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  1. Yo ho Bill, I know little about Buccie bits, but it looks to me that if the intakes could shaved/cut/butchered at the point where they touch the wing leading edge the profile of the resin part would better match the kit. Any resultant gap would then might be filled on the fuselage side of things. Only a thought Feeling your pain Strickers the empath
  2. To paraphrase the words of Father Ted, 'the one in front is small 243 is far away'
  3. I would lean to the blue one, for no other reason than 'pointyficatiousness' Box On Strickers
  4. Airfix Ju87 Stuka 1/72

    Nice start, watching with interest. Box On Strickers
  5. From Failure to Failure

    So much of that went so far over my head it had a con trail! Sometimes I am glad that I am living up to my 4th form Geog Masters' yearly report 'He sets himself low targets that he consistently fails to achieve' I find it helps with the modelling Box On Strickers
  6. From Failure to Failure

    That is the best birthday challenge I ever read. need to look up 'Weekend at Bernie's' though as over here that would be a lock in at a 70's Italian steak restaurant. Happy birthing anniversary old chap, Box On Strickers
  7. I suppose the clue was in the Moniker, not that I'm jealous or anything, sat here waiting to send out the gritters. Texas then the Gulf, I must have shot a robin! All the best Box On Strickers
  8. From Failure to Failure

    Welsh Translations....don't get me started, I'm all for preserving a language and heritage and stuff but try and get the residents of Varteg (for those interested check google earth [other mapping systems are available]) to use the proper spelling on their road signs as there is no V in Welsh only F. I'm a little worried that I am enjoying the reports from the colony of familial discord, its a bit like watching early episodes of the A Team, logic tells you should not like it but it is strangely hypnotic. Back to the Man Cave Robin ! Box On Strickers
  9. Just picked up on this, the Cat has a place in my life as it was the model I was building when I heard I'd passed my eleven plus in 1971. As I recall mine was somewhat more of an impression of the model rather than a representation. Top work, as always. Box On Strickers
  10. 1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    This is one of the many I've started and have put back in it's box to be completed when work/weather/life becomes less demanding, I had lot of flash, warps and short shots in the mouldings, which slowed progress to a stand-still. I found that the upper wing joint was acceptable if the upper wing halves are attached to the fuse before fixing the one piece lower part. Also I bought the falcon canopy and there seems to be a discrepancy in the width of the fuselage, but that could be me, and the fact that the falcon item was designed for a different model. This kit is like a coracle, it's a challenge. The man scribbling notes frowning and muttering with a flat half of shandy by the fire exit will be me, therefore, watching with envy and interest. Box On Strickers
  11. From Failure to Failure

    I am finding that my mojo/attention span/motivation is a bit like the Radio Luxembourg reception. Must be the weather
  12. Phantom intake ramps for 1/72 Airfix kit

    Received mine today, and there are LUSH, the detailing on the ramps are to my eye better than the Fujimi offerings and the top and bottom vents are very fine and a huge improvement on the stock Airfix part. Still cheap at twice the price
  13. From Failure to Failure

    Concurring with Perdu re the feathery edge - top stuff, a dusting of dust and Roberto's your aunties husband. Box On Strickers
  14. From Failure to Failure

    Which reminds me of the old music hall (vaudville?) joke: 'Dad says I have a weak stomach.......but I am throwing it as far as I can!' As far As I can remember (mine is now 23) they are resilient little blighters and do bounce back to rude health very quickly ...... and then it will be on to the next thing. Could those stickers be the ha'peth of tar? Enjoying the missives as always Box On Strickers
  15. "I used the kit etch for the brake pedals and I think they are a bit undersized." WHAT like they are about one thirty second the size that they should be ? Only a one thirty second fitter would be able to grass you up! Scrumdiddlyumcious Regards Strickers