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  1. See what they mean with quotes like... a bit of work, fighting with one, know what you had to put up with. Great job and unusual . Looks brilliant in those outdoor shots. Did you have the same lop sided front end like Ken did ? Must have missed your efforts on this Ken. Will go and look now. Why does No1's spinner have a green tip and the other three a red one ? Welcome to BM. Great entrance too, thanks for showing.
  2. I noticed in the first series every episode an actor mentioned one (just one in each Ep) of the Bosch book titles. Lost light, Last Coyote , Echo Park etc. Lincoln lawyer was my first ,2nd Chasing the Dime. If you haven't already, start reading David Baldacci books . Think you'll like them.
  3. Sorry to hear your news, not the best start to a year. Hope something turns up for you soon. CAB is free. Are you in a union or a member of some kind of professional Association, engineers institute, something like that ? They can provided legal advice, act for you etc. Good luck, look on the bright side, the next job will pay you more !
  4. Just watched last weeks Stuttgart show. It really is in the groove now. I would have liked to see some more of that brief snatch of the Gordon Keeble GT at the auction. That's a car that never gets any mention. When I was a lad, pull up a sand bag, they were a regular sight on the way to school,2 actually . Facel Vegas aswell .The walk wasn't boring. Try and watch the latest tonight if the bonding sesh is still on! I binge watched the 1st two seasons of Bosch . Read all but the latest Bosch book. Its that good, close enough to the books without crossing into its nothing like the books type moan. Doesn't spoil the enjoyment. Must say my idea of Bosch ,reading the books isn't that guy but I grew to like him. Can't wait for S 3 !
  5. That's what I thought...spotted the openings for the wheels. My plastic aerial didn't last the first day, got bent, then managed to break it doing an after flight servicing!. Must have been in 3rd year infants. a year later than Four Feathers. Here is a youtube vid, loads on there. More than a hint of GM's late 50's Motorama shows, Chevrolets etc.
  6. Agree on Santa Monica sounding cool. BUT Brown paper and glass counters............How good does that sound? Put me back in Feltham around 1960 . No PCH . We did have the 3 Horseshoes and Sunbury Road ! 3 Horseshoes...Clip,Clop,Clip, ouch ! Stupid name !
  7. I think those instructions are fine apart from them missing out the Albatross fittings, doesn't mention wafers either. Does it come with wafers? Gannet Ripples don't.
  8. Ascoteer should come back. There is a hole in the knowledge bank.
  9. Atlas manufactured by AMSS. I saw the first two being built in Bridgend 1990-92 ish.
  10. Most food products will have things growing on them and rot/degrade to compost, insect infestation or the Biological WMD you've achieved in the photo and pose a health risk. Use by dates etc.? Having said that Renaissance painters (1300-1600) used Egg Tempera for mixing with ground pigments so it could be "coloured" in a liquid state. For some reason this Tempera doesn't change state and degrade. Wouldn't fancy a day or so near your experiments . Brilliant for a Porton Down Diorama though! I'd also wear a mask round those two Petri dishes .
  11. Good pics. Remember the parachute walk well, so do my wotsits !
  12. Officialdom was what I was talking about as in "someone at the top". I agree. We ,the country, are getting much ,much better at recognising heroes that risked and still risk so much for this country. The top 0.2% need a kick to wake them up.
  13. Signed with pleasure. Shouldn't be having to do it though. Someone up the top should have already thought of it. The more you do for the country the less you get back .
  14. It's TG really, we all know its wearing a new hat but its TG without barriers.