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  1. Wow. Just come across this one. Loving all the small details. Like glimpsing into the real thing. Awesome.
  2. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Very nice job on those cases. I'd be very happy if mine looks anything like those (nice boats in them too of course). I expect the mitre joints need some extra special attention when doing those?
  3. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Hi Tweeky, the original was a commission and so has been sold. I hadn't had much time to think about prints (I'm also having to get straight on with a Puma for someone now), but I might see how it comes out as a print, so I won't rule it out. Cheers Bob.
  4. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Thanks for all the very kind words, Gents.
  5. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Andy and Redshift. Yes I'd found a place that cut the acrylic sheet to a particular size. My only reservations were whether I'd be able to make a neat join at the seams (I'd thought about adding a sort of wooden frame on the outside of the seams to neaten it up). I can't see your picture Andy but am interested to see what you've done. All I've got on screen is an outline with some letters and numbers in it?
  6. U-889 Revell 72nd

    Hi Guys, Andy, Hi. Is it a year on already? Apologies for lack of progress this year then. I've been juggling this one, a Lightning F6 model and a Lightning painting commission so the modelling projects have had to take a bit of a back seat. I'll definitely get this one finished though, as it occupies all the top of the wall unit and my better half will demand it. I do need to source a big case for it though. Bangor Lad, Hi, Yes the 534's very impressive. I still preferred to see her in her full length, but it's better to have her this way than not at all, although she's really rotting away in places.
  7. Hi Julien, someone asked me if I had any more shots of Phantom FGR2 details (which I have) and rather than just e-mail them to him I wondered if they would be better in the walkaround section. I saw that it says you co-ordinate this? Do I just post them beneath your shots in the Phantom FGR2 slot or do I send them to you?

    Cheers Bob. 

    (or should I not do anything;)).

  8. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Yes on this scale the holes on the splitter plates are practicallly invisible on an individual basis, but collectively might look like a slighter darker shade patch (IMHO). I thought people were slightly more concerned about these features (seen here on FGR2 XV424 at Hendon)?:- Just added bottom one after mentioned by 71Chally
  9. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Added a few bits this week and I'm now classing this one as 'finished' for now (unless further update requirements come up). Oil on canvas 36 x 24" (91 x 61 cm) John, I found the quotes about the nosewheel always going in last and having to be raised by 250 knots because of the slipstream in Ian Black's 'Lightning' and Danny Coremans 'English Electric Lightning'. Cheers, Bob.
  10. Airfix 2018

    I agree with that idea a few pages back that the smaller simpler models are a great way of introducing young beginners to modelling (and they are the future buyers after all). I know a lot of people love 72nd scale too and there's obviously a market for it, so that's great for a lot of people. 48th scale is very popular too and these, along with the 72nd scale will make up the bulk of sales for most. For me though, since I was a kid, the thing that really impressed me with Airfix was the way it produced those big 24th scale models. These were the ones I'd stare at in a shop window - I'd buy the smaller ones myself and hope that I'd get one of the bigger ones for Christmas (which is what sometimes used to happen). I'd be very happy for Airfix to keep the 72nd and 48th kits running along for turnover and every now and then for them to stun us all with one of their 'trademark 24th scale monsters'. Airfix are known for these and looking at what they've managed to do with their Typhoon, there are lots of possibilities. I don't know if it'd help if they (as other companies have done) produced say an externally very sound (including cockpit and undercarriage bays) 'basic' kit and then gave further options to buy 'detailed bays' (engine, radio, etc), so appealing to different levels of modelling and cost? I was thinking here about something like a Eurofighter Typhoon or a classic E.E.Lightning, as they are only 15.96m and 16.84m in length compared to the Hawker Typhoon 12.67m wingspan. I would definitely be very excited to see one of those at a show. I can picture small details.....interchangeable heads with helmet variation with transparent and smoked visors...sigh.
  11. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I went on a Sunday (for the first time) this year and was pleasantly surprised (compared to previous Saturdays). The show had a 'relaxed' feel to it and I found I had a lot more space around me when looking at things. I was also very impressed in the way the 2 mins silence was observed. The 'hubbub' of normal life and conversation just disappeared for two minutes and everyone I could see just stood there with their own thoughts. I wasn't really expecting big kit announcements so wasn't too surprised about those. The main one I'm looking forward to is the Tanmodel Bucc (but they weren't on the traders list anyway) although I like the sound of this 32nd British Phantom from HK models. The Kinetic Harriers looked popular and the Revell F3 looks great especially for the price. I wasn't going to get anything this year, but came away a very happy bunny with (finally!) one of those Airfix 24th scale Typhoons. I'd loved the look of them for years, but this year, with that price reduction it would have been a crime to ignore it. Hope I can do it justice. My lad opted for a normal sized Stuka box in 48th. Metal Spitfire - absolutely awesome and I loved the 24th scale Harriers too. Thanks to all for a great show.
  12. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    Hi Gents and thanks for the kind words. Hoping to have it finished this week (it's had a few changes since the previous update). Regarding the nose leg, John (and I like that story stever219), yes looking at many photos and videos, the nosewheel always went up last. Looking at one video, it looks like the nosewheel doesn't move until the main legs are fully away (mainwheel covers might still be retracting though?). I did read somewhere that the nosewheel had to be away before a certain speed due to it retracting forward into the airflow but I can't find that passage in my books at the moment. The pilot's name in this time slot (AF tailcode - 5 Sqn) was Mark Ims (FG OFF MK IMS). Later with 11 Sqn - tailcode 'BJ' it was SQN LDR JD ALDINGTON. Cheers Bob.
  13. Airfix 2018

    The clues have all been there if you look in a 'Ted Rodgers 321 game show style'... Three of the main roads going to the Telford show are the M54, the A5 and the A442,.. ..add up all the fours and you get 12... add the 5's and the 2 and you get 12...a Squadron maybe?.... ...then there's the event itself - could be described as a sort of modeller's 'heaven'?.... ...well 'heaven' rhymes with Devon. Telfords's not in Devon, but Paignton is.... ....and Paignton is 208 miles from Telford..... 208,...another Squadron?.... ....then there's Telford itself,.... Telford begins with a 'T' and 'T' rhymes with 'C'.... .....the scurge of the Sea are Pirates...... ....and another name for a pirate might be a .......B********?.. I can totally see where the expectations arose.
  14. Amazing post. I'm another one who's been given a glimpse back into childhood memories. The old box art was the thing that really used to grab my attention. Either seeing it in my Mum's catalogue or a shop window and wondering if you'd ever be able to have one of these kits yourself. A lot of these models you're displaying ended up on either my or my sister's ceilings. Shining a torch on them and moving it about, made the shadows move and you could imagine them flying and dodging searchlights and stuff. Nothing was as exciting as getting home with a small kit from Woolworths or 'Apex craft' as my local shop was called and putting it all together. Happy days indeed.
  15. Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    You got me all excited seeing this thread appear on the page again. I check most days to see if there's any news on this. Was hoping it might appear at Telford in some form?