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  1. Hi There Martin For my RDAF aircraft I use Humbrol 155 olive drab as a first coat then work with dry brushing with various greens. Kind Regards Craig
  2. A classic jet the F-100 and i must get round to building one myself i saw the RDAF ones often as they visited RAF Binbrook the former Lightning airfield on either DACT or i think a squadron exchange (ESK 727 or 730 ) in the 80s. I think a pair i will build a single seater and two seater of the RDAF will bring back some memories. Regards. Craig
  3. Thank you for replying gentlemen I think this is a project I will forget for a while it is the decals i am after and going the book or other conversions will prove expensive. But many thanks for replying most kind of you.. Kind Regards Craig
  4. I have tried everything to get hold of these decals but with out any luck ,would anyone please have some to sell out of the Mark 1 book for the Gripen. Which has a Thai air force Gripen on the decal sheet included in the book. Kind Regards Craig
  5. Hi There Wonder if any Harrier experts could help I am building a 1 Sqn Harrier GR3 and was wondering if they ever carried what I have seen on RAFG 3 and 4 Sqn machines of underwing stores of pair of fuel tanks outboard pylon of phimmat chaff dispenser and other wing training sidewinder and centreline cbls.I have searched the web but cannot find any pictures. Many Thanks Craig
  6. Hi Mick Try this site www.swisshunters.info it may help. Kind Regards Craig
  7. Hi Troffa Many thanks for all your help on this I shall be building my kit as it was in June 1976 while on mini APC out of RAF Leuchars. Many thanks to others for your help also . Kind Regards Craig
  8. Troffa Here is the shot
  9. Hi There I recently came across a picture of a 43 sqn Phantom FG-1 taken in April 1976 at its home base of RAF Leuchars,it had no wing tanks fitted just the sidewinder rails and strangely a centreline suu-23 gun pod,would any phantom experts know if this was a normal fit at this time and was air to air gunnery carried out of the Scottish coast I cannot seem to find any other pictures of this fit taken in the uk. Kind Regards Craig
  10. Hi Gordon The tails are painted FS36320 inside and FS36375 on the outer. Kind Regards Craig
  11. Hi There As far as I know no decals for the R1 of 51 Sqn with goose emblem have been done as yet. A good friend of mine has the kit all at the ready waiting for decals in the last scheme they flew in. Kind Regards Craig
  12. Hi There Would anyone please have any pictures of the radar observers station in the AEW Gannet. Many Thanks Craig
  13. Thank You Chaps for the replies Will be getting a set of those decals. Many Thanks Craig
  14. Hi There I am on the lookout for a set of 1/72 RTAF J-39C Gripen decals does anyone know if there are any produced by any company ,I know there is some on the Mark1 productions sheet which comes with the booklet on the j-39 Gripen ,but it is just the decals I need. Many Thanks Craig
  15. Many Thanks for that Brian Excellent just what I was looking for Thank you for the info on the rail Selwyn. Kind Regards Craig