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  1. Stop confusing by Martola, I don't think he have any F-5E stock. Other European shops are selling between 28 Euros to 36 Euros. You can check Hannants, Panzerfux or MIG Ammo. For the slightly low price of Malaysian market, here's the explanation - Malaysia can get direct shipping from China by using 3rd party shipping agent etc. Shipping fees of 1kg by air freight is between $8-$10, not to mention sea freight which is much much cheaper. That's why. One of the main reasons why the price is high is because of shipping fees I guess. VAT those for European markets and high custom taxes in US. Unless those shops ordered a lot of products like PE, decals etc which will shared the shipping.
  2. F-5E Tiger II in 1/72. It's a new tooling of early version, release by Dream Model. It came with Two types of nose: Normal and shark nose. 8 markings for decal but I build the USAF one. Also came with 2 each of GBU-10, MK-83, MK-82 and Sidewinders. It's not out yet, but it will be release into market soon, REAL SOON.
  3. Hello, this is 1/72 AH-1z Viper made by DreamModel. OOB, Everything is included in this kit: folded-wings option, full weapons, PE, and also the trolley for tractor to pull the chopper. 3 scheme options for this helicopter. It's been released on 22 May 2020, modellers can get the kit at their nearest distributors. <removed self-advertising>
  4. Thanks, it's Hasegawa tint paper, very rare to find now, you can search on eBay or HLJ.
  5. Dreammodel 1/72 Chinese Z-19 Attack & Reconnaissance helicopter. It's their latest released product and new tooling. This is the t3 pre-production kit, it shared some parts with the dauphin and the canopy has not been completely polished. I didn't follow its original marking because it's too damned ugly lol. I painted it with USMC AH-1Z Grey plus a shark mouth decal that can increase the fierceness. Basically It's OOB. The details and fitting are very good, not much of decals too so it's beginner-friendly. The actual building day is seven days.
  6. More to come: VF-2 by Loo Chee Keong and VF-213 by HK Low, both are seasoned modellers who also participating in AMK F-14D Build-off Malaysia.
  7. Yea, we will release this helicopter soon. I will share the photos of sprues and everything next week. A sample build will be done end of October/Early November too.
  8. Climbing pilot is from Sabre models, front seat candy crush guy is from Reedoak. I think he will, lol. 1 week to go! This is a sample from AMK so I decided to show everyone what AMK can offer on this kit which including the opened spoilers, compressor nose landing gear, flaps and slats, opened airbrakes and etc. The price, not sure, maybe you can consult your local distributor about that. It's a great kit but there're some fitting problems which you really need to get rid of.
  9. Calling it done after 18 days of feeling the need for speed. Mostly OOB with resin wheel sets from Def.Model and pilot/AoA from MASTER. Going to add some figures later but I need to get some good sleep first. Fitting is ok - some parts are perfect but some parts you need to sand & putty. Decals are good - thin and touch, just make sure you put more water before you slide them onto your kit. More options - 3 wing options + 3 tailplane position options + open/close spoilers + 3 intake ramp options + 2 nozzle options + 2 nose landing gear options Canopy - choose between Pikachu and Bulbasaur, of course no I am joking. Just choose between 1-pieced molded clear canopy or, clear part with plastic frame which you really save a lot of time on masking. Wide range of ordnance - AIM-54C, AIM-7M, AIM-9M, GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-38 JDAM, GBU-31 JDAM, LANTIRN pod and TARPS. Sleep time, baby! You can check out the W.I.P. post here:
  10. W.I.P. 50%. E.T.A. 16 days to the AMK F-14D Build-off Malaysia, wrap it up boys! That's all, thanks for viewing.
  11. Nope it's just for fun. The owner of Def Model is my friend, he sent me the resin wheel when he know I am building a 1/48 F-14.
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