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  1. My son had one for a while about 7 years ago, actually to be correct it was badged as the Rabbit, built in the States. He sold that and bought a Mk2 Golf 16 v GTI. He's a car mech. Lowered to the deck. Took out the engine and stuck in a VAG V5 block, Audi sport 20 valve head and box and for good measure a turbo . Fast?...... 0-60 in 3.6 seconds ! 3.6, that's down in supercar land. Never had a ride like it. The far distance just appeared, passed and in the rear view.
  2. 1975 ish German Ford Taunus, cross between the Mk4 Cortina and one of it's Australian cousins who nicked something from Detroit . Pretty clean too.
  3. Great stuff ! Interesting build. like the PE set
  4. Yes I roughly remember BAS came along around 68 or at least I got a Viscount postcard around that time with British air Services titling on the white top. Like you mentioned ,the titles and schemes seemed to be ever changing in the 60s. I could believe that 737 story. I heard that BEA didn't really want the 1-11 , preferring the 737 but Govt pressure falling £ against the $ . Harold Wilson at the IMF and devaluing in 1967etc. got the "Super one-Eleven".
  5. You can't get any thrust from an APU that would make any difference unless you're mixing it up with the RB162, the (4th) booster engine which seems more likely. The 3B should have been called the Quadrant
  6. Remember they became BAS towards the end ? British Air Services I think. Then Orange ish Red Cambrian and Yellow NE
  7. Great info. Didn't know most of that ! never had anything to do with them and one of the few airliner types I've never even been on. Trident like the VC10 wrecked by the lead customer.
  8. Soldering iron is good as Mike said . Or Gorilla tape inside and out. Or Gorilla glue and strip of plastic, thin metal (sheet) strip Aluminium 18/20 swg inside. Stop drill the crack ends first with a 1/16th" (1.6 mm) or 3/32" (2.4 mm) , stops the crack continuing past the repair patch/tape carrying on, they always do. Silicon sealant, exterior use type if you're thinking of that route BTW. Apart from the soldering iron method stop drill ! Sounds like there is stress in that area.
  9. in size but the 707 was only 170 PAX in HD, usually less and not with the major Carriers though. The range was much longer too. If they haven't lengthened the u/c legs tail scrapes must be pretty close. Ever seen pics of the proposed 707-800 ? On par with the DC-8 Super 61 and 63 the under cart hadn't changed and would have needed a wing root redesign for housing the wheels. DC-8- 62 and 63s, apart from increased track on the mains (and a new wing design) remained the same length which was quite high off the ground at the start.
  10. You cant dump a load of water/fire retard on a building. It makes it worse, hampers rescue teams and can even break things apart. In Oman a Canadair CL215 water bomber turned up.. Couldn't believe my eyes. They wanted to look at using them in towns if a souk (market) or in narrow streets caught fire . Did a trial "bombing" caused absolute havoc... About a week later.......CL-215 outbound to Canada ! Not sure if a Chopper can cope with the really high temp, firestorm actually coming up at it and the turbulence that goes with it.
  11. Done that...I'm not a bit surprised
  12. That did it, thanks ! Now I can see what everyone is talking about.. Great job Mike and the team. Theme is what you hit and select New BM (default)
  13. Apart from not understanding hard reset, I tried the CTRL + F5...I'm still in last week ! I'm on IE BTW
  14. 50 years and two months later..It gets bigger and bigger. A 230 seater . Not much of a Baby now ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40325015
  15. We had a KC-10 over our house,Lowestoft letting down for Mildenhall around 11 something. May have been a reserve or a top up kite.