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  1. Looks like you've got a fair amount of work ahead of you, but the end result will be well worth it. Andy
  2. Nice work Glynn These might help regarding the camo. Andy
  3. I'm hoping they will eventually. I'd prefer it as a regular kit without all the extras. They do seem to be focusing on the small scale stuff at the moment though, apart from the Falcon obviously. Andy
  4. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Not on these ones. It's quite a heavy wash (a streaking wash, really) and I thought it would be a bit over-powering on something this size. I used a thinner pin wash (Ammo wash for Greman yellow) and a filter (AK NATO tanks). They've both got a brown shade, one a bit lighter than the other, and I thought they'd contrast with the cooler blue tones in the paint scheme. Andy
  5. Congrats Tom and Hugh. Both are fantastic looking builds. You influence is clearly rubbing off Dermot. Andy
  6. He looks fantastic. Frank would be proud. You must have some serious patience to get all those ? decals on. Andy
  7. A-Wings - Phoenix Squadron

    Thanks. I built the Finemolds 1/72 Jedi Starfighter a while back, and I know how fiddly that was to mask and paint, which is why I've not bothered to pick up Bandai's box scale one. I'd be nice to see yours though. Andy
  8. To be honest, I think you're being pretty harsh on yourself. I've just zoomed in on the photos, which is usually when you start to see problems, but it all looks fine to me. As Will said (and as you've found out) yellow is one of the hardest colours to work with, but you've got a really nice smooth coat, so I wouldn't be too concerned. I think the dirty tone from the black basecoat will be beneficial when you start the weathering. I'd follow Will's advice, and give it a light over-spray with clear orange, mixed with a little yellow so it's not too intense. If you add some satin or gloss varnish into the mix it'll leave a good base for the decals and weathering. Andy
  9. Absolutely superb build John. Very much looking forward to the Sandcrawler. Andy
  10. Both fantastic looking builds, particularly the Y-Wing. Despite the newer Bandai release, the Finemolds Y is still a great kit. Andy
  11. Very nice. Let's hope Bandai bring us a new one soon. Andy
  12. Sukhoi Su-34 - Italeri 1/72

    No trouble at all These are brush painted straight onto white styrene, so they may look a bit different on a primed surface And with the Fullback. Again, I can't remember the exact mixes, but I think there was probably more blue green used than turquoise for the darker shades Andy
  13. New SW8 Resistance A-wing

    Hi Matt, The ones in the trailer are Resistance Bombers which are a new design for the film, although there's clearly some B-Wing influence going on (and a bit of Falcon in the cockpit). It's one of the few new ships in the film that I actually quite like the looks of. Andy
  14. Sukhoi Su-34 - Italeri 1/72

    Yes, I do as it happens. They were the first Vallejo paints I'd bought, and I just picked up the ones that looked like they'd give me the closest match. I think I used the Sky Blue straight from the bottle for the palest tone, although I might have added some white to it. The other two blues were mixed, and I can't really remember exactly what the ratios were, but they were both done using the above colours. I just added to the mixes until they looked about right by eye. I think that Blue Green formed the basis of both mixes, with Sky Blue added for the medium tone and Turquoise added for the darker one. Hope that helps, although I should point out again that my mixes are far from accurate. Andy