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  1. The 3 SUE Exocet attacks on the Task Force demonstrate the implications of the lack of AEW. In each case the first alert was the detection by ESM of the Etendard Agave searching with a few sweeps before launching the missiles. I was the Officer of the Watch in Ambuscade on the 25th May which happened to be the most upthreat unit when the initial Agave (Handbrake) detection was made by our UAA1 ESM and allowed us to alert everyone else. The Etendards were seen on our 992 radar shortly afterwards as they launched and turned away and some tracking of the Exocets was also achieved but thanks to our having completed the pre-planned chaff and ship manoeuvres by the time the homing head radars switched on the missiles found Atlantic Conveyor instead and they passed clear of Ambuscade and sadly on to hit Conveyor who had no chaff protection. The other two attacks also were first alerted by ESM rather than radar detection of the incoming Etendards.
  2. Noting that there are several modern PRC warships also in the same group and the picture looks to be more like a modern frigate/destroyer I am wondering if they actually mean the Type 26 frigate that is still building rather than the 1940s cruiser.
  3. Further thought is possibly this book if Birmingham is not too different from Sheffield: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cruiser-Birmingham-Detailed-Original-Builders/dp/1526724979/ref=sr_1_14?crid=3K5790JMKJDOY&dchild=1&keywords=hms+birmingham&qid=1631702226&sprefix=hms+bi%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-14 I also see that the equivalent book that covers most RN WW2 types/classes has several drawings of Manchester but the text on some of the drawings is not fully legible- I can send a scan to give an idea.
  4. Hi Mike, I see that the WAK website offers several useful pix of the Modelik Sheffield which will give a better feel for what you would be getting They handled an order for me last year very well but I don't know how they would work out for overall costs now, post Brexit implementation. https://www.wak.pl/hms-sheffield-p-2259.html Francis
  5. Mike, Had you considered using a card model such as the 1/200th Polish Modelik one which can be obtained via GPM? https://sklep.gpm.pl/en/modele-kartonowe/okrety/1/200/sheffield
  6. There used to be a tale about how one of the senior staff at Flag Officer Sea Training tested the onboard security standards of ships being worked up at Portland by carrying an ID card that had a photo of a gorilla to see if gangway staff were actually checking the ID card properly ...
  7. I assume you are working in 1/700th but if you look at the Atlantic models 1/350th Vigilant details, you should get a fair idea of what the older WEM 1/700th Venus is based on. Vigilant is configured as late war BPF with the taller lattice mast. The instructions will show you more and are at the website: https://atlanticmodels.net/onewebmedia/Vigilant350(2).pdf Compare the PE there with the WEM 1/700th sheet for the War Emergency class at: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/p/WEM+1700+RN+Late+War+Emergency+Destroyers+PE+7112/16021/#.YRTmKvKSmUk The Emergency classes from the S class onwards were all very similar in configuration and for instance Saumarez can be also be made from the Venus (or Vigilant) kit(s) by using the shorter lattice mast included in the photo etch
  8. In some cases the type/issue of box and the condition it is in are a major factor on whether a collector is interested in the model at all.
  9. Surely, if you want to 3D print a model of anything you might as well design it direct from accurate plans and print the whole item in one piece rather than reproduce the sprues of a long obselete (and possibly inaccurate) kit? As much as anything, the latter option would cost a lot more to do as the printing would require considerably greater volume and time and, if done via a firm like Shapeways, would cost a lot more.
  10. After the Ever Given Suez canal incident perhaps part of the price rise is increased insurance costs?
  11. Have a look through here and decide which option best fits your armament details: https://historisches-marinearchiv.de/projekte/landungsfahrzeuge/artilleriefaehrprahm/beschreibung.php
  12. Fortunately I have never had this sort of problem so far but I always make a point of stating all the issues with an item in the description. Perhaps putting " Personal collection only" in the listing title is the best way to make the point from the start?
  13. I would suggest looking on the Fine Scale Modeller forum as this kit gets a lot of attention there. This thread seems a useful one: http://cs.finescale.com/fsm/modeling_subjects/f/7/p/165396/1837128.aspx?page=2
  14. I can confirm that Sirmar is still operating as I exchanged emails with Barry Dudley yesterday to agree a bespoke order. He only does Sirmar work at the weekends so may still be working through a backlog of earlier enquiries. There is also a phone number 07791 440 641 at his website you could try.
  15. You could try the recent issue of the Revell Elco PT boat which has all the late war additions. You can look at the instructions via the download section. https://www.revell.de/en/products/modelmaking/ships/military-ships/patrol-torpedo-boat-pt-588-pt-57.html
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