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  1. Airfix Vulcan

    Great model and lovely finish. The paint scheme is just how I remember working on them at Waddington back in the early 70’s.
  2. Airfix Nakajima B5N2 'Kate'

    A grand job! Did you brush-paint the Mr Metal Color and if so how did you find it? Did you use any thinners and if so what?
  3. 1/1ish mecha skull

    Absolutely brilliant!
  4. RAF airfield 1970's style.

    Really nice looking revetment. We had nothing quite so posh, just great lumps of concrete to park Vulcans on! Oh and short-wheelbase land rovers for transport. Great times!
  5. Black X-Wing

    Great job...can't wait to see more. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I'm seriously tempted with the Bandai kits!
  6. moon landing 47 years ago

    I was 16, a first year engineering apprentice at RAF Halton. We stayed up to watch it in the TV room and then walked outside to look up at the moon - such an incredible achievement for human beings.
  7. Avro Vulcan B.Mk.2 from GWH 1/144

    Marek, The outlets I'm talking about were in front of the air brakes, I think. I'm trying to remember back to 1971 now so I could be wrong. But I think the outlets were forward of each underwing airbrake, just a bit further back than the rear of the nosewheel bay - in that sort of area.
  8. Avro Vulcan B.Mk.2 from GWH 1/144

    Hi Marek, Great start to the build...fantastic air brakes! The intake splitter plates were a boundary layer air control (if I've read the posts correctly) and we did indeed call them fences. They helped prevent the boundary layer from creeping into the intakes and disrupting airflow in the intakes themselves. There were two small outlets on the underside of the fuselage, one under each mainplane if my memory serves me correctly, where this boundary layer air was vented. Anyway, we called them boundary layer air fences. You're doing a great job with all that PE, especially in that scale! Even though I spent my whole RAF career working on them, I've never built one for fear of not being able to do the aircraft justice - its not stopped me from reading all the great Vulcan builds on here mind...like Robs and yours.
  9. Hi Don, I'm so glad you're still working on this as I now get to follow as well!! Great pics, loads of them! Is that a cutting attachment you have on the Stanley Bench vice?
  10. Black rectangle at top of saved pages in Firefox

    SleeperService, Its something to do with Javascript. I have exactly the same problem with Firefox 30. I also noticed that when I saved pages with IE11, that had Javascript disabled, the pages saved fine, but had problems re-opening them. After a bit of digging around I worked out that by downloading an addin for Firefox that disabled scripts the pages would save and open without problem. There is a warning displayed at the top of the web page stating the following: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. However, everything can be seen properly and reloads correctly when opening the page from your local drive. I'm probably wrong but it could be something that has been implemented in order to prevent unscrupulous people from raiding the site. But I'm like you in the sense that I like to load certain pages and view them easily without having to search for them. Anyway, hope this helps!
  11. Revell Lanc

    That is a really classy paintbrush finish!
  12. Some serious modelling...fantastic!! I'm off to MicroArtwork!!
  13. Great work rich...simply great! I'd love to build this myself, but in 1/144 scale. You mentioned plans. Could you point me in the right direction to obtain a set? Anyway, keep up the good work and I agree with you about Edgar Mitchell, he's a VERY brave man!
  14. Deluxe Plastic Putty & similar

    The Deluxe Perfect Plastic Putty? I've found exactly the same thing. It works really well, fills smoothly, but every time I've used water when sanding it nearly always 'washes' the filler away. Now I sand it dry and use a barely damp sanding stick for the last smoothing stroke. Saying that I do like the way it works and the fact that its fine.
  15. 1/72 revell DH2

    Great...I shall give it a go!