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  1. Thank you all gentlemen for your replies most helpful never new there was many colour variations of tank's i have only seen dark sea grey and grey before they got medium grey uppers and never seen any others carried apart from the one i mentioned above. Many Thanks Craig
  2. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I recently came across picture of a 43 Sqn Phantom taken at Soesterberg airbase on a Sqn exchange but one of the aircraft in the background looked to have overal dark sea grey fuel tank like on the RN FG-1 Phantoms would anyone please know whether these where ever carried the picture was taken in the early 70,s and I believe the RN training squadron was based at Leuchars alongside 43 Sqn and 111sqn at the time. Many Thanks Craig
  3. Good Evening Iain

    Thank you for the reply ref 43 Sqn Phantom decals,it is a grey /green camouflage machine I wish to do in type b roundels.

    Many Thanks



    1. iainpeden


      Ok - are you after the full set of markings then. I assume red/blue roundels on the upper wing and fuselage and red/white/blue on the lower wings. checkers on either side of the fuselage roundel? checkers on the rwr on the fin? serial numbers in black - fuselage and underwing? individual letter code on the fin? number or letter on the front u/c door?


      All the best - I'll have a serious look tomorrow.



    2. iainpeden



      I have looked through the spares box and don't have spare 43 sqd markings in that scheme. However, it is one of the options in the first boxing of the new(ish) Airfix Phantom - the one with the RN a/c on the box so that might be an option for you.


      I do have some for 92 (the Fujimi markings) if you're prepared to pretend an FG.1 is an FGR.2!



    3. typhoon1


      Thank you for looking iain very kind of you i think i will go for the Airfix kit as you mentioned. 

      Again many thanks

      Take Care


  4. Thank you for that information Rob never seen a suu-21 carried by a Dutch F-84 might put one on me kit. Take Care Craig
  5. Cheers Andre the actual shot is on Modeldecal sheet No43 was curious never seen one carried on Dutch F-104 could have been borrowed. Take care Craig
  6. Sorry Selwyn was asking if the suu-21A bomb dispenser was carried by Dutch F-104s I've only seen one picture of one been carried wondering if anyone had some more photos. Cheers Craig
  7. Hi There I recently came across a picture on one of my decal sheet of a Dutch F-104g of 311 Sqn carrying a Suu-21/A bomb dispenser I didn't no this bomb dispenser was carried by the Dutch F-104g normally they where seen carrying the dual rocket/bomb pod,the aircraft is serial No D-8244 and the picture was taken in June 1977, would anyone please no I have only seen this one picture. Kind Regards Craig
  8. Thank you all for your help gentlemen and thank you Bowman for your photos. Kind Regards Craig
  9. Hi There I am in the finishing stages of my 334Sqn Norwegian F-104g,it has the sidewinder rails under the fuselage but i wanted to put a couple of sidewinders on them did they carry training ones if so what is the colour could any one please help. Kind Regards Craig
  10. Thank you for the reply Giorgio will give that a try. Kind Regards Craig
  11. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help i am building a 1/72 RDAF F-104G in the overall green scheme, using the Stopell Hobby decals but they don't say on the placement sheet where the stencilling goes would anyone please help. Many Thanks Craig
  12. Hi Could someone please help I am doing a grey JA-37 would anyone help with the colours in Humbrol. Many Thanks
  13. Trying to find a picture of a RAF Phantom in the grey scheme in bravo fit saw one once would make a nice model not to sure but think it was 29Sqn. Anyone please help Regards Craig
  14. Very nice build Pat one of my favourite aircraft also.
  15. Thank you for the reply gents i will go for silver tanks and strips the same red as airframe.
  16. Hi There Wonder if someone could please help I building a CFS Jet Provost T-3 in overall red but the one i am doing carry's the tip tanks in a different colour, it looks like silver tanks with red or dayglo orange strips I cannot make out between the two it's a old picture a friend gave me. Would someone please no the correct colour. Many Thanks Craig
  17. Yes Shaun first time I have seen them think this Hawk was the only one carrying them.
  18. Thank you for the reply st george That's another picture I had not seen shows the boot no step markings clearly on the front wing,just puzzled to what was on the flaps this is the only Hawk I have seen carrying these markings maybe a trial one. Kind Regards Craig
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