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      DDoS and Brute Force Attacks   09/18/2016

      From the day following upgrade to the new forum software, 15th Sept until the 19th, we were under a concerted attack by a person or persons using a number of 'bots and other people's Proxy networks to carry out what is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack, which is a method by which these 'bots submit thousands of requests to the website per second to overload the server and bring the site to its knees.  While this was going on, they were also making Brute Force attacks on our remote communications port to try and breach the server so they could do anything from format the hard drives to change ownership of the site, and bombarding the mailserver with similar bogus requests, some of which left some rather telling details behind.  This was followed up a couple of days later with a further attack that left more data to sift through, which we have passed on to our IT forensics people.On the advice of our Lawyer and fellow member JohnT, we yesterday informed the National Crime Agency and requested their assistance with the matter, and in an ongoing dialogue with them to find the culprits, so we are allowing them access to the server and its logs.    We don't believe that this is a random attack on balance, but for 5 days and a further evening we had to put up with some disturbance and interruption to the usually fast response of the website as we are seeing now that the attack has ended.  We will prevail, and don't worry about it.  We were the target, and these people will not win.  Karma will catch up with them   Mike, Greg, Dave & Julien.


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  1. 'Liked' not just for the progress thus far on your Sabre, but for the sheer perseverance on display, especially in the face of such recalcitrant decals. Oh, and the Hunter's very nice too! Sorry for not commenting before this.
  2. Good going sven, It's interesting to see the Zvezda kit being built. Looks as though you've tamed the seams on the wingtips and engine nacelles/trunking nicely - hope to see more of your progress. cheers, Andrew.
  3. Thanks Mike, All understood - two different companies with completely independent release schedules! I was indulging in a highly optimistic bit of daydreaming about what such a parcel might look like once opened... Here's hoping that the Hind is released to you guys before the 1st of October! cheers, Andrew.
  4. Thanks Mike, Good idea - I've requested notification for the AMK 1/72 Kfir and the Eduard 1/72 Hind combo. If all pans out ideally, I'll be able to combine them both into the one parcel. cheers, Andrew.
  5. Very kind of you Tony, thanks very much for the generous offer.
  6. Hi Javier, Thanks to you and Fernando for taking the time to investigate; while this confirms what I've suspected about the Fujimi kit for a long time, it's equally interesting to see how closely the other kits come to getting the dimensions right. I would love to see Airfix expand their range of Skyhawks into the later variants, but only if they corrected the nose and tail profiles as they went. cheers, Andrew.
  7. Thanks for your post Gene, it's good to hear that it's (genuinely) available. I like your inclusion of the pic of the press-fit forward fuselage; it bodes well for the kit as a whole. cheers, Andrew.
  8. Not that I'm wishing the months away, but is it October yet? I'm happy that the under-tail chaff / flare dispensers will be included in the kit; I had contemplated modifying what Zvezda provide but didn't really like my chances of doing it correctly. In barely-related musings, I wonder if any of Eduard's work has inspired Zvezda to release a Mi-24P (Hind-F) sooner rather than later? cheers, Andrew.
  9. Great question Martin and one I'd love to answer definitively, but I don't have that set myself. My strong suspicion is that the main gear legs as provided by SAC are just copies in metal of the kit parts - a very disappointing outcome. Andrew.
  10. Could it be the tip of a near-vertical, downward-pointing propeller blade? Andrew, in admiration of such a lovely and well-researched / well-finished Spitfire.
  11. Hi Colin, I'm after a replacement Swift belly tank but there are none in stock on your site. Any pointers as to when they might be available to order again? thanks muchly, Andrew.
  12. Nice looking casting Tony. Keep up the great progress. Andrew
  13. Geez, I thought I got it pretty close! I've found these links that might help with any further work on the dual Sidewinder setup you might embark on... multi-purpose pylon description and useful F-14B build on Zone 5. Casting the 'A' kit's fairings is a great idea - good luck with them. Remember though that there's detail missing on the Hobbyboss fairings; fortunately careful scribing can replicate this without too much hassle. If you want to cast some more useful Hasegawa bits, have a crack at reproducing their ventral fins to replace those moulded on the underside of the HobbyBoss kit; the HB fins lack the NACA intake apparent on the left face of each. cheers, Andrew.
  14. That's a better option I think, as the shapes are a little different. Unfortunately this renders the 'A' boxing sacrificial, as you wouldn't be able to accurately mate the 'B' bits to the rest of the 'A' boxing; there are too many differences. I did something similar (combined the Hobbyboss 'B' with nozzle fairings from the 'A' kit to produce a late model 'A') a few years ago for the Tomcat Group Build Mk II - the build thread is here. The 'B' boxing is necessary not just for the ECM bumps on the boattail and elsewhere but also for the NACA-style gun vents fitted to 'A' model Tomcats from the mid-nineties. Hobbyboss's 'A' Tomcat depicts a production standard earlier than this. Good luck with your builds and keep up the impressive progress. cheers, Andrew.