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  1. Afternoon All, Go for stainless steel balls, or marine grade, as normal balls go brown after a while, (oooooo matron!) Box on Strickers
  2. Damn! so close, and I really like quails,...I've seem Moby Dick six times
  3. Ooo a quiz! The top ones are the tablets you take to prevent the pain of the thing on the right removing the things on the left? Strickers
  4. Hello Procopius, A. Bugger! There were some tasty boxes in the photos of your stash and no chance of getting me mitts on them now! B. Your depth of knowledge and devotion to the history behind your builds has been the outstanding pleasure that you have given me for one. Your posts are always read and re-read and I feel privileged to have found the modelling equivalent of the Letter From America. C. Box On! Strickers
  5. Hello Heather, A Commission model has to be acceptable for the commissioner, and to whomever he/she shows it to. My models have only ever been scrutinised by me and my dog, and I'm not sure if he understands the difference between the A and B pattern pre war camo. My point being that if the modeller is happy that the representation is acceptable, then the jobs a good un. Enjoying the posts Box On Strickers
  6. Hello Heather, I have the moisture filter thing on my Sparmax, but mine is attached to the compressor, as it's a bit hefty for shoving onto the airbrush, also i think you might have to buy suitable connectors. Box On Strickers
  7. Hello Heather, You probably already know but if not take a look at Paul Budzik;s Scale Model Workshop on Youtube, he has a few short videoson airbrushing that might help Box On Strickers
  8. Cor Mister, that's nice. Been a long time coming, but like the last bus on a wet night worth the wait. Your recent activity has made me get mine out (oooer no missus)! Not long to RFI Box On Strickers
  9. Could these be described as a 'nice rack' of spitfires or would that require more than two? Never quite sure about these odd colonial idioms. Note to self, watch more Friends, they speak colonial Box On Strickers
  10. Oh the joy, the rapture, a letter from America, and 'milquetoast' (a word I will be trying to drop into conversation at the new years party). Think twice about the Queenie thing, their 'staff' get canned when there's a change in employer, and HRH is not a spring capon. Looking forward to 20-20 Box On Strickers
  11. Procopius, Cookenbacker and CedB are even more awesome in the flesh, although, CedB seemed somewhat relaxed slimmer and taller than I had imagined him in the flesh! Must be the selfies giving false perception. Apologies for slinking off early chaps but, an evening on my Counties highway standby awaits me. Another week, Box On Strickers
  12. Any idea at what time you will be rocking up to the WSM chopper muse on Saturday?
  13. Happy to discuss setting up a modern day 'comet line' for disillusioned colonists Strickers
  14. Your modesty and sense of humour deem you more British than many natives I know! Box on Strickers
  15. A female detectorist eh? Not sure if the humour will translate, but google The Dectorists on the BBC iplayer, may give rise to a titter. How do you get the finish so dust free? Box On Strickers CU@SMW
  16. Hello Jamie, Very successful exercise, intending to use this on the fuse of my SH Sunderland MkV as seen at Hendon. Should look good on a dirty white ground. Top tip Stickers
  17. Preferences noted, but what about lovely warm flat beer? (Mwah har har) Box On Strickers
  18. Standing shoulder to knee with Winston, nature provides the canvas, nurture provides the paint and subject. He's so young that test him today, he will favour the elephant, test him tomorrow he will favour the mule, but he seems to have a well developed sense of who he is already, better than high IQ in the long run.. Keep persevering with the Lanc, 'small steps, Sparks'. If Bill's buying the first, can I offer a second? 154 Sleeps to Tell Box On Strickers
  19. Not using the trained mouse on this one then? Clearfix windows I assume If it just clipped together it would be snap fit model and not a challenge, (a bit like the coracle - see Barry Welsh is Coming on youtube) Nice progess Box On Strickers
  20. Oh Lordy, circular gorgeousness. Inspired tool fabrication with the mini cutters too. Box On Strickers
  21. Just noticed that in their coming soon section Airfix have a phantom listed with a price of nearly £150, if this is not a typo, then can we expect a 1/24 scale Toom for 2020? Hopeful Strickers
  22. Hello Jamie, the cutting mats a and b have been ordered, and the effect looks dead convincing, should work for the 'walked on' look by masking the centre of a panel and raising the rib area with a couple of layers of undercoat and/or aircraft primer and metalic paint. Box On Strickers
  23. Sorry Ced, truble with my worms again. Thanks for the info, about to cash in the Brownie points for a mini lathe. Keep up up the good work Box On Strickers
  24. A quick trawl of the interweb gives this 2BA is 4.6 mm x 1.8 mm. 4BA is 4.3 mm x 1.5 mm. 1/4BSF is 10.4 mm x 1.5 mm. In 1/144 any of these will be half the width of a gnats laughing gear! Box On Strickers
  25. Ok Ceb, A few things: Did you get to the St Maria Gorge? Lot pf pretty flowers there, or there were in 1996 bit of a trek tho. What's the torque like on the mini? Does it have a speed controller? Would making intake tunnels on a Sword P60 qualify for the brownie points to get a lathe? The nose ring on the Ligthning looks the biz, (another Ceb recomendation...the pen thingy) with the speed of your builds I'm not surprised..no time for hanging around (see what I did there?) Box On Strickers
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