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  1. Low level Puma

    Thanks for the kind comments, Gents. Hi Keith, yes I normally varnish them. I thin my paint down quite a bit to allow flow and that improves drying time and lessens the time required before varnishing. I usually spray a temporary finish varnish, which gives protection but allows re-touching and overpainting. I would then give a final varnish at a later time. I've varnished some paintings before handing over and with others I've had them back for varnishing or have gone out to varnish them as you say. There wasn't time to varnish this Puma before a presentation deadline, so I wrote a note outlining this and saying that I'm happy to varnish it in the future. Cheers Bob.
  2. MC 1000lb bomb for Typhoons

    Thanks very much for that, Selwyn, very good of you. I read that the bomb can be just tail fused or tail and nose fused? I've seen the bomb in photos sometimes have the small 'windmill-type' vanes on the nose and other times they look to have a pointed cone on the nose with a slot cut out on two opposing sides, so am I right in thinking that the cone nose on the front,with the four vaned 'windmill' on the tail would be good for a bomb listed in the Squadron operational record books as " fused, .025 tail"? I've seen the RDX/TNT stencils on the green bands on heavy bomber bombs on trolleys but not as yet in any Typhoon shots. I think I read they used Amatol? Big thanks again. Cheers Bob.
  3. Low level Puma

    Just finished this one of a Puma HC2 at low level. Spent my spare time during December and January on this one for someone. Not as big as the normal sized paintings. This one's A2 oil on canvas. Cheers Bob.
  4. Don Everall DC-3 at Pendeford

    Very nice and evocative. Well done on the research and I love the shiny reflections in the undersides. cheers Bob.
  5. MC 1000lb bomb for Typhoons

    Hi Gents. I was trying to pin down the stencilling used on the MC 1000lb bombs on Typhoons as near as I could. I found this which was helpful but doesn't specify the stencilling on this particular bomb:- http://bulletpicker.com/pdf/USNBD - British Bombs and Fuzes (Nov 1944).pdf I've been looking through photos and think I've got basic ones possibly minus some bits in the middle (may be able to get away with that if hung so not having centreline visible) but would love to know if anyone knows the full stencils layout (obviously the odd numbers will be different on each bomb? I understand Duxford have one with stencils which may be 'lying around' somewhere? My understanding is a thin red line near the nose and a thicker green one where the forward curve meets the straight sides. Then from the front I think it's laid out in yellow stencils something like:- 60/40 SNo 58 RDN 9 43 12 MC 1000 LB PISTOL No 30 Any amendments needed much appreciated. Thanks Bob.
  6. Tu-95MS

    That indeed looks a real beast Nils. Something very potent looking about it. Great work.
  7. Wow. Just come across this one. Loving all the small details. Like glimpsing into the real thing. Awesome.
  8. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Very nice job on those cases. I'd be very happy if mine looks anything like those (nice boats in them too of course). I expect the mitre joints need some extra special attention when doing those?
  9. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Hi Tweeky, the original was a commission and so has been sold. I hadn't had much time to think about prints (I'm also having to get straight on with a Puma for someone now), but I might see how it comes out as a print, so I won't rule it out. Cheers Bob.
  10. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Thanks for all the very kind words, Gents.
  11. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Andy and Redshift. Yes I'd found a place that cut the acrylic sheet to a particular size. My only reservations were whether I'd be able to make a neat join at the seams (I'd thought about adding a sort of wooden frame on the outside of the seams to neaten it up). I can't see your picture Andy but am interested to see what you've done. All I've got on screen is an outline with some letters and numbers in it?
  12. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Hi Guys, Andy, Hi. Is it a year on already? Apologies for lack of progress this year then. I've been juggling this one, a Lightning F6 model and a Lightning painting commission so the modelling projects have had to take a bit of a back seat. I'll definitely get this one finished though, as it occupies all the top of the wall unit and my better half will demand it. I do need to source a big case for it though. Bangor Lad, Hi, Yes the 534's very impressive. I still preferred to see her in her full length, but it's better to have her this way than not at all, although she's really rotting away in places.
  13. Hi Julien, someone asked me if I had any more shots of Phantom FGR2 details (which I have) and rather than just e-mail them to him I wondered if they would be better in the walkaround section. I saw that it says you co-ordinate this? Do I just post them beneath your shots in the Phantom FGR2 slot or do I send them to you?

    Cheers Bob. 

    (or should I not do anything;)).

  14. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Yes on this scale the holes on the splitter plates are practicallly invisible on an individual basis, but collectively might look like a slighter darker shade patch (IMHO). I thought people were slightly more concerned about these features (seen here on FGR2 XV424 at Hendon)?:- Just added bottom one after mentioned by 71Chally
  15. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Added a few bits this week and I'm now classing this one as 'finished' for now. Oil on canvas 36 x 24" (91 x 61 cm) John, I found the quotes about the nosewheel always going in last and having to be raised by 250 knots because of the slipstream in Ian Black's 'Lightning' and Danny Coremans 'English Electric Lightning'. Cheers, Bob. N.B. The final incarnation is very slightly different with a little more of the far wingtip vortice visible.