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  1. morty_3333

    Misfit 2

    Hi Pete! Sorry I missed the start on this, cracking work on a great concept!! I must admit that when I first read 'Floaty Boat', I thought straight away of this:- Great start Pete, I will be following this! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  2. Hi There! I hope Everyone has had a great Christmas and I wish You All an Happy New Modelling Year!! Just a quick update to what I have been upto over the Holidays (Back to work tomorrow ) Made a start on the display base, I'm using two layers of 6mm MDF:_ I made a simple wooden jig to size,slot and drill the 8mm aluminium tube rail supports:- .......that fit onto the 10mm aluminium angles that will become the launch rails:- Made a jig up to assemble the tubes to each other with the cross pieces :- But found that the wooden jig I made for drilling the holes had let the drill wander of centre so the holes were out of line to each other ( this stopped the tubes from sliding onto the rails properly):- So I decided to fill and sand the bottom hole with 5 min. Epoxy and drill the top hole out for some larger ali. rod (kinitting needle), and make another jig up the fit the tubes individually to each rail:- The rails were then clamped inverted on the bench with a suitable spacer while the epoxyed-in rods set up, and.....Result! Holes were then marked out and drilled in the top layer of MDF for the tubes:- The two layers of MDF were then glued together, and the top was skinned with 1.5mm styrene sheet with double-sided tape:- Launch Sled booster rockets were glued up from lengths of 15mm plastic pipe:- Sled mounting was made from 2mm styrene sections to allow a sliding fit on rails:- Sled construction started with a plate of 2mm styrene with Plastruct truss beams:- .....and styrene tubing fitted across the width at two places ready for the rods that will secure the booster packs:- That's all for now, will get back on with it next week! Thanks for looking in, and.... Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi Pete! Thanks for looking in, hope You've had a nice Christmas! I'm at an age now where I've got to decide which models in the stash I'm going to get round to building, so I would rather move on the ones that will not get built to buy ones that I will, plus it means that there is good chance I will be able to build more of what I have in. I have always been a huge Gerry Anderson fan, and to be able to build some of the iconic vehicles that I would sit watching on the telly with My dad in the 60's, makes it worthwhile to Me to shuffle things around to be able to do models like this. This will probably be one of the last models of this size / cost that I will buy, in the future I would like to be able to try scratchbuilding, I have even toyed with the idea of saving up for a 3D Pinter now that they are coming down in price, but I've had a dabble at the CAD software required and I find it a struggle to get on with,but I will have another shot at it. I am thinking of doing this straight after My Fireball XL5 build, it should be a fairly quick build before I get back into My Trumpeter HMS Hood build. Watch this space! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete (in Staffs!)
  4. Hi there! I was going to put this in the reviews section, but It seems I can't!....................so i'll put it here...................! While building My UNCL Fireball XL5, I became aware (thanks Kallista!) that there was a Studio Scale Angel Interceptor kit, produced by Simian Stuff and available through Kits For Cash:- https://www.kitsforcash.com/captain-scarlet-angel-interceptor-new-release-i5999.htm After viewing the price,and receiving a dose of smelling salts (Thank You Lisa!!), I decided I had got to have one! After several trips to 'Stash Convertor' (Ebay!!) , I managed to gather together enough plastic (resin?) vouchers to acquire one! I cannot find an out of the box review for the kit, so I thought I would put one up here so You can see what it's all about. 12" / 300mm rule shown in photos for scale. The kit comes in a large corrugated card box with a nice full colour label on the top:- A set of instructions cover the (not too difficult) assembly procedure, the kit comprises of only 27 parts, shown here:- ....and a nice set of Decals printed by Jbot Decals:- I think You are getting an idea of the size of this model, the Spectrum roundels are about 2"/50mm in diameter! Photos of the resin parts:- Rear Fuselage:- Upper and lower cockpit sections:- Separate Front jet intake (handy for painting the hard to get at bits) ,this is then fitted to the cockpit section,a close up of the cockpit detail, and posed with the nose section, which is re-inforced with a metal rod to prevent warping:- Main wing panels are solid resin with interlocking tabs,and fit together very nicely. Panel lines are engraved throughout on the external surfaces, including the large 'A' on the underside which will make for easy masking off:- The rear Ramjet intake is moulded seperately from the fin, to allow for the (supplied) aliminum mesh to be fitted into ready-formed recesses in it's underside, and to paint the areas seperately, before gluing to the main fin, a nice touch that will save a lot of fiddly masking!:- (Edit:- After further research, it appears that these are not intakes, but control and braking outlets!) Solid 1 piece tailplane is nearly 12" Span!! Clear resin cockpit should polish up nice:- Cockpit detail includes a nicely cast instrument panel and housing (no instrument decals supplied but should be easy to source):- One Angel figure, nicely cast with separate arms and boots (), arms with 'Rams Horn' yoke section ready moulded in, and a clear resin helmet moulding:- Ejector seat with finely moulded-in harness and full control yoke:- Nose skid, nose-gear door and metal rod for leg, and wingtip main skids:- the nose canard:- No scale is given for the kit, but working on published figures for the 'Real' aircraft, it comes out at about 1/24th, 'Studio Scale' , Approx. 30" / 760mm overall length It is not cheap (It has took a fair load off My roof trusses!) , but a finely made and well researched, and to My Mk.2 (untrained) eyeball, looks pretty damn close to Derek Meddings fantastic creation!! Very little work in the way of pour-stub removal and clean-up. Oh, and I have yet to find a bubble anywhere in any of the castings! I hope this review is of some use / interest! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete More in depth information here:- https://www.spectrum-headquarters.com/angel_interceptor.html
  5. Hi Pete! Thank You for Your kind comments! This has taken far longer than it should due to distractions,the kit builds really well and the fits are great with very little fettling ,in fact the filler panels in the fin and wing pods are a push fit! The drawings are digital, pen and fingers!! Difficult to find any clear shots of the original cradle,but I am going to try to keep it as faithful as I can. Thanks for looking in! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Knikki! I'm not sure where He is, but He is 93 Years Old! Or.....is He not born yet (Date of birth‎: ‎October 29th, 2030)? Thanks for Your kind comments, watch this space (no pun intended!!) Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi Everybody! I've been missing in action (Household jobs etc, still.....!), but I have been able to spend some time on the project....... Fireball is finished!!! I won't say the project is finished, I've still got to build the display base, but the drawings are done, pics below:- Wingtip pods are not glued on yet, for ease of access when fixing the launch cradle. Sketches for launch cradle and rail, I've just got to tidy the workshop and hope to make a start at the weekend:- I'll post again when I make a start on the display base. Thanks for looking in! Keep Sticking!! Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi Mark! I'm SOOOO glad You had a great time at Telford!!!!!! . I had a great week-end upto My elbows in polymer chemicals!!!!!!! , earning Plastic Vouchers!! It's a great show is'nt it, and hopefully, I will be on a off-shift next year, so I will be able to get,and hopefully catch up with You!!! Settle down with a glass of Your favorite, go through the Pontos instructions and kit intructions, and really, really plan Your attack!!. I must have spent the best part of a month poring over all My paperwork etc, to get a clear way forward before I reached for the cutters! I also got some A3 plastic folders to put the Pontos instructions in for easy, coffee-stain free access to bothe sides of the sheet, and made a list of which sprues are in each box, and a parts number/ sheet number guide for the frets for easy hunting, saves a lot of searching about, I found the parts list on the web:- I cannot rember where I found this, so acknowledgements to the creator, I hope it is alright to put this up here. Then again, I'm probably trying to teach My Mum's mum to suck eggs!! I've used some PE in the past, but nothing to this extent, so I wanted to be sure! I'm just approaching the end of My Fireball build, just got to do the launch-rail, so I'm hoping to get back on the Hood before or at Christmas. I'll be keeping My eye on Your thread in the meantime! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  9. Hi there! If I'd have used grey primer, could it have been a Mysteron Fireball? I'm a very lucky boy, My good Lady treated Me to this for My (Large) Birthday this year!! 24" Angel Interceptor? ????!!!!!!!!! ,.................just when I promised Myself No more kits!!!!!!!!! Stop it now!!!!! Kidding, really look forward to watching that!!!!! Ditto!!!!! thanks for looking in, home stretch coming up!! Cheers, Pete
  10. Hi Everybody! Hope You are all OK and sorting out Your Winter building projects! Okey Dokey, where was I? Using My new toy to roll PE trim strips for Juniors canopy:- Strips fitted with tiny amounts of 5 minute epoxy and held with tape:- Astrodome moulding cut from sheet and shaped on a piece of wet'n'dry taped to fuselage top:- Fireball XL5 meets Darth Vader!....... Alclad black base coat:- Alclad Dark Aluminium spayed and masking removed:- Just off to give Her a couple of coats of gloss, then I'll let it harden up for a few days so I can get the decals on! Also must get cracking on the launch cradle and rail! Thanks for looking in, and..... Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  11. Hi Mark! OK, the penny has just dropped! I thought I recognised Your distinguished facade, from Your photo in 'Building and Detailing Scale Commercial Aircraft'!!! An excellent volume , and one that I refer to on a regular basis, so My hat is well and truly doft to You as well Sir!! And, talking of inspiration, it is You I have to thank (Blame?) for the Aningrad 1/72 VC10 and F-Resin BOAC Speedbird decals in My stash!!!!! Have a great time at Telford at the weekend, I'll be thinking of You and everybody else having a great time while I'm at work!!!!!! Keep Spendin' ! Cheers, Pete
  12. Hi Drift! Go for it!!! Just check to see if there is a hull in the box........................................................................................ Cheers, Pete
  13. Hi Everybody! Yes, I'm still alive, just been a bit slack recentley (workshop and posting!) but the dark evenings are here!! A little update:- We have Colour! Tamiya Yellow and Xtracrylics 'Red Arrows' Red, Yellow spayed first then masked to spray the red:- Cockpit painted and installed:- Cockpit framework from etch, fitted and canopy trimmed to shape then dipped in Future:- When the canopy is dry,it will be fitted and fairing strips from photo-etch will be fitted, then everything will be masked up for the black basecoat for the Alclad. Until next time, Keep Sticking!! Cheers, Pete
  14. Hi Everybody! Sorry for the lack of updates, been away on hols plus gone done with some ailment at the moment (Wife says Man-Flu but I say Ebola or Lassa fever! ) Fireball is moving on, I can't spray at the moment because of the fumes, so I'm drawing up the launch cradle and rail at the moment, so I can try to deplete Evergreens' global stock! I'll try to get some progress pics up by the end of the weekend. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  15. Hi Everybody! Just a quick update, been messin' around priming, rubbing down, filling, priming............... and repeat......... But I've started doing 'colouring in', lost me crayons so I'll have to use paint- In between primer coats, been using knifing stopper for small blemishes:- Got the Yellow (Tamiya XF3) and Blue (Tamiya XF8) on, as these seem a pretty good match to My References, these wil be masked off before spraying the red/silver respectivly:- Other parts sprayed with Alclad black basecoat followed by alclad aluminium (cockpit bulkhead, Tamiya Nato Black (cockpit floor) and alclad dark aluminium (remainder). I Like the way Bill as provided the filler panels for the fin and wingtip pods as a seperate drop-in piece,saves a lot of masking!! :- More soon! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete