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  1. Its not easy being green. I mixed Tamiya XF-58 and XF-5 to get an approximate Russian green, added a few drops of XF-4 Yellow Green for the highlights, now to add the tan and black camo, sometime.
  2. Well, what can I say, I popped out for 5 minutes and before you know it it's 3 years later and so I decided to revisit the BMR. This is how it was left, in the box, part painted, part finished, unloved, I really had a loss of mojo with this, the paint was terrible, I just felt like I couldn't finish it. Then I decided to get my backside in gear, so everything went into freezer bags and was sprayed with a LOT of Mr Muscle oven cleaner and left overnight, as you can see the upper hull stripped back to the black primer, the Meng tan acrylic won't shift at all, even after an
  3. Thank you all... I agree with the likeness, I've seen so many busts and think "jeesh, that looks like (insert famous person)", it seems to be easier to sculpt from lots of existing reference pictures than conjure something from imagination, yes this bust looks like Milla Jovovich, Nuts Planet Teutonic knight looks like Kurt Russel, their German paratrooper looks like Patrick Stewart. But if you want to go for the ultimate look at wartime pics of Vasily Zaitsev versus Jude Law in "Enemy At The Gates". Regards. Mick
  4. Scarf wasnt a problem really, just no coffee involved or anything to give me the jitters, took my time and used thin coats of paint, problem was overdoing the highlights and having to repaint it
  5. That's superb, it's a rough cast so you have to overcome that to start with. Love the stock on the PPSh, the appearance of being well used without going ott, very well done
  6. Allegedly they're around 1/10 scale, I agree with you, out of the 3 The Hound is the best, although I'd still buy Jamie to make the set. Andrea Miniatures also make a "Warrior of the North" which bears no resemblance to Ned Stark
  7. They cant all be historic busts. I bought this one a while ago, from Blacksun Miniatures titled "Abdel Rashid ", but I titled him " Desert Nomad", I was going to have a clever name like " Felis Tuareg" but kept it simple. I really didnt know how to paint him, what colour the cloth should be etc, I had an idea that the cloth should look the indigo dyed fabric worn by the Tuareg. Then Scale 75 released the Elven colours paint set, just the shades of blue I needed. So started painting, copied reference pics of lions, got to the point where I was happy with the face and could
  8. That's really nice, I've got one at the top of the to do pile The holes just under the ears in the grey resin shots are for the headdress side tassles
  9. Excellent work. You know Mitches Military Models have released 3 GoT busts, Tyrion, Jaime Lannister and The Hound
  10. The goggles are clear resin, I'm not that good lol
  11. Yes, another one, yes its planar painting using the LM free pdf, https://e3a83318-d450-4630-b85d-f878b028bce8.filesusr.com/ugd/3a901f_c97852d393b941838fc186a28ac02525.pdf No I'm not doing another one, honest. More blending of edges. Then painting the shirt, it was at this point I'd remembered I'd forgotten to paint the hand using the face paint mixes so had to remix them just for the hand, then cigar and watch. I'll probably muck around blending the shirt highlight a bit more, possibly revisit the skin tones a
  12. And as soon as the female Russian tank crew was finished I started Rommel, not wanting to try planar again blah blah. So hes painted with Vallejo acrylics following the Life Miniatures free pdf. https://e3a83318-d450-4630-b85d-f878b028bce8.filesusr.com/ugd/3a901f_98370232f04f45979f5ac57c978b70ea.pdf I painted the torso first, that's the easier bit, had to repaint the scarf as I mucked up the highlights, then the cap, then finally tackled the face, a lot harder this time with 6 colours. Again I had a great result at Telford. Then silver at Bu
  13. After several months in the wilderness I'm back, after helping to restart the Churchill tank SIG and building several kits for Telford. So, after the tank commander I swore I'd never try planar painting again, but guess what, I'm a glutton for punishment. So I bought a few busts from Steve Kirtley at SK Miniatures, 3 of them being from Life Miniatures, the tank girl, Rommel and Che Guevara. So, I didnt manage to do a SBS yet yet yet again, just a few pick of the WIP. As ever all paints are Vallejo and I followed the free painting pdf from Life Miniatures
  14. Well it's been a while but out of the wilderness of tanks and aircraft and back to some figure painting. As usual everything's been painted with Vallejo Acrylics, it all happened so fast I didn't have time to do a WIP. The face was painted last Saturday at South West Model Show at Bovington tank museum then the body was painted Tuesday. I adhered to the free pdf from Life Miniatures as closely as possible, thank you to Sang-Eon Lee for his amazing step by step paint guide Firstly the face Smoothed out the skin and shadows T
  15. How many views?, bloody hell, absolutely honoured, just a shame about Photobucket, I'll have to reload them from imgur. Regards. Mick.
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