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  1. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Forget about "Sorry" , I should be the one saying sorry.. That's the book I thought was by Chaz Bowyer I phoned my dad...Even funnier, he hasn't even written a Lincoln at War book ! Years ago dads been to an Entry/Halton reunion, he came back with a stack of Chaz Bowyer .........at war books about the same time he got Lincoln at War. I didn't get to see them for a while, live no where near . I always thought all those "at war" books he had (no!) were CB's efforts even after flicking through the others and the Lincoln book. I must have saw his sig in one of his CB .... at War books. So if you've worn your keypad or your tablet/phone touch screen is down a few thousandths of an inch searching for a Lincoln book written by Chaz Bowyer on the strength of my post stop looking, put your feet up and have a cup of Tea ! Good news is Chally found the book by the right people, loads about for under £10..Don't get even more confused, some Lincoln at war books have details about a disagreement in Gettysberg .
  2. Oxford Directions

    I was slightly late seeing this post..Promise to read properly next time
  3. Hannants?

    Galaxy's go all floppy when warmed up, I think its the same for Cadburys too .
  4. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Dad was a contributor to that book, he joined up (Airframes) with the author, Chaz Bowyer who was an Aircraft Armarourer Fitter who sadly died a nearly 10 years ago. RIP Dads copy is signed by Chaz !
  5. Oxford Directions

    High St isn't actually "The High Street". Start from Carfax Tower top of High Street/Cornmarket Street X roads across Magdelen Bridge to The Plain (roundabout) take Cowley road. I walked it to the pubs (Oranges and Lemons and The Cape of Good Hope) on Plain roundabout in 1978 ,its not even a mile, probably nearer half a mile (don't remember coming back! ). Casemate is about a further half mile if that. Busses are excellent round Oxford. Catch that from the Carfax end of High Street if its raining, lovely walk in the sunshine! The famous Ifley Road is Right off that Plain R/about, Bannister's 4 minute mile and all that ! Enjoy the visit, my old stomping ground! Magdelen is pronounced .... Maudlin ......so you don't get looked at ! I had my Airbrush lessons a few doors up from that address in 1992 !
  6. I couldn't believe my ears

    Cart that man off to nearest Stalag. How can anyone that knows the slightest thing about WW2 and Aeroplanes say that ? Imagine a thread titled ..Is the Hurricane a wimps aeroplane ? How long would it last before Mike trod on it ?
  7. Hannants?

    Just drove past Hannants.... The Building is still standing and so is the **************** traffic. Got the bridge and 3 level crossings going up and down like the proverbial drawers.
  8. I think Neville Duke did one of these runs in North Africa.. JJ, a great pilot and Ace but have you ever heard of his time as OC Aden and the mutiny in the 60s?
  9. Bending PE

    You'll have stretch on the outer edge and contraction on the inner, annealing (heat to dull Red and quench in water ) like Bozothenutter (never thought I'd ever type that !) said, then Copper based Brass work hardens more or less back to its original strength. The bend isn't going to be easy, got to be done right first time. On real size sheet you'd have a (shape) former to bend it round and/or beat it round with convex faced hammers. I wouldn't have clue with tiny PE and no idea how to hold it . Obviously I don't know the Radius you're bending. Can you clamp it TIGHT (!)between two washers with the radius you need, thick enough not to give under the "strain" ? Slowly does it !
  10. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Taking off from Upwood, I think, off down the runway tail is still on the deck another Lincoln taxiing across the runway right in front of them..Pilot calls for Combat power and dad put the throttles "through" the bulkhead, it got off but still going to hit so he banked missed the Lincoln and heading for the Bomb Dump hauling it round and slowly climbing there were Officer's Married Quarters coming up just cleared the house actually took some tiles off, Dad saw the occupant looking out (MO in the kid's bedroom putting them to bed,found that out later) He collapsed ! Imagine looking out and just seeing a Lincoln on full power ?? They got back in okay after going over the tower so they could check the landing gear.
  11. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Okay then...They were on a NATO exercise way up in the North Sea to Bomb the US Navy Carrier Battle Group (Yorktown or Enterprise) EDIT The Franklin D Roosevelt at night trying to break out into the Atlantic. They spotted it in the moonlight, He said there was no better sight than a Carrier Battle group. The Bomb Aimer took the photo, they'd "hit" the Carrier. The tail gunner sparked up fighter ! He'd just killed a Navy fighter . It was a Grumman Bearcat he carried on coming and put himself just behind the Lincoln's trailing edge and his right wing between the wing and tail. The gunner ,Skipper look over your left shoulder, Dad was the Flt Eng he looked, he could see the Bearcat jockey's face lit up by his instrument panel behind a huge propeller disk. They were having a Mk1 panic on the Lincoln, one false move by either plane would end up in tears. The Bearcat was bucking in the Lincoln's wash and an argument about him shooting down the Lincoln before they bombed the Carrier. They got the Carrier and Bearcat, confirmed later. The Jockey gave them the "bird" and peeled off out of there.
  12. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Just got off the phone to Dad.. He was on Christmas leave when RE424 crashed in fog due to a faulty/loose static vent giving a false height "landed" in a farmer's field on approach to Wadd. It had its wheels down but it was still a write off. He hasn't any 1st hand knowledge of the 1950 king's flypast apart from whats in Lincoln at War. He was at Waddington then.
  13. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Another of dad's old kites.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/132292977041?rmvSB=true
  14. Avro Lincoln RE424

    I'm sure they would have standardised the markings at Station/Sqn level. Dads out so I'll catch him tomorrow. His stories? They're belters,I keep hearing the same ones ,then all of a sudden he tells me a new one. To be honest I don't know how he's still alive. If you look at the crash lish that Steve linked to, the attrition rate was something else. I spotted a few in there the he told me about. A couple of stories..He was on one with 4 overheating engines, 2 already shut down just after take off, a third shut down and the fourth still going , just..on finals ! Another on fog diversion made them low on fuel and 4 overshoots didn't help.. They hit the Radar van, took the open back door off and part of the wing tip on landing, zero fuel ,the gauges were bottomed. Guy in the van was okay BTW.
  15. Avro Lincoln RE424

    Thanks,great links !