fair while before you get a reply though as they are pretty much shut down during the Covid lockdown. Another thought is to join the Model Ship World forum at https://modelshipworld.com/ and ask if anyone there can advise as that site tends to cover this sort of subject and era more often.
  13. Likewise for me re how it went in the shop with Ray but Judy is who seems to run the e-bay end now and has always been helpful. As I said earlier, they are often a good option if you are after an OOP kit.
  14. Have a look at https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/polarbears3kitscatcat ( Ebay shop for former Plastic Pastimes in Poole ) as they often have new stuff on auction starting well below list price and you can also ask if they also have any particular OOP item you are after.
  15. Not if you leave the bilge draining bung out but you have to remember to screw it back it in before using the boat!
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