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  1. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Keep hearing that one. They'd give that good argument in Manchester, Canal at Worsley, First railway service Manchester -Liverpool, Rails still riding the same matting laid across Barton Moss. Return trip was the second one!
  2. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Another thing I just thought of.. Whats the time? The clock, an invention measuring time. MPH, speed, define the day and night The precursor to that was the guy that discovered time that the Earth went round the Sun, spinning on our axis to give us the time of day, months (dependent on Moon orbits round Earth) in a Year, one orbit of the Sun. The railways also regulated time through out the UK and Ireland because of the Railway Timetables. Mass travel (money dependent) for the first time to feed the increasing numbers of people looking for work in the new Factories/Cities and shifting the manufactured items around. Oh and Money ! There isn't one thing its a whole range of things.
  3. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Ill say it is. Without the Steam engine, close tolerances, standard threads, material technology and modern engineering wouldn't have happened, massive jump in Industrial output that started what we have today. The before influences the after. Yes it died a death of sorts for more efficient means of doing "it" . Doesn't mean it was of no use in to where we've got to though.
  4. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    I'm not sure we can step in a certain part of history without the previous bit having some important part to play.. Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age,Industrial Revolution fed by Coal for Steam Power, Electrical Power, Internal Combustion Engine, Cars, Aeroplanes, RADAR, Computing, Jet engines, Rocket engines ,space travel. Other bits from out of nowhere, a Quantum Leap that fit in the above somewhere controlling fire, eating cooked meat. The wheel Mathematics Written word and Hieroglyphs Language Translation Computing from WW2 Enigma De cyphering. The Chip World Wide Web Don't forget.... The human's abillty to.... think, adapt and act and adapt and think,adapt and act re curing. The Human Being !
  5. Tu-114

    Started 1955 , FF 1957 . Amazing thing, I read it was 150 MPH ish faster than they thought a propliner would go until this turned up. Moscow New York, a Boeing 707 couldn't do that in 1960.
  6. Talking about utes Didn't Austin Austarlia do an Austin 1800 (front) ute ?
  7. Tu-114

    He says .. It really is the noisiest aircraft in the world да ! Yes !
  8. I found this horror story from the owner of a Range Rover....He still loves it? 27K later on a 15K car? Bought it private sale. Probably a bad move. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Had suspension problems which involved new compressor and tank, new discs and pads all round, new calliper on rear as was sticking, and bushes all done in first 2 months. Then handbrake seized on. Then driving one day oil pump failed and blew engine ! Had new unit fitted and new turbo. After 2 weeks the radiator leaked into gearbox cooler and gearbox went bang. Since return with new gearbox and radiator, had a power and smoke issue. Think we're just about getting there now after the car purchase price of 15k and around 12k on repairs. I love the car, but I wouldn't buy another. Go for a ml or the x5. Maybe I'm just unlucky ?! I feel like I am lol Where does a normal person just find 12 grand after the 15k he spent on the 2nd most expensive expenditure Top one is raising kids ! 3rd..House or Hobbies, can never tell the difference
  9. Clocks

    Replacements available at the second hand shop..
  10. The price range is £4,500 ish -35 grand 2007-2013. Those ARC Struts were an optional exra
  11. How about this for a bill ? My son's working on a 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8. New Turbo and front and back ARC Struts . The body has to be unbolted and lifted off the Chassis, parts replaced..plus fluids etc. His bill is £7000 !
  12. Tu-114

    That is ace, photos are something else, its lovely . I saw the one that came in to Heathrow, think it was the only time. It was huge, the noise. Can't get over the photos, brilliant. Spasibo !!
  13. How about the pre Maxi ...Austin 1500/Nomad Australian 1100 hatchback ?
  14. While rooting around looking at VDP history....I found that they did use the Australian X6 Tasman/ Kimberley design. Thanks for the P76 info BTW ! Found some horrors too, a whole pile !...Like the Bentley Java , Badged and Grilled, Connelly trimmed version of the VDP version of the Austin 3 litre. Hope you followed that okay ! Rolls took one look and pulled up their drawbridge . https://www.aronline.co.uk/concepts/concepts-and-prototypes/projects-and-prototypes-vanden-plas/ Another thing..Whats it remind you of? https://www.aronline.co.uk/facts-and-figures/carrozzeria-designs/carrozzeria-designs-pininfarina-1800/ Apart from Citroens SM,GS etc,I can see bits of Rover SD1 and a teeny bit of Lamborghini's Concept car,the Marzal and developed Espada Love aronline.co.uk, so many weird cars .