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  1. Get a female dentist, they are so much more in tune with the pain and tend to over anaesthetise, this is a strictly personal view based on limited information, other dentist genders are available. The Wimpey is coming together, crack on, Santa is on his way which will curtail modelling time. Strickers
  2. Hello PC, It's been a long time since the child was the age of yours, and despite my cack-handed attempts to do the right thing she has flourished, and constantly surprises me that I had anything to do with the R&D. Whilst I have no idea who you are, other than making assumptions from the personal asides you include in, what for me, are your stellar and enjoyable musings about aircraft and this side of the pond, I do empathise with a fellow member of the BM tribe. Life comes in a series of acts, some long some short, and the only way you can identify their duration is by looking back. Loving the build, as always. Strickers
  3. There are certain things on the interweb that make me sad, MST3K makes me happy, I will go to my grindstone with a smile today, oh nice Wimpy by the way, a bit red on the woody bits IMHO. Box on Strickers
  4. Bill....as this wos ScalemodelWORLD....does that make you the World Champion of Gentleman's scale Wobbly-blob constructuers? Well done...the cream always rises
  5. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    Tomo beat me to it, but I was was going to post up Hello Hello, I'm Back Again, but decided it was a bit un-PC Strange how excited a mortal can get when the gods add to the greater understanding Far more delicate than the PP offering if memory serves Box On Strickers
  6. Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk I

    Morning from old South Wales Nice job with the 'pit seams, and engine covers, better than mine! I chickened out on the canopy masking and bought my way with a Peewit mask set, very good by very fiddly. Just a thought, but the RAF decals supplied with the kit are for a Butterworth based aircraft, which if my O level geog hasn't failed me is east of Suez, so would the AckEmmas be attired in trop get up? Just a thought.... Nice idea about the dio tho Note to self...more grass Regards Strickers
  7. Airfix 1/72 Blenheim Mk I

    Morning from Old South Wales, just completing this one, and you might consider the following:: The instructions would have you construct the cockpit tub and rear fuselage as separate sub assemblies. This will give a step above and below the leading edge of the wing that might be difficult to eradicate. I joined the cockpit sections to the rear fuselage halves before mating the halves together, which allowed me to minimise the gap. Also I attached the engine covers to the exhaust ring before fitting over the engine, this should ensure that you have no gaps in the engine covers, but you might have to reduce the diameter of the engine is smidge as I did. Apart from that and seat belts up the pointy end and a seat for the rear gunner mine was OOB and looks tidy Strickers
  8. As we used to say around the turn of the century 'Goodness Gracious Me' An S1? Didn't Winkle Brown have summat to do with this beastie? Oh Goodie Goodie Gumdrops more pearls of Wis from the Du Strickers
  9. Seems to be a few threads that are getting close to to their denouement and authors are deciding to rewrite the chapters much to the amazement and pleasure of the onlookers and followers. The bar is so high I can hardly make it out from down here. Box On Strickers
  10. Oooo you tease! tap.tap.tap. Is it there Yet? tap.tap.tap. Strickers
  11. Bauhuas glass eh? Oh the irony LOL (as I believe the youngsters write) Strickers
  12. Smoove! Box on Strickers
  13. Brandy in a plastic cup????? Another one of Obama's fiendish plots, no doubt. Seriously Stunning Spitfires Box on Strickers
  14. Them buttery castors (a piece of toast always falls butter side down?) and all the sticky out dangliy things look too good to paint. Vunderful Varspie Box on Strickers
  15. Just a walk in the park Kanasky! Major Lieutenant Colonel brilliant save there. Box on Strickers