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  1. Great photos there. what was Laker's Skytrain doing there ? Circuits ? Courtline 125,brilliant as is the Nordic Electra on max nose wheel steering. Was Air ferry still going in the 70s? I wasn't expecting photos of them. Nice collection, thanks for showing.
  2. Yeah Invasion stripes were a mistake D-Day wasn't going to happen, the series researchers must be on Peanuts. "We lost the Battle of Britain" is roughly how SS-GB started in November 1941. That Spitfire flying below the London skyline and landing on The Mall ? CGI the only way then and especially Buckingham Palace's wrecked look . SS Cars changed their name in 1945.Think the one last night was a 1936 SS 2 1/2 (2.5) Litre Jaguar . Jaguar was picked for the name of the new Company. I read the book in 1985/86 while in Oman, I enjoyed that so I went on to read all his other books apart from Harry Palmer stories. Last nights first episode was OK, just OK I had the volume fairly low and could hear what was being said and my ears are a bit shot after working on airfields for years. I read somewhere that after all the complaints about sound quality that people haven't got the system set up correctly, speaker balance and equalisation etc. I haven't touched mine since I got the cinema surround thing ! I'll give Episode 2 a go but unless it starts to grab my interest a bit more , it'll be no more for me.
  3. Apart from Avionic and cockpit instrumentation upgrades,isn't the only exterior difference on the C-5M the Military CF6 and probably new pylons in place of the TF39 and instalations ?
  4. Must be unless they built two. Thanks !
  5. Oct/Nov I must have been Lucky raypit. That never happened to me in the late ish 60s . First time there was in 68/69 there were six EC135s ,the one with the huge bulbous nose radomes by the fence on the main drag which is a civvie B road BTW. Also went when the F-111s arrived. The only difference I can think of was I wasn't taking photos. Late October 1973 I was in the RAF and we went for our usual weekly trip from Brize to spend some $ ! The main drag was shut, guards ,the works. Looked through the airfield fence and saw loads of F111s running up, taxiing . Couple sat on the end of the runway with a growing queue behind them . Marshallers seeing off more from dispersals. Nav lights flashing everywhere. Showed our RAF 1250 IDs. Where you heading? NCO Club. Not tonight sir, its shut, Base Alert. Turned round and went to a pub nearby trying to work out what we'd just seen. That was no Base Alert with the all those F-111s on the move. We Found out in the papers next day that they were on a high DEFCON ( It was only last year that information was released that it was at DEFCON 3) and about to launch over the Yom Kippur war when we turned up and our Govt knew nothing about it , That was something to see and quite scary !
  6. This might help the experts, Instructons, decals and sprue shots etc.
  7. In addition to Chally's info . Crowood are very good, they don't publish sub standard books, that I'm aware of. It should be a good book then.
  8. Gone aft looking for GER................And one comment late by the looks of it !
  9. Those Fasteners on the stub are Hi-Loks ,could be Hi-Lites although Hi-Lites was more of a Llynx thing.
  10. Very good. Great paint finish on the slowly oxidising van ! I've enjoyed your wip, something different. The Ford 100E series of the Anglia, Popular and Prefects of 1957 ish had a similar indicator switch on the Steering wheel hub too with the horn push in the centre. Well done, thanks for showing and a great wip too
  11. I found out today that Garry Russell / garry russell died April 13th 2015 in Latvia. Seems he was ill for sometime . I heard something this morning from another member so checked his Face Book page. I then contacted someone who was asking him if he was OK but no answer from Garry. I asked this guy about Garry ,he confirmed it. Garry's knowledge about Viscounts, Bristol Freighters, Doves/Herons ,British Propliners didn't have a limit. I'll leave you with one of his last comments on FB. Its terrible and makes our problems we may have are not really anything compared to what he went through. Copied as is, no editing. RIP Garry Guernsey missed a new tumour, non malignant, but closing my stomach and killing me. Guernsy missed the pneumonia that was killing me, lung was about to collapse. They also missed the kidney damage from long term infection and a heart issue...PLUS the osophagus was still leaking into the chest...the third thing that was killing me. Guernsey said I'd have to live with a permanent lung infection. They saved my life here, just...I knew I was dying all of last year but no one listnened. I got registered here, saw a doctor to register and she sent me straight into hospital. Had I not gone. it would have been less that a week. Still trying to get me fit but I am so weak. Weight down from 104kg to 76kg. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a wheelchair 200-250 euros or extend the rent of one which is 20 a month but might need it for a long time as I'm still slowly losing weight. I would get the 60 euro deposit back so 150 ish euro. I had a stent fitted to keep the remains of the stomach open but not settled yet and I had it done on 12 Jan. Aija gives me injections when I need it and sometime a nurse comes for a week or so to put me on drips at home. There is talk that I might have to have a permanent feeding tube. 17 March 2015 at 13:28
  12. I do like pictures of home. I'm not on any ! I was on Base 3s then in Base Hangar in Summer '75. Upper Heyford once a week in the NCO or Airmen's clubs Roughly within 12 months of your visit the Brits & Belfs were gone, 99 and 511 Sqns disbanded in June 76 and 53 SQN Belfasts September 76. Replaced by JATE, No1 PTS,TCW and 115 SQN Argosys and Andovers..Those Comets were out of service in summer 75 so either already dead or just about to be. How (if you can remember!) did you get that photo of VC10 XR806 down by ESG with Bampton Church in the background? From the Main Gate (Gate 2) ? Great photos, even greater memories woken up,thanks very much for showing them, brilliant. Pictures of when we had an Air Force.
  13. Thanks Dave !
  14. Yes but we only had big ones for Brits, Belfasts,VC10s,Argosys and even Andovers. That Taskmaster was given the moniker "Pope Mobile" After the Polish Pope's trucks. They'd all those windows on what was originally an open taskmaster. David Browns were another similar type. BTW I flew in on a RAF VC10 to Cold Lake in July ish 1982 via Goose Bay and (CFB) Namao AFB, Edmonton to pick up a Bucc Sqn Ground crew and fly them back direct to RAF Honington , England.Interesting place. Canada's answer to our Boscombe Down. There was some kind of Research DC-3 there with a pointed nose in one of the Hangars and a USAF F-15 Sqn. It was really hot there too, Goose was -1 C the day before at 6am !