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  1. Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been an update for so long. First off the World Cup happened, and that had me occupied for a month, so no modelling got done. Then shortly after that I had to have surgery on my back again, so that’s laid me up for over two months. Finally getting back in my feet again so hopefully I can get some time and motivation to finish this fella. Sorry for the delay and lack of updates! (And sorry to hear someone nicked your version of this kit, Gimme!)
  2. Looks wicked, nice one!
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments, I’m so sorry I haven’t acknowledged them or provided an update for a while. I managed to get some base colour on the creature, I used a bottle of mig ammo rotbraun for a base. This is actually a bottle that has something wrong with it, it’s far too orange, but I thought it would make for an interesting start. Then I applied some Vallejo burnt umber. In a few places I applied a bit more to see if I liked the effect, and I’ve decided I do, so I’ll darken the arms and legs a bit more. Then I’ll seal it all in and give it some washes and dry brushing to highlight all those little bumps and stuff. The head needs a lot more work, I’ll need to get some shading in those ridges, and do his teeth. Haven’t decided yet what to do with the dome, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! Hopefully sooner rather than later! Thanks for looking, Tom
  4. Quick update, gave it a light coat of primer, looks pretty good, used Citadel’s green stuff to fill gaps along the shoulders, neck, and hips beforehand and it worked pretty well. Came up pretty well, revealed a few flaws and places that need a bit more attention. It also made me realise that I really want to be able to see the ‘face’ and the ridges on the head under the dome, they look really good. I’ve left the arms off for ease when painting, but here are a couple of pics to see what it’ll look like. It’s a great pose, as many have already noted! Really looking forward to getting some colour on it! Tom
  5. Wow, Richard, thanks for a very detailed response! I’ve never really done anything with clear parts before, so that’s sure to come handy! I’ll have a look at that one you recommended, thanks for that. Tom
  6. Thanks Richard, attaching the dome has been a bit of a worry, not sure what adhesive to use, and whether to paint it completely, partly, or even at all! The painting guide insert that comes with the kit seems to have painted it totally, but I do feel I’d like to see some of the head details underneath, so I’m not sure what to do. Mine seems to be very cloudy, what did you use to clean and polish it up?
  7. You should do a build thread, we could have a mini group build going! Thanks Carts, this was one of the few Halcyon kits I didn’t have a s a kid, so I’m loving what I’m seeing so far, it’s going together pretty well! Glued the the head to the torso last night, so I’ll get to filling those gaps in this evening. I’m a bit nervous about this part, I don’t want to screw it up!
  8. Looks like a nice clean cast, Monk, good stuff!
  9. Hey guys, For my next project I’ll be making this classic kit. Here’s a look at my progress so far: The fit isn’t too bad, nothing a bunch of elastic bands and clothes pegs can’t fix for the most part. As you can see here the arms, legs, and tail went together quite well, with only a little bit of Citadel Green Stuff in a couple of places to fill some small cracks and gaps. As you might be able to see I’ve been able to sand down some of the seams very nicely so that they’ve totally disappeared, especially along the back of the thigh there. I’ve done a bit of work on his face, but as most of that will be hidden under the cowl, which is quite opaque, I wasn’t going to go too mad on it. He needs a little more work on the chin. Here’s under his jaw which you won’t see too much of; The top, which again will be hidden under the cowl; And I won’t show you under the back of the head as that looks entirely Not Safe For Work! The biggest issues so far are this large gap along his shoulders, which should be easily fixed with some putty; ...and a massive gap when you attach the head to the torso. Getting filler in there and then sanding it will be pretty tricky I reckon. Thanks for looking, hopefully I’ll have an update soon with some assembly and maybe some primer in it! Cheers, Tom
  10. Meteors

    M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB Chat

    I had a herniated disc that was impinging the nerve and causing incredible sciatic pain all down my left leg. It was a mixture of intense burning, aching, and pins and needles. I couldn’t stand for more than about 20 seconds before it started up. I tried physio, osteo, pills, steroid epidurals, nothing worked. After 6 months, and with a second baby on the way, I underwent a surgery called a microdiscectomy where they chisel off part of your disc in order to relieve the pressure on the nerve. Amazingly it worked, and after five weeks I was slowly recovering from the surgery, but the pain in my left leg was all gone. It was great, baby was born and things were looking lovely. When she was ten days old the same pain started up in my right leg this time. Three months later and nothing has worked once again. I’m now seriously considering having the same surgery for the right side as I’ve now spent almost a year living with utter crippling pain, and it’s doing my head in. BUT, I’d did finish my Sherman in the first ever Brit Modeller armour Group Build, so it’s not all bad!
  11. Thanks Ozzy, Badder. Lots of lessons learned on this one, so it’s all good. And we’re supposed to be having fun, right, no point getting all worked up about some pigment. Accidents happen (like I tell my toilet-training toddler), we just have to roll with it. Hopefully I can find some time to do the diorama soon, the kids are taking up so much time these days! I had so much fun doing this group build, thanks everyone! Tom
  12. I saw this and thought “He’s posted the wrong pic, the Bandai one isn’t there.” Then I saw it. Amazing! Jaw-droppingly good, well done!
  13. Meteors

    M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    Hey guys, Didn’t get to do the diorama I’d hoped to do, and didn’t even get a chance to take pictures away from the bench, but here’s my effort, a Tamiya Easy Eight. Cheers, Tom
  14. Thanks guys! So in case you were wondering what ‘The ambush’ was all about, here’s a little mock-up of what I had in mind, but doubt I’ll have time to get around to. The figures of course aren’t done, and the scenery would need a lot of work, but this was what I had in mind. Maybe I’ll add it as a WIP in the diorama section. Cheers, Tom