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  1. That's a little beauty. I'm not surprised at all that you're glad to have it in the display cabinet. Lovely job on the finish, she looks just right to me.
  2. Superb looking machine. Looks like you've put a lot of thought and work into it and it's worked beautifully.
  3. Beautiful model. Looks just like a hardworking aircraft. Great job.
  4. Brilliant! Great to finally get to the bottom of that one. Well done Nick and Graham! Was searching to try and find the marking on an actual aircraft but this is the closest I've got showing a G.91 in 1987. Check out the badge on the hangar wall. http://www.vmas.it/VMAS_vecchio_sito/velivoli/G-91/MM6417 G-91R-1B NC221 2-10 TV 19-11-87 .jpg Cheers Bob.
  5. She's a beauty! Looks just the part. Great job.
  6. Gorgeous looking Buccaneer. You've done a fine job there and I like the comment about Airfix giving the type some proper respect. Very nice.
  7. It's a beauty! I love the varied staining and weathering you've done with the panel lines and the stabilators at the rear. Very convincing look to her. All tooled up and ready to go. Love it.
  8. There's a photo on page 70 of 'British Phantoms' by Key publishing, showing her with the Black intake covers in place (they look to me to edged in a light Grey?). Looks Grrrrrreat! so far. Enjoying watching your build. Cheers Bob.
  9. Oh Wow oh Wow!! I can't think of anything adequate that would sum up how fantastic your work of art is. It's a complete joy to be able to sit here and gaze at your photos and to try to take in all the tiny details. Thanks for all the fine work you put on here and please keep it up if you can, as it's completely inspirational and just a joy to behold. Bob.
  10. I took this one at Bruntingthorpe all those years ago. Does look very dark down those intakes. I tried lightening the shadows in photoshop and it still looked dark. Someone else might be able to do it better. Hope this helps Bob.
  11. Nice work again, Nils. Nice looking Catalina and certainly gives me a feeling that I wouldn't want to be hanging around there with all that firepower coming at you. Great job. Cheers Bob.
  12. Oh Wow! What a gorgeous piece of work you've done there. It looks stunning as a whole from a distance and the closer you look, you realise that the detail's all there. Just superb. Cheers Bob.
  13. This is an enlarged crop from the photo on page 62 of the AirDoc book 'British Harriers Part 1 - The GR.1/GR.3/T2 and T4 of the Royal Air Force in Germany', showing the emblem that Hoops first brought up, which was painted on the fuselage side of GR3 XV809 of 3 Squadron, between the pilots name and the 3 Squadron Cockatrice and bars, whilst it was in the experimental Green Matchcoat scheme at Gütersloh 1984. The photo is copyright of Dr. Stefan Petersen and is shown here on the forum with his kind permission, thanks also to Andreas Klein of AirDoc and Little Shop of Phantoms for his assistance with this. From what I can see, the image looks to me, to be of a cartoon Chicken/Hawk (similar to the Warner Bros 'Looney Tunes' style) wearing a large cowboy type hat or Sombrero and holding a Blunderbuss? It would be really good if someone (here perhaps?) who used to work on 3 Squadron or at Gütersloh knew the origin of this image and could share the connection please? Cheers and Thanks for any help/ideas, Bob.
  14. Nick, I think you mentioned that there might have been something like that (the zap 'gnome') in a cartoon around that time (1984)? I wondered if the Luftwaffe had any Squadron markings like that ever and came across the ones used by 1/JG 137 which later became JG 231, which later became 1/ZG 2. Here's a shot I found of one example: https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109D/ZG2/pages/Messerschmitt-Bf-109D1-2.JGr102-or-I.ZG2-Red-15-Germany-1938-01.html This design was the 'Bernburger Jäger' (Berburger Hunter), armed with a Blunderbuss but I've no idea if there's any connection. Cheers Bob.
  15. Hi Nick, On a second look, it seems to my eyes that it's more like someone wearing a hooked nose 'venetian mask'/'scaramouche' type thing but possibly holding a Blunderbuss or a trumpet? Not heard back from Dr. Petersen yet. Cheers Bob.
  16. I've just come across a photo of it that's quite a bit better than the one you've posted (on page 62 of the Air Doc book), but I still can't as yet quite make out what it is fully. Could be a cartoon 'Chicken holding a Blunderbuss' in a circle? Photo is credited to Dr. Stefan Petersen who might have a good copy if you can find him? Edit: I've just sent him a message. I'll keep investigating in the meantime. Cheers Bob.
  17. Oh dear, look away, here comes my tuppence worth. If the budget can stretch to it, then I'm very happy to see something that's a bit colourful (I find it a real shame that we've lost a lot of squadron markings these days). I think the underside looks better than the top because the colourful area encompasses more of the whole aircraft shape and it looks quite photogenic to me. In that way it reminds me a little of the 311 Gruppo Italian Tornado from the 2017 display season. I'm guessing that the design's restricted in that they probably wouldn't want certain areas of the aircraft painting (radome for example), but the upper and sides look a little 'stop, start' to me because of this? I personally preferred the previous Squadron designs rather than the Union Flag but 'get the idea' that they are probably wanting to represent the Air Force rather than just one Squadron (maybe I just like to see something that's completely unexpected and different- I really liked the 'XXX' schemes from a few years back and something perhaps with a large design based on their 'Eagle duelling with a Buzzard' badge could've looked awesome?). I also think the Hawks from 2010 and 2012 did the Union flag thing slightly better (IMHO), as they were more 'wraparound', but then like I say, they've probably done more or less what they could, this time with a view to budget and the other airframe restrictions. Getting slightly even pickier, (with a 'Brian Sewell art critic head' on), I also understand that they'll have painted the canards with smaller individual union flag designs because they'll look better when seen on the ground when they're drooping down, but they look a little odd when looking at the airframe as a whole and for my personal tastes, I'd have wanted something that fit in with a 'whole of the aircraft' colour scheme instead? I don't know. Just how picky can I get? I should shut up get back out into the real world and get back to putting patients on ambulances. I'd still be dead chuffed to see it doing it's thing and get the chance to take some shots of it.
  18. So glad I clicked on this one this morning. What a beautiful piece of work this is. Absolutely stunning.
  19. Absolutely stunning. What a superb realistic finish you've got there. Fantastic paintjob. If there are any mistakes, as you say, I don't think anyone but you would notice because it just looks soooo so awesome.
  20. That looks super. Lovely clean looking build that shows off kit features very nicely. I do like the way that the modern kit designs seem to have a similar sturdy internal structure, like the real aircraft and (like with the 24th scale Typhoon) you just get the feeling that if all's lined up as it should be on the inside then everything will turn out well on the outside too. Gives it a bit of 'soul' to me when the insides feel right and enhances the whole experience for me. Enjoyed the magazine article too. Awesome, cheers Bob.
  21. Very nice work on this and I love seeing your Harrier progressing. Looks awesome.
  22. It's been a while since I posted but in between busy times on the ambo and getting covid myself back in December, I did actually manage to make some bits of progress in the gaps of spare time, but this will be a long journey (enjoying it so far though). I started carrying on with the pilot and seat initially (see some seat top additions here).... ...but whilst I was enjoying the detailing, I was thinking about some of the other bigger issues with the kit that I'd have to face at some time. To avoid being plagued by doubts, I thought I'd have a go at starting sorting some of them out. One of them was the heavy fuselage rivets, so I set about filling those in to look more like the surface I saw on a GR3 when I last got to see one (you'll see a spotty fuselage in later shots). Next was the question of if it might be possible to make some Paveway LGBs from what I'd got in the box plus some bits of card and tubing, utilising the 1000lb bombs in the kit. Here's how they are at the moment and the 'Paveway production line'. I'm leaving the fins off at the moment (they're just tacked on in the top shot and not finished anyway) so I don't knock them off. More detailing to be done on these but at least I know roughly where I'm going with them (and there's still a spare 1000 pounder in the box, in case I decide to go for the asymmetric load). Another thing that was playing on my mind was the whole Pegasus intake area. The kit has a gap behind the cockpit with the outside of an oversized front gear bay on view, where there should be a tapered fuselage section and a tubular fairing which sits in front of the fan hub. Not only that, but you have to open up the sides of the intake if you want to have the 'blow-in' doors opened. Another complication is remembering that this tapered fairing makes up the rear of the front undercarriage bay. I spent quite a while thinking about how to best sequence this and what should be attached to what. I eventually threw caution to the wind and decided to try and make a 'slot-in' piece which would comprise the intake walls and the tapered fuselage fairing (to be fitted into the fuselage later), as seen here. This is is from the front.. ...and the back I thought it'd be easier to fit this in and out if I'd made a card frame for where the Pegasus fan goes. I've added quite a bit of material to allow the intake fairing to be filed back some more, so the 'bell' profile of these will probably be opened out a little more at the sides. This is a how it pushes into the (spotted) fuselage that's just been taped together for now. I'm going to try to build the front part of the intake (with the blow-in doors) as one piece that includes the doors and their dividers, before fitting it onto this rear part of the intake. I've opened up the doors on one of them here The other thing was to widen out the internal wall of this front intake part. Modified one is on the right next to the kit one on the left, for comparison. I probably wouldn't have thought about altering the Pegasus fan blades at all, until Nick Greenall showed a photo of what he'd done with his (Nick has been a tremendous help with information and references, but he's also inspired me to have a go at things I normally wouldn't have - because his big Sea Harrier looks so awesome). So having seen what was possible, I thought I'd chance a go myself at replacing the plastic blades with something that I might be able to try and twist, as the actual ones do. That was why I started cutting up a tin can from the kitchen. There are 26 of these and I thought I'd have a rest after doing 13 and take a shot for comparison. The LP1 main an blades are one thing, but when you look at photos down the intake, you can just make out the fan blades from behind the front element and there are a shed load of them in that fan. I might try and do something to represent them, (and risk madness) or.... I might just hope nobody looks too closely down the intake? I think that's about it for now. More later...................much later I should think.
  23. It's a beauty. Really nice job of work. Looks exactly the part. That subtle change of colour on the nose looks bang on to how I remember them. Lovely.
  24. What a gorgeous looking Sea Harrier. Excellent paint job which really brings it to life. Really enjoying just looking at it. Just beautiful, cheers Bob.
  25. That's brilliant. Thanks very much for explaining it all. Just started on building it now. Much appreciated. Cheers, Bob.
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