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  1. Hi Jamie! Nice start on Your 'ood, mine is in hiatus at the moment,got some health problems at the the moment,but I am hoping to pick it up later in the Year. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  2. Great job Pete! Nice to see a different take on any subject, but the Splitty is special! Keep sticking! Cheers, Pete
  3. hi Pete! Thanks for the reply, yes, I am listening to the Doc, I'm having a bit of a bumble about, but get tired very quickly,glad You got sorted after Yours. Take care, cheers, Pete
  4. Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, been in hospital for a week having a heart attack sorted out, bit of a nuisence! Been told to lie low for a bit, no angle grinding! I'll pick the build up when I feel a bit more 'Normal' (that's been a while anyway!) I'll be popping in to see how everybody is getting on with Their builds! Keep Sticking! (Ticking?) Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi Dean! Great progress, looking sweet! Keep Sticking, Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Kallisti! You're really knocking it into submission there, let it know who's Boss!! Great progress, and I'm picking up some pointers, I like the tip with the wire to force the filler in. Sanding the seat down more to get the pilot to fit........... Are You suggesting Sir, that My Rhapsody has a big Bum???? Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi Angelo! Great work on the SPV, love the door and seat, will the jet packs be functional as well??!!!! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  8. Hi Pete! Great progress on the Splitty, the character is really coming out now! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  9. hi Angelo! Only just spotted this,and wow! You have inspired Me to get Me finger out on Mine, excellent Job!! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  10. hi Dean! Ooo, Shiny........ well, It's not actually shiny but You know what I mean!! I love it when the wash goes on and pops the detail! Great progress and.... Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete PS. "I'd love a 44" Eagle too, but I'm watching this one get steadily longer and wondering where I'm going to put this!" Easy - launch pad, elevator and hanger! 
  11. Hi Pete! I don't know, I wander off for a few days and look what happens! The speed You work at You should'nt need glue, the styrene should fuse together!! Great work! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  12. Hi Andy! The Apollo LM must rate as one of the coolest pieces of engineering ever,( The job it was designed to do is the coolest too!!), and I remember bagging this kit from Woolies when it was first released (Yes, I'm 36ish..........) I would love to scratch build a large scale version one day, have been collecting reference for as long as I can remember (not long nowadays!! ) Following along....... Great work on the Saturn V Too! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  13. Hi Everyone! Sorry about the delay in posting,I had'nt done a lot thinking I would be soon going in for My surgery, but found out it is going to be a few months yet!! So,upside is...... back to the bench! Seems like We've got a race on now between Kallisti and Me, it is interesting to see the differences between the earlier release of this kit that Kallisti is building and the more recent one. Okey doke, The instructions would have You glueing the the intakes to the cockpit section before fixing the whole unit to the front of the rear fuselage:- But the alaignment of the two sections calls for a different approach:- So I decided to fit the cockpit section first,and then adjust the fit of the intake section seperately to get the best fit:- ( This is one of the differences between the two kits, the earlier one has the intakes moulded in one piece with the cockpit) The seperate intakes make for easier painting:- Nurse!! P38!! Filler strip fitted to fin, and inside vent surfaces painted black:- Inside edges of tail vent painted white, mesh painted Nato Black and all parts glued together:- More Soon! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
  14. Hi Angelo! Ah, another favorite of mine, I did'nt realise Studio 2 did one, got one of His Stingrays in the loft to do, so will be interested to see how this one goes together. Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete (PS Thinking of changing My name to Derek Meddings in honour of the great man Himself!)
  15. Hi Kallisti! Great progress on Your Angel, I've been fortunate as far as pinholes go, but still have some major sand,fill,repeat to do. You've beat Me to Rhapsody, might have to get the hair dye out (I've only got grey.........), or, maybe She had a sister............... Onward with the good work, hope You feel better soon! Keep Sticking! Cheers, Pete
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