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  1. That would seem the most likely route, considring the temporary MiG-21R and Su-17 recce versions. Ventral KKR pod? Cheers, Andre
  2. Well, one was considered apparently: Cheers, Andre
  3. Standard English, AFAIK,. Cheers, Andre
  4. Indeed. In the 80's one AIM-9G was carried on an outboard wing pylon, with a PHIMAT or AN/ALQ-101 on the other side. HTH, Andre
  5. If money is no objection: Tamiya all the way. The Hasegawa kit is quite old now, the Academy has a number of shape errors. Cheers, Andre
  6. I would love a new tool RF- / F-84F in 1/72nd. You'd think there would be a replacement for the ancient Italeri and Airfix ones by now... Cheers, Andre
  7. You're right! In my defence, it's my least favorite USAF scheme. ;-) Cheers, Andre
  8. Does this help?: Cheers, Andre
  9. The pod is most likely a towable MAD detector. Cheers, Andre
  10. The same for USAF (Light Gull Gray / White, ADC Gray, SEA / wraparound SEA / Hil Gray 1/2) and USN (Light Gull Gray / White, Light Gull Gray / White, allover Light Gull Gray, Ferris, TPS) ones. Let alone the various one offs like the Black & White Bunny, the orange QF-4B's, etc. etc. Cheers, Andre
  11. AFAIK the 56 Squadron sharknosed radome also got around a lot. Cheers, Andre
  12. For everyone interested in the subject (and, let's face it - who isn't!), the following Double Ugly books are highly recommended: - The Phantom FG Mk.1 and FGR Mk.2 in Royal Navy and RAF service 1966 to 1978 - The Phantom FG Mk.1, FGR Mk.2 and F-4J(UK) in Royal Air Force Service 1979 to 1992 Cheers, Andre
  13. Guillermo del Toro is not directing this..? Cheers, Andre
  14. Great pictures - thanks! Cheers, Andre