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  1. Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    AMMO's paint isn't an acrylic lacquer, like the new AK stuff, but it does kind of act like one. I don't know the exact formulation, but it seems quite close to Gunze Aqueous. It certainly mixes very well with Aqueous and Tamiya, and thins very well with self levelling thinner. Rob, I've not had a chance to try the new AK paints yet. I'd be interested to know if they can be mixed with AMMO. I'm guessing they can since they seem roughly the same as Tamiya/Aqueous. It's a shame the IDF colours seem so far off. I'd got high hopes for this paint range, especially given the names involved. I'm hoping the Russian and SCC colours will be closer. Great build so far Andy
  2. C1-10P 'Chopper'

    Thanks guys. I'm hoping we get some new droid news from Bandai before long, so I can add to the gang. I'm not sure how often Jimi casts a batch, but I'd imagine there will be some more available eventually. I believe Warren's got some in stock at Tirydium Models. Andy
  3. Aoshima Gigant

    It's not as sticky or viscous as epoxy so I'd imagine you could wipe it away, although I haven't actually tried. One of the porthole domes ended up quite misshapen, possibly due to an air bubble in the resin, but after I'd cured it, I was able to chip the resin off without damaging the kit or paintwork. When I was using it for seam filling on the figure, I put a blob of it on the bench and used a needle to apply it to the seams, then fixed it once I was happy with the blending. Andy
  4. Bandai X Wing Vehicle Model

    Very nice build. I like the weathering you've added. Andy
  5. Aoshima Gigant

    Thanks Dan, The liquid resin is quite viscous and tends to hold it's shape until set, so you could probably build it up to a reasonable thickness. When you expose it to the UV light on the end of the pen it sets solid instantly (well, in about 5 seconds to be exact, hence the name). It's pretty much crystal clear when dry too, so you could probably apply more than one layer without it affecting the finish that much I'm not sure how good it would be at spanning wide gaps though, and due to its viscosity, it would be hard to get it to be perfectly flat, so probably no use for things like airliner windows. I guess you could sand and polish it, but I've not tried yet. I've only really used it as an adhesive before now, so I'm still experimenting with it. Andy
  6. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    Thanks guys I got this one from Scale Model Shop. Emodels and Jumblies also sell them, as do quite a few seller on ebay Andy
  7. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    It's just one from the main emoticon list, but it looks like mine so I've taken to adding it to the end of my posts. Just make sure you never look straight into her eyes though. The consequences could be dire. Anyway, enough of the hypnocat. Back to the Waffenträger. I've got the main gun painted and partly weathered. I base coated it with AMMO Dunkelgelb lightened with Cremeweiss I then gave it a very light, wispy camo with Gunze interior green. I'm going to do the turret in red primer, so the interior base got a coat of that using Vallejo cavalry brown I also ended up painting the support rail for the gun in red primer. The hypothesis I'm going with here is that the gun was a pre-existing flak gun that was repurposed for use with the tank. In the conversion process maybe some parts were swapped out, hence the red primer support rail. The individual sub-assemblies got some light chipping and a few pin washes, then they were all brought together. Theoretically, the main gun is meant to remain posable in elevation, but it's a bit rickety so I fixed mine in place Once the turret top is added, hardly any of this is seen which is a little disappointing, but hey ho. Modelcollect does another version of this with twin flak guns and no turret, so I might get one of those in the future to sit next to this one I've still got the interior of the upper turret to paint, then I can close it up, fill the inevitable seams and get the turret exterior painted. Andy
  8. Aoshima Gigant

    There's not been any real progress on this for a while. It's essentially done anyway (barring the base), but I'm still pondering over some kind of deco on the wings, such as the death's head that Pete suggested. There were a couple of small details that needed finishing though, and they've now been done. One was to paint the glazing on the tail fin gondola, and the other was to deal with the portholes at the front. They'd originally just been small shallow depressions on the cockpit. I'd previously drilled them a bit deeper, and painted them black. I was then going to glaze over them with Kristal Klear, however I came up with a better solution. I'd been assembling a resin figure, and needed to fill a few small gaps on the joints. I'd normally use greenstuff for this, but I'd got a 5 second fix pen knocking about on the bench, so I thought I'd see if that could be used for gap filling. It turned out that it works really well for that purpose, leaving a perfectly smooth blended seam What's any of this got to do with the Gigant, you may be wondering? Well, that was sitting at the back of the bench while I was working on the figure. After I'd finished the seam filling, it occurred to me that if I put small blobs of the 5 second fix resin in the portholes, It might reproduce the domed 'goldfish bowl' glazing quite well. Now, any normal person would test the idea on an old model or a piece of scrap plastic first, but where's the fun in that, so I just squirted some of the resin straight into the portholes Fortunately, it seems to have worked quite well. The glazing is domed, which would have been harder to reproduce with Kristal Klear, and although a few are slightly misshapen, at this scale they look okay to me. The resin also sets quite hard and glossy, so hopefully it should be fairly resilient over time With that, I'm going to say the Gigant's effectively done, at least for now. I'll ponder more over the wing deco, and if I do add anything, I'll do it next year when I do the base. Andy
  9. Just a tractor? ~1/56

    Love the story, and the model too. The newspaper base sets it off to perfection. Andy
  10. British MBT Group Build

    The Chieftain would be a great subject but, as John and Plasto have said, I think opening it up to the Centurian, Challenger, Conqueror etc would give a far larger playing field for a group build. How about the 'Big C MBT' group build? Andy
  11. 1/12 MSE-6-series repair droid

    He looks fantastic. Love the chips and scratches, and the hazard light is a great touch. Andy
  12. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    Thanks guys, Thanks Plasto. It'll be the Korean Sherman, just as long as Tamiya don't delay the release. It's scheduled for Jan, so I should still have plenty of time to get it done before the end of the GB. I might pick up the Takom M31 as a stand-in though, just in case the E8 is delayed. Andy
  13. Great progress Glynn. The side curtains look particularly excellent. Andy
  14. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    I'm about ready to start getting some paint on parts of the build. The gun is done, and mounted on the bottom of the turret. That'll get painted, and at least partially weathered, before the top of the turret is attached. I've left a few bits and pieces off the gun mount, as they simply won't be seen once the turret's finished. The upper turret has had the rough edges cleaned up, and I've added some weld beads to the armour plates, together with a few other random details, mainly because it looked very plain as it came in the box. Due to the open back of the turret, I've added a few generic details, again to make it look a bit busier, plus a few plasticard blocks to stop the lower turret from pushing up too far. The hull's also a bit sparse, and could do with some pioneer tools. You don't get anything in the box though, and I don't have anything in 72nd in the spares box so it'll stay sparse. Paint soon Andy
  15. Meng KV2

    Love the result Dan. The moss on the unditching beam is a great touch. Andy