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  1. 1/48 Afrika Korps and Desert Rats?

    Other than Tamiya I am not sure. Alpine Minitures do a fair bit of German WWII including DAK http://www.alpineminiatures.com/35figures.html but they are 1/35th scale. There is the old DAK and 8th Army 32scale stuff from Airfix and or Revell which were plastic. I guess you want them for the 48th scale vehicles as not much use those links.
  2. What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Was at the IMPS Show on SUnday picked up: Yep is anyone remebers this is the thrid time I have got this figure. Also a couple of figures from Tommy's War range, they are really well scluputed with very small cast blocks attached.
  3. Wasteland Warrior Bust

    That looks really good as Giemme said you have caught the expression rather well.
  4. Operator 79

    Hi Schwarz, Thanks for the advice, it is somehting to certainly bear in mind when I do my next figure, that I think will be a Crusader
  5. Operator 79

    Long time no post. This is Scale 75 figure with the name of Operator 79. You don't often see him painted up and normally he is done like the box art in yellow. Mine is a little different in color . I start this, with a WIP, over a year ago, then lost momentum, mojo and any interest in him and he sat on the self all that time. Well I have got a bit of mojo back and decided to finish him. I am still learning how to paint figures, there was a lot of trail and error and while I like how he has turned out, I still need practice on many bits and pieces. Anyway here he is.
  6. Postapocalyptic wanderer

    Great work on that very small figure.
  7. Good work on that 109 F4, must build one of these one day. Out of interest have you read the book, Luftwaffe Fighter-Bombers over Britain: Tip and Run Campaign, 1942-1943 by Chris Goss? I'm reading it at the moment and find it fasinating and could give you a wealth of kit ideas to build
  8. TAKOM WHIPPET MK A 1/35th

    Nice build Andy Looks good, the tracks are nicely done as well.
  9. That looks realy good. I must practice more.

    Sorry my mistake There is chap on the Forum called "Andy" is person I was trying to refer to should not write quickly when at work. Anyway the same said Andy also did build a Whippet http://www.themodellingnews.com/2015/09/takom-whippet-mka-build-pt-iii-painting.html which shows what he did for the tracks, looks like rust effect type thingy.
  11. That is coming along nicely. How do you find the Jo Sonja paints compaired with any others you have tried?

    Andy, some where on this forum as well did a build of the Takom British Tank http://www.themodellingnews.com/2014/10/takom-wwi-british-mkiv-male-part-2.html this might give a bit help in painting the tracks.
  13. Airfix 1/48th Spitfire 22/24

    Looks good nice finish as well,
  14. Hawker Hurricane IID (tropical)

    Looks really good, nice finish.
  15. Hawker Hurricane IID (tropical)

    I like you cockpit and instrument panel, way better then the mess I usually do