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  1. Hi All! OK, solution to the cryptic puzzle is:- 3 Dogs:- Rover (OK,Land) German Shepherd Bloodhound Got It? Yes, the vernerable old chestnut, 1st issue boxing. Bought one when it first came out in 1969-70 when on a school week-long trip to Kent,spent all My pennies on it and had to send Home for some more! (Nothing changes then!) I've got some aftermarket decals to replace the nearly 50 year-old ones, and I managed to get some Paragon Bulged Wheels before they vanished. I'll do it in the kit colour scheme, as I had the privilige of flying in XV200 when it was in this scheme whilst on Summer Camp with the ATC (Air Training Corps.) in Scotland in the early 70's. Might do a re-scribe on it depending on time available, or have a go at replacing the inevitably lost raised panel lines with stretched sprue to keep it as close to original as possible. As I mentioned on My first post, I won't be starting this yet,possibly beginning of August when I've got some time off work. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  2. * Hi There! I'm hoping to get involved in the group build,in the middle of a long term build at the moment,and have a surprise coming for a "Significant" Birthday in a couple of weeks which I will have to crack on with........but,I think I will be able to squeeze another one in! What will it be? Pop Quiz! One box, One Aircraft and.......Three Dogs? Answers on a postcard....... Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete * Hi MarkSH! *Tripehound?* Like Your thinking, but no! Any More? Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi There! I'm hoping to get involved in the group build,in the middle of a long term build at the moment,and have a surprise coming for a "Significant" Birthday in a couple of weeks which I will have to crack on with........but,I think I will be able to squeeze another one in! What will it be? Pop Quiz! One box, One Aircraft and.......Three Dogs? Answers on a postcard....... Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi There! Thanks noeyedears,kpnuts, EX-FAAWAFU and KAYELL (Keith) for looking in,I'm going to try and give a little more detail on My approach to using the PE as I settle down a bit with it, it's the most I have ever used on a project to date, I just hope with Me approaching it as a relative beginner My ideas will be of use to those at a similar stage of learning as I am. I've picked a great deal up online about techniques and would like to pass on My take on it to help other builders make the move into the magical world of PE! Hope to get some time at the bench Tomorrow and get an update up. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi Warreni ! Great start on the Rodney! Double-interested in Your build as I am doing a Hood with a Pontos set on here, and My Father-in-Law was on the Rodney August '37 to August '38 (no pics unfortunately) Like Beefy above,I will bookmark this Pom-Pom build for future ref. Following along..(#on the crest of a wave#.....) Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi noeyedears! Thanks for havin' a look-see! Yes, I was logged in before,did everthing the way I normally do it! As You can see,I've sussed it out, I normally select the picture from the album and right click on it,and select 'copy link location' and paste it into the posting, has worked everytime before,but not this time?! Anyhoo, I'll use the way I've done it this time in the future,and We should be ok! Many Thanks! Cheers, Pete
  7. Just a quick progress update:- Two reels I missed in My original fittings list made up,bases fixed to frame with solder paint, reels with cyano,will go into more detail on the procedure on later fittings:- Anchor Chains fed around Capstans and through deck,secured by cyano under deck:- Not tried this product before,let's see how it goes:- Fore and Aft Decks finally fixed in place using a combination of Revell Contacta and thick cyano:- Working o the Shelter Deck and the underside of the boat deck next, adding missing detail that will be visible as the model will be wall mounted. Details will be taken from the Anatomy of the Ship book, E.J. Foerth's Excellent 'On The Slipway site, and The Hood Association Site. EJ, and Frank Allen of The Hood Association were major contributors fro the reference used by Pontos Models when developing Their Hood Detail Set,and are acknoweleged on the Instruction Sheets. http://ontheslipway.com/ http://www.hmshood.com/ More soon! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete Edit:- I don't understand why My photos are not showing on the posting,done it the usual way by copy/pasting the link from Flickr into the post, I'm wondering if it as anything to do with Flickr being taken over by Smugmug? Photos can be viewed by copy/pasting into Your browser,but it is a bit of a bind! If I can find a solution I'll edit up again! Sorry! Pete Re-edit! Links working now,but photo not showing on page? Pete, Puzzled! Re-Re-edit!! Got the pics in now, copy/pasted the link on the top of the page of each picture,not the way I usually do it, but Hey-Ho,if it works............................... Cheers! Pete
  8. Hi Jeroen! Thanks for popping in,hope You enjoy the project!
  9. morty_3333

    1/6 Tamiya BMW R90S

    Hi Lee! Will have to have a look at the 1/8 offerings,as You say the Tamiya 1/6 choice is drying up for Me now, the first biggie I built was the Z1300 Tourer,finished it when off work for My honeymoon (!) In 1984, the kit new cost Me £37! (Over half a weeks wages!!!) Will get some pics posted of this one, a bit rare now. . Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  10. morty_3333

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    Hi Lee! All the lads at tech collage were progressing from FS1E's to GT 250's or GT380's if they had the extra dosh!! Yes,I remember the Gold Wing first coming out,the local dealer (Jackson's in Burton on Trent) gave it a window all to itself! Keep up the good work! Cheers, Pete
  11. morty_3333

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    Hi Jeroen! Yep, I must be imagining things again ( Age!),with You saying You had got back into modelling again I thought that You might have posted elsewhere, no probs! I will definitely be posting My camper build on these hallowed pages,maybe not for a while,wrestling with a large HMS Hood at the moment ( in the Maritime Section ) Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  12. morty_3333

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Hi John! HELP!! PLEASE STOP POSTING MFH BUILDS EVERBODY!! I've got a 'Short list' of about 12 MFH subjects already. And not one in the stash. And My Bank Manager is already giving Me funny looks!! I'm going to have to find a 'Stash Convertor' to finance some!! Just kidding, keep 'Em coming, wonderful to see them being built,a real treat!! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  13. morty_3333

    1/6 Tamiya BMW R90S

    Hi Lee! Great build on the BMW, I love the paintwork the engine looks like it's been cast in alloy and weathered!! I built the Police Bike version a few Years back,a great kit for It's age, went together really well, and I have The R75/5 in the stash (along with the Harley/sidecar combo, My last two 1/6 kits to do!) Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  14. morty_3333

    Revell VW Samba 1/16

    Hi Jereon! I know Your name from another forum,just cannot remember which one! (I used to spend a lot of time on Hyperscale?) - Welcome to Britmodeller!! Really great work on the 'bus, I have one of these very near the top of the 'To Do' pile, I want to recreate My first ever car, a 1958 Devon Mk3 Camper, 6volt, 1200cc engine in Mango Green/Seagull Grey (Wish I still had it!!) It will be a big project:- Scratch-built camper interior (Done with a few reference pics online and a failing memory! Altered lighting - no indicators, just 'Semaphore' flag arms. Fill-in all roof windows, side-rear windows and create a smaller rear door ('Tailgate') screen. Fill in roof. and last but not definitley least- convert to right-hand drive!!! (I get a cold sweat just thinking about this, major body/dash surgery!) Thanks for posting the tips about the build, following along and enjoying! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  15. morty_3333

    1/8 Kawasaki Z900A4 kitbash

    Hi Lee! Fantastic work on the the Z900 (Both of them!) I could never understand why this was'nt on Tamiya's 1/6 list, as it was one of the most iconic 70's superbikes in My youth, along with the Suzuki GT750 'Kettle' and the Mk 1 Gold Wing, and many others! Of course ,there is this one:- http://www.visordown.com/blogs/snippets/new-1972-kawasaki-z1-only-£720 Ouch!! Thanks for treating Us to Your builds! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete