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  1. Thanks Orion. The decals are now available in 1/72 and 1/48
  2. Hello, just done my 1/72 RCAF CF-18 DemoTeam "NORAD 60th Anniversary" I use HobbyBoss 80268 F/A-18A hornet, it's a very easy-assemble kit, of course it's an OOB since I didn't add any extra details on it. You can get the decals on Fishbone Inc
  3. Hello guys, sorry for the link problems. I already fixed it.
  4. "The First Jet Squadron"F-16B Block 5 Netz #008-780539 of Lt. Col. Ytzhak, 117 Squadron "First Jet", Ramat David Airbase, Israel.It will be an out of the box project, with stock decals and parts from Hobbyboss, but I will use IDF weapons from Skunk Models Workshop.It's a Hobbyboss kit, Nr. 80273 issued at year 2008. Fitting are good, details are acceptable, everything is nice! Thank you for viewing and Happy Chinese New Year!!
  5. 1/72 米空軍 第35戦闘航空団F-16CJ ファイティング・ファルコン "ワイルド・ウィーゼル"F-16CJ Fighting Falcon "Wild Weasel" #90-0802 of 35FW, Pacific Air Force (PACAF), Misawa AB, JAPAN.The 35th Fighter Wing is an air combat unit of the United States Air Force and the host unit at Misawa Air Base, Japan. The wing is part of Pacific Air Forces (PACAF)'s Fifth Air Force.
  6. Hello, good day! Just finished my 1/72 Kfir! Right: IDF/AF Kfir C.2 #874 of 101 Tajeset, First Fighter Left: IDF/AF Kfir C.7 #543 of 144 tajeset, Guardians of Arava "Zohar"
  7. US Navy HS-14 CAG SH-60F Oceanhawk NF 610, BuNo.164460 of HELASRON HS-14 "Chargers" served from 2000 to 2003 with CVW-5 assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk CV-6. Basically OOB with some scratch build parts such as cables, pipelines and those parts which Hobbyboss doesn't provide such as rear view mirror and pitots. Lastly, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!
  8. US Navy HS-14 CAG SH-60F Oceanhawk NF 610, BuNo.164460 served from 2000 to 2003 with HS-14 "Chargers" in CVW-5 assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk CV-6. Hobbyboss 1/72 #87237, a new rebox released in 2009, finely molded kit with acceptable details. I don't really build helicopter but let's do this. Spent my weekend for these details adding job.
  9. Hello guys, I've added up a small display base recently, let's check out some photos. Thank you for viewing!!
  10. Hello, this is my Macross VF-1J Valkyrie - U.N.Stacy The VF-1J Valkyrie, 1/72nd scale from Hasegawa. Build for Scale Modellers Malaysia's Macross Group Build 2018. Decals are expired, so I decided to come out with own decals. Inspired by Illegal Shuttle from Elysium movie, which they have some awesome graffiti all around that aircraft. RMS-1 大型対艦反応弾 x4 UUM-7 マイクロミサイルポッド ×2 ハワード GU-11 55mm3連ガトリングガンポッド ×1 Thank you for viewing, cheers!
  11. Sukhoi Su-27S "Blue 58" Warriors of Light, 831st Guards Tactical Aviation Brigade of Ukrainian Air Force, Myrgorod Air Base. Debuted at Danish Air Show 2016, Skrydstrup Air Base, June 2016. The decal and masking set is from Foxbot Decals. This Ukrainian Su-27S is converted from Trumpeter's 1/72 PLAAF J-11B #01622. Not much add-ons for this build but I will get some brass for this plane - DreamModel's DM 0544 AL-31 Exhaust Nozzle PE set & a ladder.
  12. Hello, some update on display base and figures, also calling it done.