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  1. The BAe Hawk Mk.108 & Mk.208, which has been serving the Malaysian Royal Air Force (RMAF) for the past 25 years, is still relevant in carrying out its main role in maintaining the safety and sovereignty of the country’s air space. During its 25 years of service, the Hawk aircraft had been operated by three squadrons, namely No. 6 Squadron, No. 9 Squadron and No. 15 Squadron. Among the largest operations involving this aircraft was Ops Daulat on March 2013 in which five Hawk aircraft were assigned to launch air strikes on the illegal hideouts of terrorists in Lahad Datu, Sabah. The Hawk aircraft were also used as advanced training aircraft for transitional courses to teach pilots to fly fighter aircraft operated by No. 15 Squadron at Butterworth Air Base; to train young pilots to fly fighter planes, before qualifying them to fly other combat aircraft in RMAF. I am using Hobbyboss kit for both Hawk, basically OOB and I am using the 25th anniversary livery decals from Fishbone Inc's. For sure I don't follow exactly 100% like the real aircrafts, I've added up some extra stuffs e.g. mission markings, unique callsign and fully loaded the aircraft...that's just some personal preferences ''
  2. J-15 Chinese Flanker "105" of People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force, CNS LiaoNing CV-16 circa 2015. ∙ Trumpeter #01668 Chinese J-15. ∙ Dream Model DM 0544 AL-31 Exhaust nozzle etched parts. ∙ Dream Model CDM 72020 colour photo-etched parts for cockpit + detail up etched parts. ∙ Dream Model DM 0530 Ladder etched parts for Su-27 family. Ordnance: ∙ PL-8 "Thunderbolt-8" AAM x2 ∙ PL-12 "Thunderbolt-12" BVRAAM x4 ∙ KD-88 Anti-ship missile x2 ∙ YJ-12 "Eagle Strike 12" Anti-ship cruise missile x2
  3. Sorry I clicked on "Post topic" accidentally, now the images are ok!
  4. Hi guys, here's my latest work and it's a WHAT-IF project! Israeli Air Force F-35i ADIR #375, 115th Squadron "The Flying Dragon", Ovda AFB, 2018. For sure this is a half "What-if" as IDF do equipped with F-35 but with that Grey camo. I use Gunze 310, Gunze 313, Gunze 314 + Green for IDF camo pattern. For underbelly I use Gunze 308. I make it into Beast mode because firstly, it's no longer stealth with that camouflage and secondly, I love to fully load my aircraft I tinted the canopy with 80% Clear Yellow + 20% Smoke Grey. Post-shading by using Tamiya XF-10 Flat Brown & Tamiya XF-2 Flat White - highly diluted and spray with low pressure, for both shadows and highlight. For the stand, to make it even more easy to transport, I use the stand from Hasegawa F-35A - drilled some holes, with some brass tubes and super glue now the F-35i will stay on the stand for quite a long time. By the way decals for both 1/72 & 1/48 are available for booking on Fishbone Inc.
  5. Hi guys, just finished my F-14B and F/A-18F "Jolly Rogers". The display base is 20cm x 40cm. Flight deck is scratch build with plastic plate. Hobbyboss Tomcat, Hasegawa Super Hornet and Fujimi tractor. I use figures from Reedoak, RBF from Eduard and Tie-down set from Infini-model. 1/72nd scale. Took around 2 months to complete all of them. For sure there're some timeline mistakes between them e.g. tractor and ordnance.'' 1/72 VF-103 F-14B Tomcat "Jolly Rogers" US Navy F-14B Tomcat BuAerNo. 162918/AA100 of VF-103 Jolly Rogers, Operation Iraqi Freedom III, USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 NAG, November 2004. ∙ HobbyBoss #80277 F-14B Tomcat ∙ Dream Model DM0540 for fuselage & cockpit + DM0504 AN/AWG-9 radar etched parts ∙ Hasegawa #35114 Aircraft Weapons: IX pack (JAM and targeting pod) ∙ Infini-model IMP-72001R1 1/72 Tie Down Point & Device Set A (display base) 1/72 VFA-103 F/A-18F Super Hornet “Jolly Rogers” US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet BuAerNo. 168493/AG200 of VFA-103 Jolly Rogers, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), CVW-7 2018 - 75th Anniversary scheme, 1943-2018. ∙ Hasegawa #00548 F/A-18F Super Hornet, ∙ Galaxy Model G72018 + Galaxy Model G72004 ∙ DreamModel CDM #72024 ∙ Wolfpack-Design WP72008 F/A-18E/F Flap down wing set That's all for the day, folks. Thank you for dropping by, cheers!
  6. Hi guys, oh well that's just for fun, I always love planes full of kill markings It's nice, but becareful the flaps might bend a little bit because of temperature factor.
  7. Hey Dave, I spray different tones of grey and also white (both very diluted) with low pressure on different panels to create variation.
  8. Calling it done. US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet BuAerNo. 168493/AG200 of VFA-103 Jolly Rogers, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), CVW-7 2018. "Victory 200" 75th Anniversary scheme, 1943-2018. Kit: Hasegawa PE parts: DreamModel Wing: Wolfpack Flap-down Decals: Fishbone Inc. v Thanks for viewing, the F-14B is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235046296-172-vf-103-f-14b-tomcat-jolly-rogers/&tab=comments#comment-3188652
  9. Calling it done. 1/72 US Navy F-14B Tomcat BuAerNo.162918/AA100 of VF-103 "Jolly Rogers", OIF III, USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 NAG November 2004. Kit: HOBBYBOSS PE parts: DreamModel Thank you for viewing
  10. Hi guys, thanks for those kind words and suggestions, I've been busy & MIA for past 7 months because of my work and family but I finally have time to build some plastic now! Back to the topic, here's a simple display base I made for the EF-2000, thank you for viewing!
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