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  1. RAF 6 Sqn Phantoms/Lepus Flares

    Many Thanks for that John That is very interesting. Kind Regards Craig
  2. RAF 6 Sqn Phantoms/Lepus Flares

    Hi There I have been listening to the story of former RAF/RN pilot Chris Bolton and his flying days on 6 Sqn at RAF Coningsby and he was on about the Phantoms when they carried Lepus flares that got me thinking about the Phantom I am about to build ,I thought yes 6 Sqn with Lepus flares but I cannot find any pictures of them carrying them would anyone please help with some pictures. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Swiss Air Force F-5E Sidewinder Training Round Colour

    Many Thanks for the info on the dummy sidewinders and the Link Giorgio. Just what I was looking for. Kind Regards Craig
  4. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I am looking for the colours of the sidewinder training rounds carried by the Swiss Air Force F-5E . The pictures I have seen look to be light brown body ,dark brown,and red front fins sometimes with blue as well. I seem to recall these where carried by the Swiss F/A-18s when they visited RAF Waddington some time ago when they used the ACMI range. Many Thanks Craig
  5. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    While out for our Sunday afternoon walk a very low ex French Max Holste Broussard came very low over us seem to be following the A1136 probably operating out of. Humberside Airport nice sight and sound. Regards Craig
  6. RAF Sabre F.4

    Thank you John for the picture . Kind Regards Craig
  7. RAF Sabre F.4

    Hi Giorgio I have a decal sheet with that aircraft on and that would look nice with red tail band and the canopy frames I shall have a think while I am in the modelling room. Many Thanks Craig
  8. RAF Sabre F.4

    Thank you for the picture Sabrejet That does look a little plain but i will build it I think,I wanted to do a RAF Sabre other than a squadron aircraft but finding pictures is difficult of 50s aircraft. Many Thanks Craig
  9. RAF Sabre F.4

    Many thanks Tony Kind Regards Craig
  10. RAF Sabre F.4

    I must confess to be a bit of a RAF Sabre nut and build something a bit different my next model is going to be XB540 of the RAF fighter weapons school based at RAF Leconfield in the 50s but I cannot find a picture of one or the code system/colour could anyone please help. Kind Regards Craig
  11. RAF Sabre F.4

    Thank you all for your help on colour of the 66 Sqn tail code. Kind Regards Craig
  12. RAF Sabre F.4

    Very interesting thread on the RAF Sabres I am building one at the moment I may go for the one in the picture XB542/H of 66 Sqn. Could anyone please tell me the colour of the tail code Z. Kind Regards Craig
  13. Xtradecal Sheet No 72-066 Harrier Gr9 41 ( R ) Sqn

    Hi Chris Thank you for the reply sorry I forgot to say the red should be I think cherry red BS381C.538. Kind Regards Craig
  14. Hi There I am at present building a RAF Harrier Gr9 in 1/72 and it was to be a 41 ( R ) sqn machine ZG508 but the decals of the Xtradecal sheet No 72-066 for this aircraft are the wrong colour in fact the red for all the 41( R ) Sqn are very far to dark.I was wondering if anyone else had this sheet and had the same problem or was it altered by Xtradecal. Might be that I have to get another sheet that is right. Kind Regards Craig
  15. Danish paint - a little more help!

    Hi There Martin For my RDAF aircraft I use Humbrol 155 olive drab as a first coat then work with dry brushing with various greens. Kind Regards Craig