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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of your lovely build; the Draken is such an intriguing design - it still looks futuristic today! I really like the work you've done in the cockpit area, particularly the rods under the windscreen. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.
  2. All good Ray; thanks very much for looking. I agree on the postage amount - it's an added disincentive over and above the fact there's often only one of many subjects on a given sheet that appeals. Off to Fantasy Printshop I go...
  3. Hi Graham, I was always of the understanding that Humbrol 196 is intended as a match for the modern German colour RAL7035 Lichtgrau, which is why I bought a tin or two many years ago; I was suitably convinced when I first tried it. Sadly, I have nothing authoritative to back this claim today but hope that it might prove useful all the same. cheers, Andrew.
  4. Ray, great news on the SAC Time sheet (I'm not surprised you had it though, given what else is catered for) - that's a cool scheme the FB-111s wore at the the end of their SAC service. I would be very grateful if you could have a look for the Pig decals especially. Thanks Jabba, I'll go have a look to see what else they have.
  5. Hi Ray, Wolfpak has done two sheets that contain FB-111As - 72-037 and 72-081. Sadly, both of these are shown as 'Sold Out' on the Wolfpak site. An even earlier sheet, 72-020, has an F-111G in the grey scheme, but of course, that's also sold out. I'm not aware of any other sources of decals for the FB-111, but if I encounter them I'll give you a shout. cheers, Andrew.
  6. Thanks Rob, apologies for the presumption. I'll visit the Whirlybird site. Andrew.
  7. Lovely progress Christer; the finish will be well worth your efforts (and resumption).
  8. Thanks for the update, Rob - that's good to know. Forgive the impertinence, but you don't happen to be going to SMW this year do you? It's a bit of a drive (~17,000 km) for me, so I won't be attending... cheers, Andrew.
  9. Very nice resumption Christer and good explanation/demonstration of the painting technique - it looks as though it will yield a fine outcome. I also like your choice of location for the cowling 'gap management'!
  10. Scott Brown's article on Hyperscale has an excellent summary of F-16C production blocks and includes the serials which mark the changeover to the MCID (big mouth) inlet and GE engine combination (86-0262 for the F-16C, 86-0044 for the F-16D). 86-0262 is a Block 30D airframe, and 86-0044 is a Block 30C airframe. Even though the USAF serials assigned to some of the F-16N production falls within this range (i.e. Bu Nos 163566 onwards), as Parabat and Scott say, all F-16N had the NSI (Normal Shock Inlet - small mouth) and GE combination.
  11. 'Liked' not just for the progress thus far on your Sabre, but for the sheer perseverance on display, especially in the face of such recalcitrant decals. Oh, and the Hunter's very nice too! Sorry for not commenting before this.
  12. Good going sven, It's interesting to see the Zvezda kit being built. Looks as though you've tamed the seams on the wingtips and engine nacelles/trunking nicely - hope to see more of your progress. cheers, Andrew.
  13. Thanks Mike, All understood - two different companies with completely independent release schedules! I was indulging in a highly optimistic bit of daydreaming about what such a parcel might look like once opened... Here's hoping that the Hind is released to you guys before the 1st of October! cheers, Andrew.
  14. Thanks Mike, Good idea - I've requested notification for the AMK 1/72 Kfir and the Eduard 1/72 Hind combo. If all pans out ideally, I'll be able to combine them both into the one parcel. cheers, Andrew.
  15. Very kind of you Tony, thanks very much for the generous offer.