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  1. Thanks Combat I've finished a few pieces since this one. A couple of mini-busts (1/16), a 1/16 scale Iroquois from Mitches Miltary Models (full figure) and a 1/24 scale Chinese Boxer from Alexandros Miniatures. At the minute I'm working on a 1/32 scale WW1 Nurse from Tommy's War as well as trying to sculpt and paint some of my own work, in this case a pair of 6th century Franks (a male warrior and his woman). I usually post most of my work on Facebook these days, just search for Billy Campbell if that's your bag
  2. I followed an online tutorial by the insanely talented David Soper: https://sproketsmallworld.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/making-titlename-plaque-for-display.html The only thing I did differently was to use spray glue to mount the printout on the plasticard. The varnish I had just wasn't up to the job of sticking the paper securely enough.
  3. Not much actual modelling done today, just some putty work to make him look a bit more "seated" on his perch. I acquired some A3 black foamboard though and made a bigger dark box to accommodate larger models like this one (and some of my other non-figure models). This is the result, using artificial light:
  4. A little blob of putty, sanded to shape?
  5. Thanks again G I started off with a light brown, almost like a skin tone. The grain was painted with Burnt Umber then a thin glaze of Vallejo Model Colour Mahogany was applied over the top. I then went in afterwards to add some lights and shades where I thought they were needed until I was happy with the look. The white metals were painted with Darkstar Miniatures metallics (very good by the way, I'm getting some more) and the yellow metals were painted with Vallejo Model Air metallics.
  6. A little bit more progress on the painting and he's all glued together now. You'll note the absence of his large brass appendage
  7. He looks good to me When painting small scale figures the main thing to think about is contrast. The moulded creases and recesses aren't deep enough to take advantage of the ambient light to create natural shadows so you need to help them along a bit by creating them yourself. That means painting dark shadows in the recesses and fairly bright highlights on top of the creases and along pocket edges etc... As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the scale then the higher the contrast needs to be. As far as uniform colours go, there was so much variation between manufacturers, not to mention natural aging/weathering of the fabrics, that anything in the county never mind the ballpark would be accurate enough. Even when I served (only a few years ago) you were lucky if you got a smock that matched your trousers HTH
  8. Cheers G I hadn't spotted that little bubble but I'll be filling the gaps around the wrists, along with the tree/moccasin interface, when he finally comes together (hopefully in the next week or so) so I'll snag it then.
  9. Primed the musket tonight so I'll be concentrating on that for the next few days. Also did another dry fit to check how the model's coming along overall. The photos are slightly better this time, while I was in the shed I decided to get my proper camera out. I'm not used to models this size, my backgrounds etc. are all set up for smaller pieces so I'm finding him a challenge to photograph. Comments and critique are always welcome
  10. My journey continues down the model. His breechcloth and axe are now more or less done. The satchel and powder horn will be up next before moving onto his leggings. I'm still having fun
  11. Cheers Knikki, the JS paints are very nice to use but they do have their own little foibles, like any paint. I love the dead flat finish (usually, the reds seems to have dried with a bit of a sheen in this case - probably my fault). They thin OK with water but using their own Flow Medium or Magic Mix is far better. The main reason I like them is that the pigments are familiar to me (as an oils user) and, unlike most hobby paint makers, they indicate what pigments are used on the paint tube. This little detail makes mixing paint a lot more predictable, especially when you stick to single-pigment colours.
  12. Thanks for your nice comments guys I've made a little more progress but tonight I just did a dry fit and took some photos:
  13. Cheers G, nice to see you looking in It is a very nice model, you won't be disappointed. Its quite a bit bigger than what I'm used to but it should be quite a head turner when its finished.
  14. Hey again folks, With my local club Christmas competition fast approaching I thought I'd better make a start on my entry. He is an Iroquois scout/sentry from the French Indian War, sculpted by Carl Reid and sold by Mitches Military Models. Its a lovely model, I'm trying very hard not to screw it up Progress so far (painted with Jo Sonja acrylics): Main colours used so far: Skin tones - Burnt Sienna/Raw Sienna (roughly 2:1) with a spot of Cadmium Scarlet, Naples Yellow Hue added for highlights, Burnt Umber added for shadows. Red - Brown Madder, Cadmium Scarlet added for highlights, Indian red Oxide added for shadows. Yellow - Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow Light added for highlights, Dioxazine Purple added for shadows (only the tiniest spots are needed to tone down the yellow). Blue beadwork - Storm Blue and French Blue used straight from the bottle and also mixed in varying proportions for mid tones. Black and White added freehand for the pattern.
  15. Hey again folks, I've been working on these two 1/16 busts from Stormtroopers, a French Infantryman (AWI) and a Fallschirmjaeger. The AWI bust is painted with my usual minimal oil palette and is more or less finished. The Fallschirmjaeger is painted with Jo Sonja acrylics and still needs a bit of work, mainly the leather webbing straps and a few touch ups where the paint has worn a bit thin. I also think he needs a change of hair colour. I wanted to go for a classic arrogant Aryan look with blue eyes and golden blonde hair but it just looks a bit "wrong" so I'll probably tone it down a bit (I think the stubble is a bit dark and heavy for a blonde and that's what makes it look a bit odd). Comments and critique are welcomed, especially on the Fallschirmjaeger as I want to improve my acrylic painting (I still find it quite frustrating).
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