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  1. Winter driving

    They're at the crossroads changing the road signs around !
  2. Winter driving

    Straight from the Ardennes Dec. 1944 ! Great stuff !
  3. Winter driving

    In January 1985 I'd driven out of Brize village heading for Lasham,near Basingstoke in Horizontal snow. Just after the railway bridge on the Bampton road was a bunch of cars parked up on the side of the road and people helping a VW Camper get off the grass verge. The woman driving had no clue, we're pushing telling he to put her foot down, while we lift and push the back end..As soon as you get to the road get off the accelerator .. 20 minutes of sweating ,must have been 10 of us absolutely covered in snow. Eventually something bit and she was moving and on to the road and went flying across the road throttle wide open on to another grass bank on the other side and stuck again.. We all got in to our cars and drove off.. I had 50 miles to go and took me about (instead of an hour tops) 3 hours apart from really beautiful snow, sculptured by the wind arching over the country lanes it was easy if you took your time, plenty of space between me and the car in front and look as far in to the distance to see whats happening ahead. Good practise at all times really and used the gears to slow down barely touched the brakes on the whole trip. I got on to Lasham Airfield and got my foot down, a bit Jeremy Clarkson without the banter. So much space to go rallying without fear of hitting anything, brilliant.
  4. Winter driving

    Old story Journeys in Reliant Plastic Pigs continued....Brize. Coming home for lunch, about 2" ish of snow on the ground but at least 4" in the middle of the tyre tracks on Upavon Way (if you know Brize/Carterton) going past the NAAFI shop. Easy with four wheels just follow the tracks. We were on 3 and it was like a speedboat ride hitting the mounds in the middle. We were following a RAF Bedford bus. Then a block of ice/snow fell from under the bus. There is a big void behind the back wheels , there is a step up inside for the back seats. All the stuff off the wheels had collected up there. It was the width of the bus and at least 3 foot high, I reckon a bit more. Willie, the driver, couldn't do much with one front wheel. The block is slowly spinning and in one peice. I couldn't believe what was happening. We hit it, shot off at 90 degrees towards the pavement and fence and drop behind that for the subway. We hit the kerb, the steering wheel whipped left and Willie's hands were thrown off the steering wheel and just missed the fence and back on the road again and back to speedboat mode. 2 seconds of mayhem and we couldn't stop laughing. That block was still in one piece , the pig lived and would have another go at to trying and kill us a few weeks later. Think Stephen king got his idea for "Christine" from Reliant Super Van III 3 wheeler Reliants....Not safe if its moving .
  5. Bogus BT call

    A while ago I had the email .. My passport, money (and brain ?) got stolen gig. please send me some money by telegraph to the office (either Wells Fargo or the other one) in so and so street Madrid.. I googled the street with Wells Fargo or the other one ..Only one came up....... in Manilla , Philipines ..So I told this pea brain I was working on it and if you can give me 10 minutes, I'll send it..5 minutes he's back, have you sent it yet ? Please hurry. Left him boiling up for 20 ish minutes and a flurry emails later. Meanwhile I'd found the office on Street view and google earth .Copied both images and after telling him he'll have to wait until tomorrow , I could feel his temper rising.. Then the copied photos were sent with my message that told him I'm with internet security and local police have been informed and on there way. never heard another thing, loved to see his face
  6. Some help with English towns

    Oh dear Troy.. You left out the Middle Saxons ,stuffed between Wessex and Essex. The World Cup was won there,1966. 1st English European football trophy, The Cup Winner's Cup West Ham v 1860 Munich 1965 and first English European Cup win, Man Utd v Benfica 1968. Home of British Rugby Union Twickenham and Home of Cricket is Lords and also Middlesex County Cricket Club's home ground. Before Heathrow Middx, there was Heston Middx and also Hanworth Airpark Middx, Lagonda cars, Staines, Middx. Aston Martin Feltham (Hanworth), yes,Middx. Feltham, home to General Aircraft of D-Day gliders and the GAL Universal that became the.....Beverley , Fairies (Westlands) at Hayes, EMI Records, Hayes and was the home of 1960s Pop music, Parlophone etc Shepperton studios Middx that Built the replica inflatable tanks and aircraft to fool the Germans before D-day, British Lion Films. Compared to the others 1066 (defeat),Alfred (Burnt cakes) and Hairdressers (XR3is,Spifires and White shoes) You left it out ? Nelson's Bit on the side, Lady Emma Hamilton (I'm dragging it out now!) lived in Haliford house, Upper Haliford Middx, his bolt hole was Pharaoh's Island ,Shepperton, Middx After his jaunt down Egypt way chasing Bonaparte's fleet. And the Routemaster ! Bring Middx back !
  7. Some help with English towns

    My childhood home was in Upper Haliford, Middlesex which has the Shepperton Surrey address but if you put Upper Haliford, Surrey on the letters it gets delayed ,its still Middlesex, still Shepperton. Telephone was Sunbury-on-Thames, Shepperton's is Walton-on-Thames. The busses had India on the tyres but only went from Hounslow to Esher via Sunbury-on-Thames Surrey .. DOH!.... Middx .
  8. Some help with English towns

    Coventry..I was sent there once..So was Jaguar, Singer, Triumph, Humber ,Armstrong Whitworth.....Jimmy Hill.. Oh and some naked tart on a horse! Daughter got her 2.1 Degree there Nowt wrong with Cooooventray !
  9. Aircraft zapped.

    Zaps caused more problems than problems.. We had the Base Hangar Snoopy that got plastered on anything not BZN.. Come in our hangar yer zapped. The Tank Team Zap caused a RAF/USAF rift. We helped a KC-135 Crew Chief put his plane to bed in Bay 3 Base, got him any air, Nitrogen, O2 etc, ground Equip he needed . Got a guided tour, lay on the boom operators "bed" down the back. promised 2 or 4 crates of Bud or equiv. Then one of our blokes zapped his hand panted KC-135 picture on the crew door. He went nuts, we all did, we didn't want it zapped. Sorry wasn't making it.. Neither was the beer ! Base Snoopy made it to the Camera van front door for Central TV, Chris Tarrant and all. They were coming live from Brize every night for a week, 1977 ish. Then it went to any kite from anywhere that was anywhere near Brize, India, Iraq, Iran..Boll****ngs issued ,end of story !
  10. Some help with English towns

    No sorry.. I'll be home shaped by then ! Getting my ear plugs removed and having my trod on Lego injuries sorted, Bread snapper free.. I might be seen stalking Cranfield's peri fence though.. I'm just going to Stresscos, won't be long..
  11. Some help with English towns

    I'm going to be 5 miles of Millbrook tomorrow at Cranfield and will be there for Christmas, Nice area. I was at Ampthill, probably the nearest "town" to Millbrook (3.5 miles) for a wedding in September. The church was probably there when your family left for the "New World" . Its a small world !
  12. not one for petitions but this situation doesnt sound fair

    Quite true, we don't. Thing is, he was bought here and hadn't walked across 2 continents and jumped a truck in France to get here illegally AFAIK. We were on the verge of ridding the country of ex Gurkhas not long ago so what was that?
  13. not one for petitions but this situation doesnt sound fair

    Can I join? Samaritans block my calls..
  14. not one for petitions but this situation doesnt sound fair

    Sounds about right. We've got "damaged" ex soldiers, can't get there act together because of what they've had to do ,seen, injured, blown up, lost limbs or just living on the streets. Do something for the country and get nothing in return when its needed.. I'm signing. Thanks for the bringing it up.
  15. Original panam 737 colours

    You need to do some things 1 change the thread title, not for 737 2 The original Pan-American scheme was for Internal German Service. That is the one you asked for.......I think 3 Move the goal posts from your original request. That was for the original Pan-American scheme, only to pick out the later scheme. Blue PAN-AM titles 4. By all means ask for help but try and do some research, if only to give yourself confidence that what you're looking at is the correct info you want. Its so easy to find ..History of Pan-Am etc. Image searches for whatever it is you want.