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  1. Super spiffing, a true silk purse. Box on Strickers
  2. I know I’ve read the internal/external colour thing before but the brain -eye interface seems to not want to function when comes to painting wheel wells. I see a lot of repaints in my future. Really enjoying the discussions and at least the camo mistake was noticed before RFI. Box on Strickers
  3. A little scratching in the wheel wells? Also black white and silver undersides, interesting choice, I thought that was really early war. Box on Strickers
  4. Not sure if you want to go to the level of 'counter of rivets' but this might be of interest http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit5b/spit5be-1.html#drawing Box on Strickers
  5. Not wanting to pick holes but there's no propulsion paraphernalia, this may be a hoax! Box on Strickers
  6. I love it when the Spiteratti start chewing the fat Looking forward to more discussion and plastic bothering. Box on Strickers
  7. It was with trepidation that I typed in Procopius in the members search as there have been so many incidents that have made international news coming from our former colony that there must be many more that don't make it. You're alive (Yeah!) You're not playing with planes (Booo!) Family is safe (Yeah!) You've not started the F6C (Booo!) I assume the two golden ropes with skull toggles are for the armoured tummy scratching flap on the big blue thing, by the way what scale are these Marine Johnnies? Nice to have you posting again fella! Box On Strickers
  8. Morning Stourbridge Quick question on the Tiggies, how did you work out where to put the holes for the elevator wires on the rear fuse? Oh and another vote for the Fly Box on Strickers
  9. Spiffing un-blobbing ! Box on Strickers
  10. T'ain't a proper model unless the prop(s) spin! (see what I did there ) Mine has been glaring at me from under the bench (I don't have room for a Shelf of Doom (SoD??)) so partials are stacked on the floor, and in a few larger drawers. The fact that you have nearly completed two should be the poke in the glutes that I need to get it moved on. Nice pair fnnar Box On Strickers
  11. So the Spadgent method for rigging is attach bottom end with glue of choice then stretch ezeeline to top (through drilled hole?) And temporary secure with bluetac, flood hole with goc cut off waste? Sand smooth touch up paint. Strickers
  12. that should read........opinion and stonkers on both counts but I hope you realised Strickers
  13. For me the first point of focus on any aircraft model is the fit and finish of the glazing (if no glazing then the rigging!) as if this is done well then a high level of skill is always evident in the rest of the build. Then its the colouring in, and in my oinion we have two stonkerson both counts here, nice brace of Dutchies Heather. Box on Strickers
  14. ooo ooo ooo Ansons have visible internal tubing, (sat in the office holding breath with everything crossed, as I was Friday at 55 for 6) Box on Strickers
  15. Camouflage and big-huge-massive national insignia, surely someone must have asked the question 'what are we trying to do here?' at bit ike Destiny's Child.....LOOK AT ME I'm invisible Very tasty colouring in What's next? Box on Strickers
  16. ........ just 50 shades of grey Cheque please Box on Strickers
  17. Might be a bit late now but Paul Budzik has done this conversion on his youtube channel. Box on Strickers
  18. I always try to fettle, as my filling and sanding skills are hit and miss, however, the recent revelation re resin and uv might be a game changer. Are your bogies BOGIES yet? Box on Strickers
  19. Could it be that the tail surfaces are a smidge too wide, as if the booms are parallel then the gap would have to be as illustrated at the pod. Drifting a bit, cheap iron ordered off Amabay 60w with a built in temp dial tin of flux and 60/40. Citing times ahead Box on Strickers
  20. I am thinking that as I head into my early dotage the benefits of this piece of equipment both as as a modelling aid and as advertised, will be a valuable friend. I have been waiting for a stable, quick gap filler have two dogs and a weak bladder.
  21. How wonderful to be, as thick as a brick. Now that takes one back to simpler times. Box on Strickers
  22. I am in your debt. The soldering station in itself shows that we are not messing around here, it has numbers and buttons and a mini headphone socket for some hot tunes? I can see why the undercart fix would be a wee bit wee for a 101 on soldering so I will be in contact as offered. I think my main stumbling block will be trying to find a second hand TARDIS off Amabay to get the time to practice, (perhaps if I talk nice to the Martian). Anyhoo, thanks for thinking about me in the update. As always Box on Strickers
  23. My spidey senses tell me that there will be soldering action on them there bogies Just saying Box on Strickers
  24. I take it you have intel that Curtiss painted the seats interior green. I think I will go for the fat bottomed guy story. Box on Strickers
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