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  1. Airfix 2018

    I've seen this and similar comments several times in this thread, and it's not really true. Market research can give them a pretty good idea, and this it about much more than just asking modellers what they want. They will probably have data on which periods and scales are growing in popularity and which are declining, for example. Also it's not the number of sales that matters, but the return on investment, and right now the cash flow forecast. A struggling company needs to invest in the products most likely to succeed quickly and build the brand image going forward.
  2. Strange conversations

    On the ferry from Calais as the White Cliffs came into view, I heard a man ask his young daughter if she could knew where we were. "Is it Filey?" she replied in a broad Yorkshire accent!
  3. Have we lost the Battle of Britain Hall at Hendon

    I have nothing but praise for the RAFM. At the end of May I was there in the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack. They had very high-level security (mirrors under the car, looking under the bonnet - had fun funding the release lever on the hire car), and had closed all except the main hall for security reasons. I asked at the desk if they would have enough staff on over the weekend (it was the Spring Bank Holiday) to open the other halls, as I was only in the UK for a few days and would come back on the Monday if more would be open. The receptionist called someone to check, and low and behold an assistant appeared to give me a personal tour of the closed areas! Needless to say, I did make a donation on the way out, though I did then notice that the security checks had carefully hidden the car park machines. Hope a big fine isn't trying to find it's way to me - so far so good..... It is a great museum though. Andy.
  4. Spot of the day!

    I followed a beaten up one at painfully slow speed this morning - I think it was an old couple out for a leisurely drive. To be precise, I followed a Mk1 Opel Corsa, but it's the same car.
  5. Spot of the day!

    Yes, you're right. I wasn't aware of the Sebring version with Frogeye rear and Midget-like front, and only saw your earlier comment after I'd posted.
  6. Spot of the day!

    Looks more like an A.C. Ace to me.
  7. It's a dynamic situation - I've had a temporary remission while Peter Capaldi has been in the role.
  8. Spot of the day!

    Yesterday in Newmarket, an Alfa Romeo Guillietta Spider from around 1960 in beautiful condition. I think it was a Guillietta, but it clearly had a 1600 badge and Wikipedia claims that model only came with a 1300cc engine....
  9. Austria to phase out Eurofighter

    Seahawk is right - there's a huge amount of politics behind this.
  10. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40492668 Finally the BBC have caught up with the story.
  11. Photobucket blues

    I wouldn't use that site, it's stripped half the paint off!
  12. I wonder if it's connected with this : http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40444354 By offering 3rd party hosting they're making themselves potentially liable. Germany may be just the first of many.
  13. Corsaircorp in Tekniek museum Speyer, Germany

    Definitely go to the sister museum in Sinsheim while you're there! These two museums are a real must see for all fans of any form of transport. The one in Speyer is particularly good if SWMBO is in tow as they have another building that might interest her (I forget what was in it - it wasn't transport related).
  14. Hello to all

    After a truly terrible 24 hours Interailing to Rijeka around 1990 (including discovering possibly the worst campsite in Europe and being stoned in a park by local kids), I was reluctant to ever go back. After 10 years living only 3 hours drive from Croatia, and hearing nothing but praise for the place from my colleagues, I went with the family to Rovinj last Easter. Now I realise what they meant. It's beautiful, cheap, and has great weather. We went back to Istria for another week in September. If you do go, try to get to the Plitvice lakes - truly out of this world. Apparently there's an abandoned airbase buried in a mountain near the Bosnian border, but I think it's still mined... Oh, and welcome Zagor!
  15. Spot of the day!

    On the A10 Autobahn in Austria a Volvo Amazon towing period caravan. As is the case with 90% of caravans on this route, it had Dutch plates. Obviously still running well as it was almost 1000 miles from home ( and heading back).