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  1. That's a Midget.....Wrong Paste ?
  2. I remember that Airfix magazine. I also remember around the same time some conversion to a tank or series of the same tank, could have been a Churchill or Sherman. that went on for months and months. All the different versions, bridge attachments, mine clearing chain thing, I suppose they could have been the D-Day Funnies. You'll know ,You have them !
  3. Hair dresser's "sports car" built by Triumph
  4. Yeah, a sight to behold, looked like the were chromed when the went to Marshalls of Cambridge for painting before delivery/service entry. I remember that greeny/blueey colour mixed with red,sandy dust that can't be explained was used throughout the structure. Wheels are dirty from day one, dirt colour is king ! Starting off as White or light grey probably. I was an Airframe Inspector at Marshalls in Oct 86 on Hercs Ex Operation Bushell or Bushel ( Ethiopian famine relief) repairs from rough landing strips. Replacing all Belly skins and support structure,stiffeners etc. from nosewheel back . Loads of greeny /Blueey mess.
  5. That's a belter ! Snappy answers to stupid statements..... "Rome wasn't built in a day".. Because the planning permission was written in Latin ! "We've always done it this way"... Last words of a dying Swan. "All roads lead to Rome" M25?
  6. Weird , I thought Polar Bears were Kosher. Never seen them eat pork.
  7. House ?
  8. Pointless tip for survival...Where is the Bacon ?
  9. I'm amazed that Swissair kept them until 1974/75, not very economic, American A/L, got extra cash to run them from Convair / General Dynamics because their Fuel consumption figures during the sales negotiations were wrong.
  10. That 880 operated by Florida Air Travel, leased from Indy Air late 70s, JAL was the original owner. Great photo !
  11. Dashboard originally ..a panel in front of the driver to stop muck (all kinds!) spraying the occupants on the first "cars". Dash as in Balder Dash, Camel Dung of superior quality, not sure what the benchmark for that is...So any panel in front of a Driver, Pilot etc. kept the name Oh dear another cliché popped in ! Benchmark a mark on an object where all measurements are taken from , ( AKA Datum). A Comparison of an object with the approved standard for quality control etc. Damp Squib doesn't do it, instead of the required BANG ! A Pffffitt !......... Not a damp Squid, as you often hear, Squids they're designed to be damp ! Keep your powder dry.
  12. Whitcomb of NACA/ NASA and Kuchemann of Farnborough seemed to run down the same road which isn't really a big surprise, both in the same field looking at the same problems to solve. Kuchemann designed Anti shock bodies, wing tips,2 for the VC10, Coke Bottle or Area Rule too. Delta wing designs.
  13. Like that Bicarb tip.
  14. They're not tanks. They are aerodynamic Whitcombe Bodies or Kuchemann Carrots. Anti Shock (wave) Bodies for speeds up to Mach 1.0 and just below. No idea where this spoiler thing came from so don't bother looking for things that 'aint there!!
  15. Just to confuse things.. In Spain a Bungalow is a terraced house usually on an Urbanizacion (estate, community) but a terraced house in town is a Pueblo named after Indians from the Texas area of the USA. A Villa can be any amount of floors including one story if detatched! An Adobe Hacienda is named after the Bricks they use, I only came across one actually called a Hacienda while in Real Estate in Spain. A Terraced house on a farm is a Finca .Any house on a farm is a Finca. Real Estate is also from the Spanish Language and means Royal Estate (land) The origin of Bungalow is Bangla, belonging to Bengal. Its all Pukka Gen..... .. from Hindi meaning real, sure, fully cooked, ripe. Pukka gen came from Hindi, in the RAF it meant good information, Genning up reading up on a subject, learning something. Duff (Gen) is bad info, incorrect, BS. From the Hindi Dufj, incorrect. Sent from my London Brick abode adobe !