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  1. Not if you leave the bilge draining bung out but you have to remember to screw it back it in before using the boat!
  2. I had a go at designing a PE sheet for a 1/200th WW2 destroyer about a year ago and found the guidance offered by PPD Ltd in Argyll for the process comprehensive, clear and workable. Perhaps start by looking at: https://www.ppdltd.com/artwork-guide.html It does require using vector drawing and I used Inkscape which is free to download and worked through the necessary tutorial lessons reasonably quickly. PPD give a check off list of what they need to have sent to them and apart from some minor corrections they accepted my first offering design very quickly a
  3. Hi Sue Thanks and I'll pm you a scan of the article if that works for you. What aspect of Mulberry did he work on? There might be some other items I can offer in addition to the Airfix series of articles. Francis
  4. HMS Coreopsis (K32) which was on loan to the Greek navy according to Goggle
  5. Available from here: https://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/british-40mm-bofors-gunsight-early-war-152-p.asp
  6. Are you aware of this set or is it the wrong scale? http://www.hat.com/Curr2/Bx8235BH/Bx8236IN.html
  7. Best bet for a Type 21 is to use an Airfix 1/600 (preferrably an issue with the exocets) and the dedicated PE set from Atlantic models
  8. You could start by looking at the excellent Dan Taylor sets: https://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/vehicle-crews-52-c.asp
  9. Bekra Model shop, Queen Street, Newton Abbot, Devon They took over during lockdown from the previous owner and are still working to build a full website: https://bekramodels.co.uk/ They are fairly traditional with radio control and railway taking about 2/3 rds of the shop, but cover the main plastic kit manufacturers including Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Italeri, Trumpeter etc as well as a good range of paints, glues, fillers and tools. They are also close to the large Cricketfield car park which is handy for large purchases.
  10. Perhaps have a look at the instructions for the old Matchbox 1/72nd release which could also be built as HMS Bluebell with only minor changes in fittings: http://www.matchboxkits.org/product_info.php?cPath=88&products_id=430
  11. Good to see that things are really progressing now. What chance that this will inspire a manufacturer to release a kit I wonder?
  12. I always make the resin feed to a two part mould go straight down to the bottom then up through the actual moulding (using scrap bits of 2 - 3 mm square section plastic strip for the runners) as this is much better at eliminating air bubbles in the actual moulding.
  13. There is one here comparing it with the Revell version but in German: http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5856%3Atrumpeter-deutsches-schlachtschiff-bismarck-1350&catid=69%3Atru&Itemid=1 Google translate gave a readable version with a helpful conclusion that the Trumpeter kit is one of their best in 1/350th but that the Revell one holds up well against it and is still good value for money.
  14. I had seen Gordon Brooks's plot of the attack before and noted a number of points that I think are wrong, presumably because he has no other info than recollections provided by individuals on the various ships. While still serving I was able to check my own memories against an official publication that analysed all the Falklands incidents and made a note of the key points. From this, I see that at the time of the initial detection of the attack at 1936 Ambuscade was heading approximately North as one of the anti-submarine screen and the westernmost ship of the Task Force. Conveyor was a
  15. 1/144th WW2 subjects that would be contemporaries with the range of recent Revell 1/144th naval subjects would get my vote
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