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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the kind comments and likes! I forgot to mention that the white metal u/c was used because of the amount of weight needed in the nose to balance out the solid resin tail,believe it or not, 200 grammes were required!!! Lots of screen grabs from the movie were used to sort the details and weathering out. Thanks again, Pete
  2. Hi Everyone! Sorting out some photos and found these, built a while ago but not posted on Britmodeller, thought they might be interesting. Base kit is Revell 04507, Wheels from Brassin, Quickboost engines, SAC whitemetal U/C, cowlings,top nacelles sections and props borrowed from an Italeri B25 kit, decals from Draw Decals and corrected tail section from Belcher Bits. Nose and nacelles re-sculpted using body filler and rudder enlarged. Hope this is of interest. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi Mark! great to hear from You, and thanks for Your kind wishes! I went back to work full time in January,so not been spending time at the bench(work,rest,work,rest,repeat!)but the master plan is to settle back into the Hood next winter. During the summer, I'm setting up a workshop in the garage,with a view to getting into Model engineering when I retire. in fact, I picked up a 1950's Myford Super 7 lathe two days before My 'glitch'! Last May,so I am planning to strip and rebuild it when (if?) The warmer weather appears. I see You have 'Catalini' on the bench, I did a Supercat conversion in the 'Always' Fire eaters scheme a while back,the build blog fell foul to the Photobucket debacle,but I will do a rfi entry showing the completed model, t'was an interesting project. If You are planning to get back on Your Hood later in the Year,let Me know and I'll make all the mistakes first for You!! Again, great to hear from You Mark, all the best and..............Keep Sticking!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Guys! Thanks for the kind thoughts, looking forward to getting back to the bench!! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi there! As a follow up the My reply to Keith above, a brief note as a catch up. I was unfortunate enough to have a heart attack in May, it has been a long recovery process, during which someone seems to have been messing with the dimmer switch on "the light at the end of the tunnel"! Things are starting to improve now,and I am hoping to get back to work fairly soon and things will get back to normal! Sorry to everybody following My build, I should have been back before to keep You all informed. Bye for now, and.......Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Keith! Sorry for the late reply, not been on the thread for a while I've had some health issues which have kept Me from the bench! from memory (model in hibernation (loitering within-tent!), the boot topping is 6mms wide, I used tamiya tape to mask the black when I sprayed the other hull colours. I think it is ascribed on the hull as well. hope to get back on the Hood in the not too distant future! hope this helps! keep sticking! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi Kallisti, Sorry I've not posted before,still got health problems, recovery is going slow! Excellent result with Your Angel build, a great result! Hoping to get back on Mine as soon as I can, thinking about the panel lines,whether it best to use the existing panel lines (and adding a few missing ones) and doing a panel line wash ,or filling and penciling them in. I might pick Your brain on the latter! I hope You are feeling a lot better and recovering well! All the best......and Keep sticking! Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi Lee! Great work! For a first attempt at figure painting I think You've nailed it! looking forward to seeing these completed! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  9. Hi Kallisti! Sorry to here You've been going through the mill health-wise too, I'm on the walking regime too,just got back from My first 10 minute one! Take heed of Bigdaves warning about lifting though! Not been able to get back on Mine yet, been sorting and shredding about 10 Years worth of paperwork to keep Me busy, I think Nursie (My good Lady Lisa!) may give Me clearance to do a card model sat comfy at the table where She can keep an eye on Me ( She is building a Tamiya 1/6 Monkey Bike at the minute). Best wishes for Your continued recovery! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  10. Hi Jamie! Nice start on Your 'ood, mine is in hiatus at the moment,got some health problems at the the moment,but I am hoping to pick it up later in the Year. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  11. Great job Pete! Nice to see a different take on any subject, but the Splitty is special! Keep sticking! Cheers, Pete
  12. hi Pete! Thanks for the reply, yes, I am listening to the Doc, I'm having a bit of a bumble about, but get tired very quickly,glad You got sorted after Yours. Take care, cheers, Pete
  13. Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, been in hospital for a week having a heart attack sorted out, bit of a nuisence! Been told to lie low for a bit, no angle grinding! I'll pick the build up when I feel a bit more 'Normal' (that's been a while anyway!) I'll be popping in to see how everybody is getting on with Their builds! Keep Sticking! (Ticking?) Cheers, Pete
  14. Hi Dean! Great progress, looking sweet! Keep Sticking, Cheers, Pete
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